Wonder Product

I have the really awkward dilemma that I manage to be greasy and have dry skin at the same time. After hearing this for the umpteemth time from one of the Sephora girls, I had to ask "How does this happen???"
"I don't know. Bad luck?"
Thanks for the expert advice.

So because of this I tend to shy away from heavy moisturizers, but if I don't put on SOMETHING I'm a flaky mess, on my face, on my hands, on my scalp... you get the picture.

But this weekend I found the solution. Jojoba oil.

You can pick up a bottle at Whole Foods for about $8, and this thing is a miracle. It zaps dry skin, but didn't leave a weird greasy residue. The best part? Name a body part, any body part and it will solve your dryness problems there. So far I've used it on my hands, my face, my scalp, my hair, my knees, and my elbows and every single time I've used it all the dryness has slowly disappeared (after using it for a day or two of course. This isn't that much of a wonder product.)

I had to do the research and find out why this works so well. The answer is because the chemical composition of jojoba oil happens to closely mimic the oil that our body naturally produces as moisturizer, called sebum (ewwwwww....)

Ignoring that weird little fact, if you have the same strange skin that I do, or if you just want a wicked cheap, wicked versatile little product, go grab yourself a bottle of jojoba oil.

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Kristin said...

Awesome PSA. SO going to try this!