Weathering the Storm

Its been pretty unfortunate for the past couple of weeks, because it just will not stop raining here in New York. Even worse, I own nothing that even resembles rain gear.

Wait, I have an umbrella.

That's my rain gear, and I only bought the umbrella because it was polka dotted and at Target.

Rain gear and snow gear are just two of those things that I despise and hate shopping for. Unfortunately whether I like them or not, here in New England/tri-state area mother nature has made it pretty much mandatory that you own both.

My logic is, why am I buying something that is always kind of ugly when I could be using that money to buy a cute dress?

But after getting soaked to the gills for the umpteenth time, I'm ready to change my ways.

First up I need rain boots. I've ruined too many darling shoes by running through puddles.

My dream boots would be the ever classic black Hunter boots, but $140 I feel is a little much to be paying for rain boots:

These Tretorn ones from Need Supply Co. I think are absolutely adorable, and with a shearling lining they could even double as snow boots.
These are a passable imitation of Hunter boots by Cougar.

I do own a trench coat, but (of course) it was one picked for style and not for any practical weather related reason. I don't want to ruin it in the rain anymore, cotton was not meant for the typhoons we've been getting.

This Burberry trench coat is my dream rain coat. *sigh*, but it was not meant to be.

I like this one I found on ebay from Michael Kors, I feel like the yellow would brighten up those rainy days, and the belt would make it reasonably flattering. (oh, and btw, the same Taxi trench coat is going for $100 on Bluefly, and this one is $50 on ebay. Have I mentioned how much I love ebay?)

This Croft and Barrow coat is nice and simple, and has a hood which could definitely be useful. It might keep my hair more dry than my silk scarves have been.

Maybe I'll get rain gear with my next paycheck (because I already spent my budget on those Jeffrey Campbell oxfords I've been obsessing about. oops :) ), although the situation is becoming rather dire. If we have one more rain storm in the next week, I'm going to be very miffed, because I'm tired of wet feet.

and better yet, when that rain starts turning into snow I'm going to have to figure out the serious winter jacket/boot situation (wool coats just cannot stand up to our winter storms).

I've had enough of this crazy weather, I'm moving to the Caribbean!


Art in Motion

This is an amazing street art collaboration between David Ellis and Blu. Thought it would be a nice change and a little artistic awesomeness always helps me get through the middle of the work week.


No Means No

I'm a reasonably open-minded person, you have your style, I have mine, let's just all hug it out.
But there are certain things that just aren't style, such as Uggs, any sweatshirt with a college/team logo, high-waisted narrow-ankle baggy-butt mom jeans, sweaters with pictures of knitting cats on them (or other grandma sweaters), mu-mus, and yes clogs.

Yes Karl, I know it's Chanel. But still, clogs are not in fashion and never will be.

Yes, those are Chanel clogs, but just because it has the logo and because it's been on a catwalk, does not mean it is fashionable.

NO. I don't CARE if they were made with unicorn hair and sewn together by pixies in the land of Chanel. Those are still ugly! My 5th grade camp counselor wore wooden clogs for gods sakes!

Please, someone explain to me the attraction of these things. Maybe I've been scarred from too many black flies and too much bug juice at summer camp, but this is one fashion mini-trend that I just don't get.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

I feel like I'm missing something this year, because my friends and I at home always went to Salem (which is right next door to my hometown in Massachusetts) to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show sometime in the week before Halloween. Unfortunately no one here at college is so inclined for some good old slapstick, interactive, raunchy fun. Peh.

But I thought it was interesting, check this out:

What's that? Red lipstick, dark eyeshadow, chains, pearls, gloves, sequins, studs, disappearing eyebrows, black leather, bustiers, severe black and white, and hair out to "here"?

(oh, and you can't see it in this photo but the movie costumes also have lace, thigh high boots, extreme shoulders, top hats and garters)

It seems that designers also like the Rocky Horror Picture Show as much as I do. :)

The New York Post also agrees with me. http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/fashion/time_warp_0Lf3lkGjE7esCni6O7VhGP

So by the way, all you trendsetters out there, there's really nothing new under the sun. All of your hot new goth-glam clothes? The transexuals from transylvania already rocked it.

(I love Tim Curry) :)


Beauty Surprises

So as I told you a while ago, at Beauty Ticket you can get a "mystery bag" for $15, and since I love surprises I'd figure I'd order one and see what I got. I definitely was not disappointed.

I got:

Two little eye shadows from (I think) Joey New York, one was a very wearable light brown, the other a creamy gold color.

A Stila Bronzer compact (which is nice, bronzer is just one of those things that I didn't want to buy because I don't see the use of it. Now I'll get the chance to play around with this one and see if I like it)

A Bourjois lipstick in Beige Fievreux. I tried it on and while it definitely isn't a runway caliber nude lip, its does give a nice sheen and dulls down my lipcolor a bit.

Another Bourjois lipstick in Violet Cheri. This one is gorgeous, I've been looking for a shade like this for a while. I'm not sure about the staying power yet, but it is an absolutely beautiful burgundy/wine colored lipstick. It brings out my inner vampire :)

A Mac pencil in BBQ, although it says lip pencil on it, I'm definitely going to just use this as a brown eye pencil. It'll be a nice addition to my Maybelline brown eye pencils that have been used down to little stubs.

A Smashbox eyeshadow stick in Showcase. It's a nice highlighter, a kind of creamy white, again lovely (although I'm a little biased. I love Smashbox for basic quality makeup).

So even though there were a few duds (I'm not even going to talk about the awkward chapstick/lipstick sample I got. I didn't know what to do with that one.), just the highlighter, burgundy lipstick, and mac eye pencil made this grab bag worth it (mac eye pencils alone are $16!!).

So was it worth $15? Definitely

Would I order another? Hell yes!


Sephora Sale

I'm a bit late on this (perhaps because I usually delete all those special offer e-mails without opening them. It's my way of dealing with temptation) but from now until November 2nd is Sephora's Friends and Family 20% off sale. So just load up your cart, type in FF2009, and you can have your favorites for 20% off.
As soon as my paycheck comes in I can tell you exactly what I'm getting:
Clinique Blended Face Powder:
I finally figured out that if I want anything to stay on my face for the whole day (and night, at least on weekends) that I'm going to have to set it with something. My mom's been using this since the eighties so I figure it's probably a tried and true powder, and at $19 for the revamped mineral powder its not a bad buy.
YSL Parisienne:
Well, I'm actually debating this one because I also tried out D&G La Lune and I love that one too. La Lune I feel like is a little warmer/androgynous if that makes sense, while Parisienne is fruitier and more synthetic smelling AND it has an awesome commercial (no, of course I'm not swayed by good marketing. What are you talking about? But seriously, check it out). I love them both though... maybe I'll just get both :)

Don't tell me that isn't the hottest commercial you have seen in a while. That, my friends, is awesome advertising.
Hourglass Concealer:
This is my holy grail of concealers. It looks like lipstick, applies like lipstick, and stays like a super crazy opaque matte lipstick. However I also love it because it's all natural without any yuckies that break me out, and its got coconut oil to moisturize my skin (which is really good under my eyes). I figure I'm switching over into my winter coloring, and so need a lighter shade, so this sale came at a perfect time.

Korres Wild Rose Foundation:

I wasn't exactly blown away by my Fresh Umbrian Clay Foundation, and I'd heard good things about Korres (and it's cheaper) so I figured I'd give it a try. It's also an all natural, very clean and light foundation (like Fresh), except this was a little less yellow and seemed to give better coverage. And like I said, I'm going into hibernation so I need a lighter shade anyway.


What I Like

So I went shopping with my shopaholic friend Erin today, and then we went to see the new movie Paranormal (fabulous, but OH SO SCARY. I'm not going to lie, I'm still freaked out about it.) and then went for dessert at Chocolate by the Bald Man, where I then proceeded to pass out in a chocolate coma over a mini chocolate cake filled with peanut butter and fudge, with vanilla and chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream with chocolate flakes. YUM!
ANYWAY, so I know that I can never go shopping with Erin with any sort of money in my pocket, but as I was going through Bloomingdale's with her (its about a three hour process when I'm with her) I mentally was making a list of things I like. Like:
Fur (Faux of course):
I'm a very textural person, if I don't like running my hands over it I will not wear it. I'm still that kid that complains "BUT IT"S ITCHY!!!" about wool sweaters. So that's why I love these fur pieces. I just want to constantly run my hands over them and bury my face in them... also they're pretty awesome looking on.

Platform heels:

I'm not sure why I like platforms, it's not like I need the extra height or anything. Maybe it's purely practical, a bit of a platform does make a heel more comfortable. Who am I kidding? I'm the last thing from practical. I like the platform because of the interesting, almost futuristic shape it can make to heel and how it can make a boring office pump into something much more sleek and devilish.

Big rings:

My new found obsession with rings has come attached with the motto: Go big or Go home. I figure if I'm going to break into ring territory I'm going to do it fabulously, none of those insignificant little bands, I want something that you can see from several blocks away as I hail a taxi. Hmm.... maybe if I wear these rings I'll finally get a taxi to stop for me when I'm hailing it.



I know this is usually a pretty silly blog, but at the moment I feel like talking a bit more than usual. Just glad I got that ugg rant off my chest yesterday :) So warning, this post has absolutely nothing to do with clothes, fashion, art, music ect. Well, there is some Shakespeare thrown in so that's the art for today.
Tonight I just finished talking to Blondie on the phone, and then helped my room mate and her boyfriend pack up to leave for the weekend, and then listened to the horror show that is my room mate's friend's dating life. And it got me thinking about a few things.
I've always heard that love is supposed to be a knock you out, butterflies in the stomach, so intense you can't breathe feeling. I've had that feeling a few times, and each time it had a very fast, very ugly ending. I've now had the un-covetable opportunity to watch several of my friends go through the exact same kind of relationships, ones that start off in a burst of passion and then just as quickly die out. Usually not quietly or well.

Friar Lawrence, Act II scene VI, Romeo and Juliet
I know, perhaps a bit melodramatic :), but I think the Friar has the right idea, even a good two hundred years ago. The part that's lately started to strike me is the last part of this speech:

Because at the moment I'm in a relationship that gives me anything but butterflies. There is no burning passion, not even a flickering passion. We didn't exactly start off with a bang, if anything it was more of an osmosis. It just kind of... happened. And now I'm dating a guy that although probably doesn't fit at all our culture's conception of what love should be, I absolutely adore him and he's easily one of my best friends. I feel safe, secure, and loved.
Yet, lately (mainly because of other people's questions) I'm starting to think about whether what we have is a "better" form of love, or what it "should" be. If a butterflies in the stomach love is better than a slow moving glacier love.

Either way I'm sticking with Blondie for the foreseeable future, because at the moment I'm taking a pass on the whole passion thing. I prefer someone that thinks it's cute that I type with my feet up on the desk, that sneaks snickers bars into my work because he knows how much I love them, and that will always give me his coat and a big hug if its cold outside.
It's not exactly glamorous but it's what I like.
But anyway, I was just thinking about that tonight and I figured I'd share my musings on the subject. Of course you can agree or disagree as you like, this is all just my own opinion.
photos by le love


Fast Fix

I was so annoyed, I was getting ready for work today, pulled on my favorite patterned tights from sock dreams and... there's a hole in them. Just a little one, but as we all know, even just a little hole in tights quickly can get out of control.
What's a girl to do?
Here's my fast and dirty solution for that inevitable panty-hose run. Just dab some clear nail polish on it, pinch it together until it dries, then put another coat. I'm not sure how long the fix lasts but so far I've gotten through about four wears on another set of tights without the tiny run getting bigger so we'll see...
And by the way, that's a picture of my favorite tights at the moment. They're Sally Dotted Diamond tights from http://www.sockdreams.com/, its a great website for socks, tights, leggings and other leg related wear. (and P.S. the shipping's always free! which is always nice to see from a website)

The Good Fight

I tried darlings, I tried so hard, but the enemy not only got away from me, but managed to pop up in my own family. We have a code red, there's a double agent in our midst!

It started out harmlessly, my sister is definitely more focused on sports than on her appearance (which is fine and understandable, we need a little variety around here), however she usually only wears sweatpants and sweatshirts (again, fine. It's personal taste. I'd prefer she wore at least just jeans, but we're not going to start a sibling fight here) BUT THEN when I called home I found out she's wearing pajama pants and...


These are the enemy people, do not succumb to the pillowy softness!!! Of course, if you do, these should not leave the house. These are HOUSE SLIPPERS people (or after-surfing slippers if you're in the other hemisphere).

I told her that those uggs are a gateway drug, and soon she's going to be wearing uggs, a Juicy Couture velour tracksuit or north face, heavy black eyeliner, with a Vera Bradley or long champ bag, a silver Tiffany chain bracelet with the heart, and shoulder length straight hair. Just like every other girl in my high school. It was basically a uniform.

Problem is that every once in a while, I still see those girls here at college. What is so hard about this concept people? Pajamas and house slippers are for bed or the house. You have to wear something else (ANYTHING else) when you go outside.

"But they're so comfortable!" my sister protests. True, that's what everyone else says. But you know what else is comfortable?

comfy 1
comfy 1 by erind90 featuring Halston

This is comfortable. Leggings, a dolman sleeve sweater and flats. I can't think of anything that's constricting or confining in this entire outfit, and how easy is this? You could even sleep in the leggings if time is really that much of an issue for you.

comfy 2
comfy 2 by erind90 featuring Converse shoes

Or what if you're like my sister and more of a tomboy? What about jeans (I'll even take jeggings if you're like my sister and say that jeans are "too uncomfortable") a plaid flannel shirt (plaid is comfy!) and converse. Again, not more than three pieces to deal with in the morning, it takes the same amount of effort to pull on sweatpants and a sweatshirt as it does to put on a shirt and jeans, and this looks pretty comfortable to me.

comfy 3
comfy 3 by erind90 featuring Christian Louboutin shoes

And if you just can't give up your track pants try some harem pants. Same material, almost the same shape, but with some flats and a v-neck tee (again, COMFORTABLE) its infinitely chicer. In fact, I give props to anyone who can rock a pair of harem pants.

comfy 4
comfy 4 by erind90 featuring Givenchy shoes

Or if you just don't care for any of the options that I've shown, and still love your sweatshirt, jeans/leggings and uggs combo, what about this version? Look, we'll go through it together.

We have a grey sweatshirt material top, the only thing that's changed is the shape. See? Not too scary.

Then we have jeans, or jeggings, or even leggings. Same as what you always wear.

And last, we have some fur boots. Okay, these are kind of crazy Mongolian fur boots, but they're still like uggs. Fuzzy and ridiculous looking, but these my friends are much more fab.

Okay, not going to lie I kind of want the last outfit. Maybe I'll make that my winter uniform and see if I can get a few ugg converts :)

Anyway, I know I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but if you know anybody like my sister, if you know my sister, if your sister knows someone like my sister I would like to propose we stage an intervention because the comfort-epidemic is getting ridiculous around here.



I can't remember if I posted about regretsy.com yet, but I'm doing it now.
If you have some time on your hands, don't have time on your hands but want to procrastinate, like etsy, hate etsy, or just have a sense of humor go check it out.
I laughed so hard I almost peed myself.


My Day Off

Okay, that's a lie. Basically since midterms are over it was my day to catch up on those things that I've been putting off during the studying mania.
First up was to get a haircut (what? it's only been 6 months... that's how long normal people wait right?)
So my hair went from this crazy mess of a mane:
to this. So much easier for my "wash and go" morning routine.

I went to Cabellos because I got one of those gift packages that everyone and their brother has been getting.

Honestly, it was probably the fastest hair cut I've ever gotten, and they are a little pushy about their products/services, which I understand (they've got to make a living right?) but telling me I look like I have roots and that I look ashy is not going to make me want to get your highlights, especially when you've just given me a literal ten minute haircut. (not joking. I timed it. the usual $55+ haircut took 11 minutes. Thank god I only paid $15.)
However, since I'm used to usually getting my hair done at the ever-glamorous super-cuts, or just hacking at it myself, it wasn't bad. I thought my hair looks nice and the lady knew exactly what I was talking about/wanted so I'd give this place a 6/10. Just don't except it to be some chi-chi spa experience.

I will be going back just because I have some more services to try out with my package, but if I didn't have the coupon I would definitely rather go to my trusty supercuts and korean nail salon down the street.

Also since I was down by 34th street I dropped by Daffy's and picked up a Betsey Johnson clutch and a pair of Etienne Aigner gloves (leather and cashmere for $20? Yes please!)



Sorry for my absence for the last couple of days, I'm afraid I'm going to have to be absent for a couple more because of midterms, life ect....

I'm seriously considering buying this poster for my door, but if anyone knows any better stress reduction tips please, let me know. Hopefully I'll be back up to speed by Wednesday.



I know everyone can pretty much rattle off the basics with their eyes closed and one hand tied behind their back by now. LBD, trousers, white dress shirt, cardigan, pumps, yada yada yada...

confession time: I still don't own a pair of work pants. Or a black turtleneck. Or a little black dress... to be honest it's because I'm sort of a type A personality and I know exactly what I want for these but no one is making them in a price range I can afford. But I'm working on it guys!
But anyway, now that I'm starting to build my own wardrobe I'm starting to have to figure out what MY basics are, which I've fondly nicknamed my super-basics. It's those things that are your version of what is on those "Top Ten" lists. Those clothing pieces that you would grab from a burn building, because 300 days out of the year that's what you are wearing. A uniform if you will.

This helps me because since I know I live in skirts and dress, I'm not going to splurge on a pair of jeans. I wear my flats into the ground, so I'm not going to run out and buy five pairs of heels. It helps keep me focused on what I should be shopping for, not what I want to be shopping for. which can sometimes be too completely different things.(mmmmmm.... heels.... ).

My list so far of can't-live-without-them pieces?

full, a-line skirts (they make me look curvy, and they're fun to swish)
ballet flats (I'm a college kid. In New York. 15 blocks a day is the norm)pashmina scarves (I'm branching out into vintage silk though!)

my lucite bead necklaces (I feel I'm too young for pearls, and lucite's just kind of tacky fabulous)

wrap cardigans (they're cozy and fabulous. what more do you want?)

These are unfortunately not on my basics list. (Every time I walk into a store I need to remind myself that)

I'm kind of curious, am I the only one that has this idea of a uniform of personal basics? Do any of you have things that might not be considered "basic" but you wear 90% of the time anyway?

all of these can be found at bloomingdales, except the lucite necklace, which is just a google image


I've always wanted to be one of those girls with a signature scent. For some reason I always get romantic images of boys reminiscing about me when they smell my perfume, or leaving a signature in the air as I go by, or perhaps spritzing my love notes with my perfume for my amours. Except its kind of hard to smell an e-mail.
Also I'm slightly picky about what I like. I like a woody, earthy scent with amber and sandalwood, but I still want it to smell feminine, but not too girly.

And I have to like it enough not to get bored of it.

And of course, it has to smell good on me, not just in the bottle.

Finally I think I've found my match.

Yves Saint Laurent has a new perfume called Parisienne and it is simply divine.

With notes of blackberry, damask rose, and sandalwood it fits me perfectly. I think this might be heading to the top of my shopping list.

And by the way, fun things I learned about perfume while at the perfume counter today:

Perfume consists of three notes: the top note which is the fragrance you smell first and is usually a floral scent.

The heart note which is the scent that lasts slightly longer and has more depth

and the base note which is the smell that is left after a couple hours, and is usually a musky or woody scent.

You should always buy the smallest amount of perfume you can because perfume tends to become stale or go sour after the bottle is half empty, no matter the size of the bottle. Therefore, if you buy 1 oz you're only throwing out .5 0z. If you buy 3 oz you're throwing out 1.5 oz and so on.

Perfume should always be kept out of heat and sunlight, so don't keep it in the bathroom or on top of your dresser, your closet or underwear drawer is a better place for it.

The best places to apply perfume are where your veins are closest to the surface, i.e. pulse points. That's because when your body temperature goes up, those places are the hottest and help the perfume evaporate. So you're sure to smell really good during that nerve wrecking job interview or, you know, when that butterfly-inducing cute boy finally says hi.


I've been so excited in the midst of all this studying because, guess what? My shopping ban has been lifted! Now all those lovely things that I've been showing you, I can pick up a few! I finally got back money from returning my leather jacket, as well as being sent a paycheck from my summer job that I had forgotten about. Isn't it great when stuff like that happens?
So after socking away some of it, I've had a chance to buy a few things that I've been eyeing, such as:

This gorgeous ringThis recycled chain necklace
This vintage Lanvin silk scarf

These Prada look-alike sunglasses

So now in the midst of all this stress and worry I'll be getting little presents in my mail all week long!

Everything, except the sunglasses, are from etsy.com. the sunglasses are from ebay



halloween by erind90 featuring Burberry

I'm taking a quick break from studying (Midterms, someone please put me out of my misery.) to post about my favorite holiday EVER. I'm kind of alarmed because usually I have my costume set up in July (I'm kidding. Sort of) and this year I've been so busy I completely forgot!

I hate buying costumes, and usually opt to make my own with what I have in my closet. So with the new Prada look-alike sunglasses and gorgeous vintage silk Lanvin scarf that I just bought, I decided that a cold war spy would make a glamorous option. Literally all I need is a pair of fishnets (who doesn't own fishnets?) and perhaps those sick gun earrings (only $7 from girl props. not bad)

Of course I thought I was being all original until I realized that collegefashion.net had just posted a costume that looks almost exactly like my idea. Seems I got subconsciously inspired or something... but it's still a pretty slick costume, so thanks collegefashion.net!


I'm Back!

Hey everybody, the weekend with Blondie was lovely, we ate at Whym, walked through central park to Belvedere castle, visited the Met, and spent a lazy Sunday watching The Office and eating mac and cheese (Blondie is an expert mac and cheese cook).
Unfortunately now it's time to get back to reality.

I took a study break today and wandered down to Ann Taylor (another mom store that got recently re-invented by Ralph Lauren's designer) and I was pleasantly surprised by about half of the merchandise.
I'm not sure if my store was a fluke but a lot of the silk tops had raw edges, as did a lot of the sweaters and dresses. These were not tastefully distressed edges, these were just "I kind of forgot to hem this one" edges.
Thankfully they were all on the sale rack.
The other half were very good quality basics/work wear with a feminine flair, which are always nice. These two pieces definitely stood out though.

This isn't labeled as a boyfriend jacket but it fits like one, except not like an ugly boxy one, like a perfect jacket-from-your-European-boyfriend one. It has a very slim cut fit in a light wool, with snug sleeves and slightly padded shoulders so you don't look like you're drowning in it (always a frightening possibility for me). Basically I wasn't so sure about that boyfriend jacket trend until I met this beautiful one, and I want it.

This reminds me of an updated Chanel jacket, and it's absolutely gorgeous. The ruffles, the (intentional) slight distressing, the quirky huge rose on the breast, it even has some chiffon ruffles on the inside of the bottom hem that peek out a little in person. I love it.

If I wasn't still waiting on a paycheck (and not wanting to drop almost $500 on two jackets right now) I would've snagged these two.

Also my store was having a huge 50% off sale on almost everything on the store, so if you're interested I would go check it out. Unfortunately these two were pretty much the only things NOT on sale... that's just my taste isn't it?



Hello darlings, just letting you know that I will be absent for the weekend but I promise it's for a very good reason. Blondie is coming up to visit me, which I'm super excited about because a month and a half is a long time to be apart. He's finishing up the 7 hour bus ride (make that more likely 10 hours with traffic) as we speak, so I'm hoping that road blocks won't keep him for much longer.
Anyway, hope you all have a lovely Columbus Day weekend. I'll be back on Tuesday!

Photo thanks to Diyana Kamaruza