Body Harnesses?

"Isn't that like a fetish thing or something?"
glad I have such understanding friends sometimes.
I know that body harnesses and body chains conjure up images of those creepy kids who used to lurk right outside of the high school, or you know, that weird goth phase we all went through (What? No one else went through that phase? Just kidding then).
But I think that these chains from Armor are just divine. They seem to border on that edge between being delicate and pretty, and just being completely bad ass.
After seeing them on the lovely queens from Kingdom of Style (modeling in the last picture) I feel like these could be pretty versatile. Drape them over any formfitting dress, t-shirt etc, you could even layer the last one with a blazer or cardigan.
All I can say is that the owner picked a great name for her store. I love pieces that when you wear them you feel completely invincible. I get that from a wicked pair of high heels, from a body con dress, from a nipped and padded blazer, and if you just wrapped that up in chains, you would get one awesome power suit.

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