Body Harnesses?

"Isn't that like a fetish thing or something?"
glad I have such understanding friends sometimes.
I know that body harnesses and body chains conjure up images of those creepy kids who used to lurk right outside of the high school, or you know, that weird goth phase we all went through (What? No one else went through that phase? Just kidding then).
But I think that these chains from Armor are just divine. They seem to border on that edge between being delicate and pretty, and just being completely bad ass.
After seeing them on the lovely queens from Kingdom of Style (modeling in the last picture) I feel like these could be pretty versatile. Drape them over any formfitting dress, t-shirt etc, you could even layer the last one with a blazer or cardigan.
All I can say is that the owner picked a great name for her store. I love pieces that when you wear them you feel completely invincible. I get that from a wicked pair of high heels, from a body con dress, from a nipped and padded blazer, and if you just wrapped that up in chains, you would get one awesome power suit.

Outfit Appreciation

I woke up to this outfit from the darling Karla of Karla's Closet. It's a good morning.
I love everything about it, the slouchy sweater, the over-sized chain necklace that adds a bit of tough, and the soft ballet-like skirt that adds a bit of sweet.
If I wore this I would skip the boots (not sure if I could even walk in them! Props to Karla!) but she manages to pull the whole look off with aplomb.
For more awesomeness like this, go to http://www.karlascloset.com.


Etsy List

I had quite the day today, and to kick back and relax I browsed on etsy with my cup of tea (I'm deciding if it's a bad thing that my idea of relaxing is window shopping) I've added a few things to my favorites list that I might pick up in a month, but hopefully you guys will find something you can enjoy now.
I've been waiting to get in on this "statement necklace" trend until I could find one that I would love after the trend was long gone. I think that this piece from Bonnie English could do the trick.

I love this ring from Didalo. It has that old world charm because of the rampant lion fused with the clean minimalistic lines of the setting. I do seem to be drawn to that old world/new tech combo.

Just how cute is this little notepad? Yeah, you heard me right, this adorable little monster is also a notepad for jotting down all your worries. To get your "worry-woolie" fix head over to Spider Bite's shop. I'm totally getting my sisters ones for Christmas (shhh... don't tell them).

This hair comb from Percy Handmade is just divine. I honestly have never used a hair comb, and am not sure how to, and I think this is supposed to be a wedding fascinator.... but still, it's just beautiful.

Why I Love Jeffrey

Steve and West have always been faithful to me. Always dependable, but they seem to lack a certain pizazz sometimes. Jeffrey however, there's a man. Have I professed my undying love of Jeffrey Campbell to you yet? Yes?
Well, let me remind you why I love this man and he can do no wrong. Here is the current list of shoes that I want from him. Best part is they're reasonably priced, quality shoes, and all of them are so quirky and fun.
*sigh* I love you Jeffrey.

These beauties however, these are mine. :)
I still smile whenever I see them. Complete impulse buy, but so worth it.



Okay, I'll admit it. When I'm shopping I tend to be a bit of a price snob, even for things that people promise me "just get a cheap one, no one will know the difference." yeah, but I know the difference. I realize that those cute ten dollar flats are killing my feet, that the forever 21 ring is turning my finger green, and that those cheap sunglasses from the street vendor won't stay on my face.
HOWEVER, a girl has to listen to reason right? My budget doesn't exactly include Hermes, Coach, and Gucci. Champagne tastes, beer budget. I usually get by with eBay, Giltfuse, Marshall's and thrifting, but now I have another secret weapon in my arsenal. the fifteen dollar store.
I went to check out this website not expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised, and can check a few things off my wish list because of it.
Scala hat: $15
does this hat look familiar?

Yeah, I thought so too.
American apparel: $40

I'm not sure what I make of the (as described on the website) "brown jewel" in the middle of this purse, but I do think that this would make a lovely evening clutch.

Chinese laundry: $15

Overall I didn't think the website was bad. You definitely have to comb through some junk for the gems, but when it comes down to it, finding a faux american apparel hat and cute clutch for $30 total? Priceless.

check it out at http://www.15dollarstore.com

Double Trouble

A while ago I mentioned how I had seen a stunning "brass knuckle" ring on moxie. The only reason I didn't jump on that ring was that a) it wasn't a true double finger ring and b) the price was a little ridiculous.
However, I think I found the perfect double finger ring.

Isn't it gorgeous? It's a true double finger ring, with that simple bar shape that I love, and it even has a little gem for a touch of girly with all that tough minimalism. Perfect.

It can be found on etsy.com custom order from Stars for Sydell.

That's Why

Just another reminder of how awesome that leopard print coat is, and why I need it in my life.

photo thanks to Le Fashion



This little clip of "The Marshmallow Test" is absolutely hilarious. I'd heard about this experiment from my psychology class, and then I saw it on alreadypretty.com, posted by the lovely Sal and I thought it was just too funny not to share.

Thanks to Wikipedia you can now read ALL about this delayed gratification test:

The marshmallow experiment is a famous test of this concept conducted by Walter Mischel at Stanford University and discussed by Daniel Goleman in his popular work. In the 1960s, a group of four-year olds were given a marshmallow and promised another, only if they could wait 20 minutes before eating the first one. Some children could wait and others could not. The researchers then followed the progress of each child into adolescence, and demonstrated that those with the ability to wait were better adjusted and more dependable (determined via surveys of their parents and teachers), and scored an average of 210 points higher on the Scholastic Aptitude Test.[2]

I so would've failed this test as a child.


Only the Good Die Young

Darlings, I've been so so so SOOO good. I even went out shopping with my girls (including Erin, who is even more of a shopaholic than me and my style diva inspiration) and I didn't spend a dime.
Okay, that's a lie. I spent three dollars on three adorably mini cupcakes from Baked By Melinda, but those cupcakes were heaven and totally worth it. Go eat there, its right off Broadway in Soho.
Anyway, while I didn't buy anything, I definitely saw some things that are on the shopping list for when the ban is lifted.

Okay, I have a confession to make. I tried on this coat because it was just so standout ridiculous that I just had to. Then I just never took it off, and wore it for about the hour we spent browsing Bloomingdale's. Then I realized that no, it was not standout ridiculous. It was standout ridiculously AWESOME. So I'm waiting for the money to come back from my leather jacket return, and getting this (which is actually half the price.) It's by aqua sport, and can be found at Bloomingdale's (just don't buy the size small! That's mine!)
These I found at a boutique called Wink and are by Jeffery Campbell, except I liked the black ones. They almost remind me of jazz shoes crossed with an oxford, and are super comfortable and don't make my feet look big. What more could a girl want? Besides, I have a small love affair with Jeffery Campbell to begin with. That man can do no wrong in my book.

So yeah... just hoping these don't sell out in the next three weeks. But you know, I kind of like this system of going shopping with the girls with just twenty bucks in my pocket (for food and emergencies) and then coming back and writing down what I loved. Because I remember thinking "I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE" about a few other things, but by the time I rode the subway back to my apartment, I seem to have forgotten them. Apparently I didn't need them that badly. Except these two. These two stuck with me the whole shopping trip, through dinner, through a subway ride, through my shower, and through checking my email ect. I think that means they are keepers.


Princess Shoes

Blondie is always joking about how I'm such a princess. I reply it's only because he spoils me silly. Point being, I might be a little bit of a princess, but what girl isn't? These shoes from Maison Martin Margiela I think would be a perfect gift for any princess, and Blondie, Christmas is coming up... just saying.
I love how whimsical these are, they are literally straight out of the Cinderella fairy tale, and that really appeals to my inner five year old. For some reason lately I've been running into Maison Martin Margiela's stuff all over the place, and me and my five year old have loved all of it.


Sorry I've been absent for a few days, because I have a bit of a surprise! For me.

Well, maybe for you too.

I've joined up with my school's newspaper, and I'm writing a fashion column for them! I had expected to just join with a fashion section, perhaps help some of the other writers (since the newspaper is a journalism class for journalism majors. Serious stuff guys), but no, little old me is creating her own mini-section!
So after beating out the details over the past couple days and finally writing my first article (it now needs to be sent in for revision, and I'm still waiting on the photography team... come on guys! I'm ready to gooooo!) I should be seeing my name in print! I'm so excited!

anyway, what's this mean for you?
This means that biweekly, you get an actual post from me instead of just rambling musings, because I'll be re-printing it here once I get it back from the editor. Okay, so maybe that wasn't such a great surprise for you guys, but I'm still excited!

photo by zemotion


The Tuxedo

Okay, so as soon as I remarked about the tuxedo jacket in the 100 list I've been thinking about it. Now, I finally realized exactly how I would wear a tuxedo jacket.

tuxedo by erind90 featuring Balmain

I would wear it sleek, sexy, androgynous with just a peek of red lacy bra and a man's watch (and a clutch. I need someplace to put my red lipstick and mirror for touch-ups) and of course a pair of classic louboutins, the shoes that basically ooze sex appeal.
(by the way, if I ever have enough spare cash lying around to get a pair of crazy shoes, those are exactly the ones I'm getting. Classic, timeless, and professionally sexy.)
So now I know how I would wear a tuxedo jacket, and the real question becomes "where would I wear this?". I think I might have to make up an occasion now...


Call Me Schizo

I don't know why, some days I feel like a princess, other times I feel like a punk. I have my leather skirt nestled in with my prep-school blazer next to my pink sheath dress next to my studded belt next to my sun hat with a bow.

I go through phases where all I want to do is mess up my hair, wear my black eyeliner and throw on my boy's blazer with my leather gloves.

Other times I want to wear my kitten heels and my 50's style tea dress and my pearls.

Most of the time I find it more efficient just to mix the two .

But right now I'm in my "rough and tough" phase as I fondly call it, and I'm loving these booties at one of my favorite stores, Need Supply Co. I think they and one of my pink tea-party dresses would be very good friends.

Wander by Dolce Vita

Meet Jeffrey

So this isn't really any different than what every store has been yelling at the top of their lungs for the past year "LOOK WE HAVE INVESTMENT PIECES HERE!!!".
Yet, Nordstrom's collection of video clips called "Jeffrey on Set" are so amusing I felt like I had to share them with you. I almost want to call him up and be like "I like shopping, you like shopping, let's be friends!" not to mention they showcase some incredibly drool worthy pieces.

you can check out Jeffrey here or go to nordstrom.com :

Second Chance

I'm not sure if everyone in the world has heard about Talbots except for me, but I finally trotted over to their website to see what all the fuss was about. I have to say that the rebranding strategy has been done with aplomb. I was expecting to see the same dowdy sweater sets and khaki pants as Talbots has always done, except with a few different colors thrown in or something. Instead, I found these:

So perhaps they aren't going to become a mecca for the trend-set crowd any time soon. Point is that they are a brand for the career woman, and they specialize in good, quality career clothing. They've stayed true to their brand, just smoothed out the wrinkles a little and brought it up to date.
In fact, I'm eyeing that little black lace dress because I don't own a LBD at the moment, of course to "youthify" it I'll have to bring it to my tailor and hack off a foot of fabric off the bottom. But hey, I've been in the store with my mum every once in a while, and I know that Talbots has quality clothing for a relatively cheap price which is exactly what I'm looking for.
So if anyone is in the market for some high quality basics or career wear, I'd say go ahead and give Talbots a second look.


Happy Feet

Yes, the shopping ban is still in effect. It might even need to be extended because of my laundry list of art supplies and my stupid new Comp Sci textbook. All I've got to say is that that textbook better have hard covers made of gold and be bound using fairy thread.
Anyway, while I was looking around at the final sale shoes at Rue La La (Go check it out if you're a member! If you're not, just drop me a line with your email and I'll invite you, same thing for Hautelook and Giltgroupe) I spotted these beauties from Marc by Marc Jacobs.
I sincerely feel that my world would be a brighter place if every time I looked down at my feet I saw these smiling back at me. Alas, its not to be, even if I wanted to they don't have my size anymore. Perhaps that's a good thing.


Fashion Week IV

I'm not going to lie. I only like Zac Posen because it reminds me of the 60's with a bit of 80's crazy. It's not really my personal style, but it sure looks like a lot of fun.

I think I have fuzzy on the brain. The color is perfect, the basket weave I'm not so sure about, and don't you want big, fuzzy, blue sleeves? It looks like muppet fur!

If dresses aren't your thing, trousers are big for fall and spring. If you're a strictly jeans girl I would suggest branching out into some chic and slouchy or tapered and cuffed trousers. These trousers are perfect, and paired with a ballet flat and white tank top are very "vacationing by the French Riviera".

These two go go dresses are just divine! How fun do they look? They also are not just sheer, but see through.

This is something that I would definitely wear. Very sleek, very chic. And what's that holding her scarf? A pin? A brooch?

Yes darlings, and its found pinned all over the models. What a cheeky brooch! I'll take three please!
Last but not least, the evening gown. I'm not usually one to advocate glittery or sequins as I find it looks tacky, but the cut and drape of this dress? Divine.

Key things: bright colors, sheer (make that see through) and mini skirts

Those Days

Yesterday was just one of those days. Blondie always teases me that I'm the luckiest person he knows, and by that he means I either have very, very good luck, or very, very bad luck. Yesterday resembled a crazy rollercoaster of karma... or something.
The final tally:

I got a lovely package deal at a spa, and for $60 I receive: a haircut, deep conditioning, blowdry/style, facial, mani, pedi, massage, and my eyebrows done. Not bad. Expect to see a review here in a little while for the salon, as there are mixed reviews on yelp.com for this place.

I got my motorcycle jacket!!!

As soon as I got back to my apartment, I got an email first from one of my teachers saying I hadn't taken the prerequisite for the class. BUT I don't have to rearrange my schedule to take the class, EXCEPT that I miss the labs, because I can't possibly fit those in, and oh yeah, I need to go buy the $200 book. BUT he'll help me catch up and do the labwork. So.... yay? I think?

and my lovely art teacher just sent me a list of art supplies THIS LOOONNGGG. I'm kind of wishing I hadn't spent the money I saved up now. Of course I wasn't expecting this!!

and then I got a reply from my teacher, and in my email where I thanked him for his help, he put a note on the bottom that said "not to be picky, but I prefer Prof. or even Dr. not Mr. and my name is spelled wrong. Refer to my email." hmmm .... my only excuse was that it was late, and I was panicked, and COME ON.

So I think the weather has died down a bit. Aren't things crazy? And oh, the picture? I just like it, and I'm going to go take a cue from her and roll myself up in my fluffy comforters with a cup of tea and read my book.

* Edit* I got my motorcycle jacket in the mail today, and it was a size too big. :( I going to return it, but the quality was impeccable, the leather butter soft... I've seen real leather and I can't go back to pleather anymore. I'll keeping my eyes open for another one, perhaps I'll find one during the January/February clean up?

photo by Tim Walker for Vogue, via Fashion Gone Rogue


Fashion Week III

Here's two shows that I thought were both stunning for two very different reasons.
First off, Jason Wu. What's not to love? Not only did he design The Dress for our first lady, but he's such a charming little guy all by himself.
Guess what's my new uniform for this spring? This! Such a cheery little number, and darlings, if you don't have a cardigan yet, GET ONE. Versatile, easy, cozy, and stylish, and if you already have one pick up another in a cheery hue like Jason's canary yellow one here, or a rich purple, two of the hottest colors for spring 2010.

How comfy does this suit look? And the color is universally flattering. Just separate the two pieces and they would look perfect paired with either Wang's signature distressed tee or a flirty mini skirt.

This is just adorable. Flirty with a bit of a sporty twist from the raglan sleeves.

I love the little illusion going on because of the piping. The long boyfriend cardigan now looks like a cropped jacket at quick glance from Jason Wu's clever tromp l'oeil.

I just love the draping on this. Not quite Grecian draping like we saw last spring, and not quite your average dress ruffle.

The texture, the shape, the cut... Just very old world classy. Love.

And wait! What's that? Yes, almost black lips (for all your hard-cores out there, you can give the jet black lips a try. I'm sticking with this black-red). It's a hot trend now, and apparently a hot trend for spring as well. Not for your average girl.

And Jason Wu himself! How cute is he? I just wish more men dressed as well as this little cutie does.

Second, I'm loving Yigal Azrouel's show. It personally reminds me a little bit of the Alexander Wang spring 2010 show that's been all over the place, but I find that Azrouel's designs have cleaner lines, as well as a more future grunge/sporty aesthetic, which I appreciate.

I love this dress, there's really no two ways about it. It's a perfect mix between slouchy and fitted, and gives that lovely hour glass shape with the wrapped waist.

Again, more not-quite-Grecian draping. This time in what looks like almost sweat-shirt jersey. So comfy.

Just please check out the workmanship on this dress! The lines and exposed seams are stunning. This is one dress guaranteed not to go out of style. Classic sheath shape with a little crazy on the outside.

I'm not going to lie, I love the monokini trend. I'm glad its showing no signs of going away any time soon, and this one with the clean lines and almost futuristic-cobwebby look is just divine.

The college girl's power suit. Girls in guy's clothes never gets old.

Okay, I'm breaking away from the frou frou girly with these more sporty casual runway shows. These are definitely easy clothes to wear with a little edgy kick. I love Jason Wu's collection because of its wearability and the color palette, but Yigal Azrouel has the stream-lined edgy thing going on, and any of his clothes would be perfect for a Saturday night out (except maybe the monokini, but really that's your decision).

key things: slouchy trousers, sweatshirt LIKE material (I appreciate sporty, I do not condone sweatshirts, sweatpants, or anything that involves sweat or physical activity in the name for outside wear), one shoulder trend, draping, mini skirts, mens wear inspired pieces,