Etsy List

I had quite the day today, and to kick back and relax I browsed on etsy with my cup of tea (I'm deciding if it's a bad thing that my idea of relaxing is window shopping) I've added a few things to my favorites list that I might pick up in a month, but hopefully you guys will find something you can enjoy now.
I've been waiting to get in on this "statement necklace" trend until I could find one that I would love after the trend was long gone. I think that this piece from Bonnie English could do the trick.

I love this ring from Didalo. It has that old world charm because of the rampant lion fused with the clean minimalistic lines of the setting. I do seem to be drawn to that old world/new tech combo.

Just how cute is this little notepad? Yeah, you heard me right, this adorable little monster is also a notepad for jotting down all your worries. To get your "worry-woolie" fix head over to Spider Bite's shop. I'm totally getting my sisters ones for Christmas (shhh... don't tell them).

This hair comb from Percy Handmade is just divine. I honestly have never used a hair comb, and am not sure how to, and I think this is supposed to be a wedding fascinator.... but still, it's just beautiful.

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