Happy Feet

Yes, the shopping ban is still in effect. It might even need to be extended because of my laundry list of art supplies and my stupid new Comp Sci textbook. All I've got to say is that that textbook better have hard covers made of gold and be bound using fairy thread.
Anyway, while I was looking around at the final sale shoes at Rue La La (Go check it out if you're a member! If you're not, just drop me a line with your email and I'll invite you, same thing for Hautelook and Giltgroupe) I spotted these beauties from Marc by Marc Jacobs.
I sincerely feel that my world would be a brighter place if every time I looked down at my feet I saw these smiling back at me. Alas, its not to be, even if I wanted to they don't have my size anymore. Perhaps that's a good thing.

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♥ Marta ♥ said...

those are very pretty....
I know what it is like paying for over priced text books.It's just crazy!