Golden Ticket

I've started Christmas shopping for the family, and while I know I'm getting a worry woolie for one of my sisters, I have another one that's a beauty maven in disguise (she's hiding under all those hockey pads. Don't say that to her face though!) and I thought a set of bright, high quality nail polishes might just be the perfect gift. There's nothing worse than after checking and beating some poor guy to a pulp on the ice, finding out that his helmet chipped your manicure.

ANYWAY, as much as I love my family I'm afraid I won't be splurging on one of those $30 nail polish sets. That's where the Beauty Ticket comes in.
I'm not much on the beauty scene, but I do need my quality neutral basics, and if you bide your time you can get them for up to 85% off at this site. Their inventory is constantly changing, but here are some of my favorites at the moment: Smashbox set of 6 lip glosses $19.99, originally $40, $90 value

Yves Saint Laurent foundation $26.99, originally $52

Bumble and Bumble damage therapy conditioner $12.99, originally $45

Clarins nail colour $6.99, originally $18.00 and for the little sis, Versace set of 3 nail lacquers $17.99, originally $45

They also have skin care, beauty tools, bath and body and a whole bunch of other stuff. They also have these intriguing "mystery" beauty bags where you specify your skin tone/color and they pick 5 beauty items to send to you for $15. I'm kind of tempted to order one. I love surprises.

So anyway, if you are in the market for new beauty stuff, like beauty stuff, use beauty stuff, or you know, own two x chromosomes, I'd recommend you go check it out at http://beautyticket.com/

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