First Day of School

Everyone remembers that first day of school when you were younger, how you always put such importance on your outfit for that first day of class... funny how that didn't really change when I went to college. Now that I'm properly in the city I wanted to make a good first impression and so I put just as much, if not more, stress on my first day of school outfit. I needed something comfortable for a six hour car ride, something practical for moving all those boxes around, and most importantly something stylish and "me".

first day of school

I couldn't seem to find my sandals from Liz Clairborne on polyvore, so here's a picture of them:

Yes those are designs on my nails, they are flowers but you can't really tell. I love the gladiator trend, but I feel like it needs to be toned down because my style is not exactly boho. I consider myself a couture, classic minimalist if that makes sense. Maybe a dash of artsy thrown in as well, but I tend to suscribe to the philosophy that less is more. So these are my perfect black patent "minimalist" gladiators.

And I also brought my darling red patent bag, which is growing on me more and more everyday. Isn't that a wonderful thing when you love something more the more you use it?

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