halloween by erind90 featuring Burberry

I'm taking a quick break from studying (Midterms, someone please put me out of my misery.) to post about my favorite holiday EVER. I'm kind of alarmed because usually I have my costume set up in July (I'm kidding. Sort of) and this year I've been so busy I completely forgot!

I hate buying costumes, and usually opt to make my own with what I have in my closet. So with the new Prada look-alike sunglasses and gorgeous vintage silk Lanvin scarf that I just bought, I decided that a cold war spy would make a glamorous option. Literally all I need is a pair of fishnets (who doesn't own fishnets?) and perhaps those sick gun earrings (only $7 from girl props. not bad)

Of course I thought I was being all original until I realized that collegefashion.net had just posted a costume that looks almost exactly like my idea. Seems I got subconsciously inspired or something... but it's still a pretty slick costume, so thanks collegefashion.net!

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