Present for Me

So I got a job working as a hostess at a little Italian place down the street from my apartment. I literally walked in and got jumped on by the manager, who did everything but begged for me to take the job. Apparently two of their hostesses just quit last week. Good timing right? Thankfully everything is starting to settle out.
So to celebrate my getting a job and settling other important matters yesterday (billing problems, transferring credits, sorting out my schedule, finding food... all very exciting let me tell you) I decided to treat myself to a completely I-don't-have-a-reason-for-buying-this-but-its-just-too-pretty-to-pass-up-item, aka a paint pot from MAC cosmetics, specifically in Rubenesque.

Isn't it gorgeous? Its labeled as a warm peach with a gold pearl on MAC's website, but when you put it on it just looks like a warm gold color. I bought it just for the color and how it changes from a gold to a warm rose in the pot, but I've been wearing it for the past two days! Its just beautiful and it looks very strong in the pot, but if you put it on sheer its very subtle and versatile. Although I could definitely see layering it for a statement at night.

Either way it seems my impulse buy turned out to be a good one after all! For $15 its not bad, and when I get my first paycheck I might be dropping by for a few other of these paint pots.

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