So.... my favorite phrase in the world right now is "So could you just do this one little thing for me...." and since I'm a good person and apparently cannot say no even though it's MIDTERM week, I'm about to brain myself with my tea-kettle.

So while I spork myself to death because of all of these "little" projects/things/requests/demands  (and goddamnit, I WILL get them done on time, with perfection AND a smile) please amuse yourself with the greatest time waster known to man: The Oatmeal.


I Got My Hands Up So Take Your Aim

It's the weekend, and "due to inclement weather" my classes are canceled.
Thank God. I'm going back to bed.
But while I catch up on a weeks worth of sleep, here's the latest song that's been stuck in my head. I seem to be really liking the jazz/soul inspired music lately.
But hey, I'm just old school like that.

Nothing Ever Hurt Like You by James Morrison

New Stuff

I was about to give you guys the heads up about the Victoria's Secret outerwear sale going on... unfortunately I just checked back and the page is apparently unavailable.
Whether this means they're having website issues or that they are no longer carrying jackets, I don't know, but good thing I decided to pick up this cutie while it was still available (and significantly marked down):

So I'm super-excited for my new black Rezrekshn leather zip up jacket to come in the mail this week.
I just hope I can still return it if it doesn't work out...

Also a few other lovelies I won off Ebay over the past week or so: 

Hugo Buscati leather pencil skirt: retail $200, Ebay $17

Nine West ankle boots: retail $109, Ebay $7

Joe's Jeans: retail $189, Ebay $19.99

I hope these fit and aren't banged up or anything (with Ebay it's always a bit of a risk). Usually I have pretty good luck with fit and try to only buy things with the tags still on.

I'm so excited for the mail to come this week :)


Flat Out

Heel heights are finally lowering this spring, and I've been checking out all the new cute options out there! I love a cute ballet flat. Comfortable, easy, classy.... what's not to like?
Besides, if I saw any of these on my feet I'd be smiling every time I looked down, and isn't that the point of shoes?
(Btw, all of these are under $100) 


Hey Mr. Manager...

Speaking of minimalism, guess what editorial was in this month's vogue?

What's that? And entire editorial devoted to minimalism?
Mr. Manager, it seems your "more is more" mantra may be on it's way out. I'm not out of fashion, I'm just so far ahead I look like I'm behind ;)

Anyway, loved the editorial, here's some of my favorite shots. Love the wide leg trousers and lucite heels. Also I'm itching to chop off all my hair again for the summer. Perhaps I'll do a cute little pixie cut again?

If you want to check out the whole editorial see it here.

Editorial: Clean Living
Photographer: Steven Klein
Model: Raquel Zimmerman

Fall Runway III

I just saw the Burberry show. Yes, I'm like three days late, which is pretty much light years behind the crowd. But you must excuse me because I've been dealing with more pressing issues.
Like whether to buy a pair of shoes or groceries this weekend.
Just kidding. 
Sort of.
Anyway, here's some of my favorite looks from the collection:

Um, can we say my new winter uniform?

Burberry inspired

Love the coats, how stunning. Especially the big fur chubbies. Also the snakeskin boots. I think those need to be on my wishlist.

Basically I'm so excited because it looks like what I wear every day anyway. Dress, boots, jacket, maybe a scarf and some bracelets or a necklace. Done. easy.
Except when it's actually winter, then I layer a turtleneck, cardigan, socks, gloves and a wrap on that too. But that's a whole other issue.
I'm not a fan of the green color.
It's definitely different, but I've tried it on and makes me look like the living dead, so we're sticking with my tried and true neutrals.



I almost completely forgot to tell you ladies about my new jeggings.
Um... they're pretty awesome. Here's what you need to know:

The quality is worth the price. These are some pretty well made leggings/jeans, the color is resistant and non-cheap looking, and they hold their shape (so far).

They are perfect for boots (which is what I basically bought them for). No scrunching, bunching or mushrooming. Perfect.

While these weren't the soft and stretchy kind of leggings I was expecting (I'm a little sad about that), they are jeans that are basically painted onto your body. That means they're made out of denim material so they're not leggings, but these are definitely the skinniest jeans you are ever going to find.

So all in all, since I love my legs and leggings but needed something a little sturdier, these are perfect. I give them a 9.5.
The 0.5 off is because I was hoping they'd be soft like leggings too, but hey, I guess you can't have everything.


Love Sick

You ever have a song that just kind of just strikes right at the situation where you are right now? I honestly think that good art does that.

Whether it's music, painting, sculpture, or even fashion, when it creates a visceral reaction and unearths layers of the every day, that makes it fantastic.

Of course, that's all personal taste and what's going on in your life. While I've often times had my breath taken away by a stunning sculpture or a beautiful opera, sometimes more current pop-culture things can also strike a chord.

Te Amo by Rihanna

So long story short I was walking down 6th ave and someone was playing this song in their car, and it was creepy because I was just thinking about a social situation that's been preoccupying me for a while now.
And just like that this song just kind of encapsulated exactly how I felt about the situation.

Melodramatic aren't I?

*Sigh*. Love drives me crazy sometimes. It's such a force and makes people do crazy and stupid things in the name of love. If our culture hadn't romanticized it so much sometimes I think we would have already categorized love as an actual disease.
So what do you do for someone who is in love with the wrong person? What can you do?


Minimalist or Boring?

I got in a discussion with my manager yesterday at work. Obvs we're supposed to dress fashionably (we're trying to sell clothes and style after all) so we have a pretty lenient dress code. However they're constantly ramming down our throats that "MORE IS MORE! MORE LAYERS! MORE ACCESSORIES!!"

 And, well, that's just not me.

So my manager was trying to explain to me that my look was a little too simple, which he was equating with boring.

Yes my silloughette was simple. I'll give you that.
But it's not like I was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. I was in a black jaquard pencil skirt, washed silk black pussy bow blouse, oxfords, and had on my a vintage silver cuff bracelet and thin silver belt. Which I considered very chic, if a bit minimalist.

So my question is, although all of these photos below are considered minimalist, are they boring? Can real people pull of minimalist style without being seen as boring or plain?

I think you can. I personally think all of these girls look very stylish (and I love Calvin Klein for a beatifully cut dress. I ebay him more than I really should).

I think its a matter of either having a striking silhouette, or playing with rich textures. While I can't really afford the striking silhouette (you certainly pay for the tailoring, and I'd argue its worth it) but I can and lately I have kept an eye out for leather, silk, jacquard, lace, linen, chiffon, velvet and other tactile things that are very well tailored and beautifully draped when I'm thrifting, which I feel means I can get away with dressing more simply.

So what do you think? Am I just talking crazy here or is my manager?
Although, since I want to keep this job I might just pile on a few more accessories for my shifts from now on. And perhaps see if I can find some color in my closet since apparently I look like "a funeral director".
Dude. It's New York. and black is always chic.

Runway Narcisco Rodriguez and Calvin Klein from Style.com, Kate Bosworth from tfs, Mimi from her kick ass blog and store Brook&Lyn



Finally. I'm being crushed under all of the work I have to do.
Let's ignore that shall we? The weekend is a time to unwind and party.

Here's the soundtrack of my life at the moment:

100 Yard Dash by Raphael Saadiq

Seriously, check it out just for the video. How cute is the lead singer?
I'm such a sucker for nerdy guys :)



For all you Ebay or vintage fans out there, I just found a simply amazing vintage store called Kaliedoscope Eyes vintage.
Please ignore the strange name.

Right now they have an great collection of vintage fur collar coats and leather jackets (which is why I was there), and they all start at $9.99.
Here's a taste of what we're looking at here:

Please check out the over-sized silver fur coat. AMAZING. If it was my size and wouldn't swallow me whole, that darling would be mine.

So if you're interested, go pop over to Kaleidoscope Eyes right here.


Fall Runway II

Erin Fetherston is another runway that made my heart go pitter-pat.

Love the sheer white dresses, with the suede boots, perfect for summer.
The second look is so sharp. I love a good sexy-nerd look.
The last look I would definitely wear out, gold dress and all.

For the closet inspiration, we're focusing on those gorgeous chiffon dresses. The one on the left I'd wear during the summer, while I can totally see myself rocking the one on the right now.


How do I love Alexandra of Cheap Jap? In like a bazillion different ways.
She's that snarky kind of funny that I always wish I could be.
She's got a kick-ass and take names attitude (which I also wish I could have).
She's gorgeous.
She's thriftastic.
and she's also calling out American Apparel on their advertising.
To which I say "it's about time".
So if you'd like to see why we're going off the deep end about a little advertising, or if you'd like to join the boycott, check it out here.


Fall Runway I

In case you've been living under a rock, it's fall fashion week everyone!
While my usual favorite designers haven't shown yet (Victor & Rolf and Maison Martin Margiela for the concept, Burberry and Yves Saint Laurent for outfit ideas)A few other designers have caught my eye.

I'm loving Tahari's collection for Fall.

The first model: The hood and the whole outfit looks so comfy yet chic.
The second model: This really appeals to my inner catholic school girl rebel.
The third model: This is just so Euro-chic to me. I love the play of textures: fur, tweed, silk... it just needs some leather.

Bear with me because these three looks are a little different.
However, here's the closet inspiration I'm getting from this show, and yes I will totally be rocking this look now and later.
Oh and btw, soooo excited to see that my over the knee boots are still hot for next fall. I've worn the poor things into the ground, but they have become my new butt-kicking boots (a very necessary part of any girls wardrobe) so I think getting them resoled again is worth it.


I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day.
As a lovely surprise Blondie was able to come up for the weekend  because his ship was re-purposed for relief to Haiti (fyi he works as an engineer on merchant ships). So I basically got a phone call last week that went something like this:
"Guess what? My ship got re-purposed, I'm coming to visit for Valentine's Day!"
"YAY!!! When are you coming up?"
"As soon as I can hitch a ride back up to the North East."
"Where are you now?"
"Um... on a beach, next to a palm tree. In Florida I think."
Let us never say that the captain's do not take care of their own. At least they dropped him off in the U.S.

Also I wrote a post on all the trends you ladies will be wanting to keep an eye out for this spring here.

And on a side note apparently I'll be doing some style scouting here on campus. Since the photography department is hesitant about lending me a camera (perhaps they heard what I did to my last one?) it seems I'll be biting the bullet and getting a new one soon.



Please excuse the absence, things have been getting crazy around here.
I'll be back sometime next week, cross my heart.


I Promise I'm Not Weird....

Okay, I swear I'm not the only person who does this. If you have a big event don't you plan your outfit out in advance? Even a little?

Normally I don't (or at least not more than a day or two in advance) but I was bored in macro-economics today (please don't get me started on my teacher. I'm sure he's a genius, he just can't teach to save his life) so I started thinking about what I'm wearing to Webster's on Saturday.

I'm thinking something sleek with a little wild thrown in. My black bustier, leggings, corset belt and chain necklace. Throw in some killer leopard shoes I just snagged from Buffalo Exchange. Then orange lips, ala Prada.
I've been dying to try out a crazy fluorescent fuchsia or tangerine lipstick, and I think that there couldn't be a better time than Saturday.
Then I might just roll myself in glitter. Just because I'd like to.


The Party Don't Stop

Okay for all you single ladies out there (or even hooked ladies like me who just have a HUGE girl crush on Ke$ha, or just like to party) I have the most awesome thing every to do on Valentine's weekend.
yes, like AWESOME.

Special Valentine's Day edition of Circus Saturdays at Webster Hall and guess who's the headliner?
None other than my girl crush Ke$ha.
We're talking four floors of craziness: fire breathers, snake charmers, sexual oddities and other awesomeness. Oh yeah, and a concert. Natch.
It's $15 if you pre-order tickets, and I've already gotten two, one for me and one for Blondie (shhh... don't tell him. I just said it was a concert).
So if you're looking for me Saturday night, I'll be partying at Webster's till 4 am. 

Tik Tok by Ke$ha

Five Online Stores That If You Don't Know, You Really Should

Hey people, apparently now I'm also contributing to my school newspaper's blog (I mean really, what would these people do without me?) So this is fantastic news for you. you get to see real blog posts instead of my usual dithering! YAY!

Everyone has their favorite fallbacks: Forever 21, Gap, H&M, J. Crew…. But people, it’s time to look outside of the box. Here’s some stores that you’re gonna want to add to your favorites:

1. 80’s Purple

Boasting an impressive collection of edgy designers: House of Cassette, 80%20, Obey and Wildfox Couture to name a few, this is a must-see for any rocker or alternative chicks out there.

2. Need Supply Co.

Is your style a little more Urban Outfitters than 80’s purple, but do you still want something unique? Check out Need Supply co. Again, a great collection of designers: Jeffrey Campbell, Eryn Brinie, and Norwegian Wood, but most of the stock is their own in-house brand and it’s fabulous as well.

3. Moxsie

Still not individual enough for you? Try Moxsie, a collection of just starting out independent designers. While it does require a bit of searching for the gems in the rough, boy are the gems good and the prices better on some seriously talented designers.

4. Nasty Gal

Of course, if you’re a die-hard vintage fan, the internet won’t fail you. As long as you don’t mind some serious 80’s redux, head over to Nasty Gal vintage for a stupendously edited selection (and some new, vintage inspired pieces as well) that will have any vintage fashionista head over heels.

5. Modcloth

Of course, we can’t leave out the girly-girls. If Anthropologie makes you swoon, stop by Modcloth for simply darling dresses and other retro-inspired clothing. They even have vintage and home d├ęcor, and all of it for very sweet prices.