Okay, I'm done complaining for today. I'm certainly not even close to being religious, but I do know that things have a way of working out for the best.
But while I was doing a perusal about the Internet to cheer myself up (don't worry, my debit card is safely in the freezer) I came upon this little beaut:

I used to take care of the class garden snake as a pet (until one day he just accidentally died. I promise, I didn't do anything to him, it just kind of happened) and I've always liked snakes, in a sort of "they're really scary but awesomely cool" kind of way. I think its just the lore behind them, how serpents embody temptation and evil from the Adam and Eve days, and even if you didn't know all of that nonsense, just watching them move is incredible. Its like oil. Yes, that slick. Either way they are pretty cool and I would love to have this on my wrist.
If you're interested it's by Michelle Chang jewelery, and is $165. So while I won't be purchasing it any time soon, I think one of you guys should make sure it has a good home.
And at least this snake won't just up and die on you, you know, by accident.

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