Fall Runway III

I just saw the Burberry show. Yes, I'm like three days late, which is pretty much light years behind the crowd. But you must excuse me because I've been dealing with more pressing issues.
Like whether to buy a pair of shoes or groceries this weekend.
Just kidding. 
Sort of.
Anyway, here's some of my favorite looks from the collection:

Um, can we say my new winter uniform?

Burberry inspired

Love the coats, how stunning. Especially the big fur chubbies. Also the snakeskin boots. I think those need to be on my wishlist.

Basically I'm so excited because it looks like what I wear every day anyway. Dress, boots, jacket, maybe a scarf and some bracelets or a necklace. Done. easy.
Except when it's actually winter, then I layer a turtleneck, cardigan, socks, gloves and a wrap on that too. But that's a whole other issue.
I'm not a fan of the green color.
It's definitely different, but I've tried it on and makes me look like the living dead, so we're sticking with my tried and true neutrals.

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