Locket Up

I seem to be having a focus on accessories this week. But the latest piece of jewelry that has caught my eye is a necklace (and no, I'm not going back on my stance).
Blame Valentine's Day, but I'm loving the idea of a little heart locket on a delicate chain.

Lockets always have a certain interactive quality that I love to have with my jewelry. Mostly I like it if people are simply curious and want a closer look, but with lockets people actively want to know what could be inside.
What kind of picture or memento are you hiding in there?
I might just have to make one up. Perhaps put a picture of Hugh Grant and call him my lover ; )

Etsy seems to be the best place to find these. Here's some that are on my wishlist:

Tiny Heart Locket Necklace

Vintage Etched Locket

Rose Locket

Vintage 10K Gold Locket

Oh, and btw all of these are under $25. Gotta love Etsy.

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