I stopped by in Barnes and Noble to get out of the rain on my way home from work yesterday. So after browsing through my favorite authors I took a peek at some of the fashion books, specifically Nina Garcia's "The One Hundred: a guide to the pieces every stylish woman must own". I thought it was interesting, but fact is that not every piece is going to fit into every person's style or wardrobe. Also since I'm addicted to list making, I loved the list format. Except now, like every other list I make I feel the need to check it off (and cross off the things that are never going to make it into my closet).

1. A-Line Dress (be bold in a bright pattern)
A definite must, I'm always on the look out for these and already own two.

2. Animal Print (try it in an accessory)
less is definitely more with animal print

3. Ankle Bootie (wear with pants or skirts)
I have a pair from Blowfish that I love

4. Aviators (classic sunglasses)
I don't know why I don't own a pair, I love them and think they're super-cheeky

5. Ballet Flat (simple flat shoes)
I probably have too many, but I love them

6. Bangles (pile on these bracelets)
ugh, no. I hate the noise they make when you move your arm. Clothing should be silent!

7. Belts (skinny or big, belts create form)
love, love, love belts. they're essential for giving my boyish figure a waist.

8. Bikini (keep it basic in solid colours)
my bathing suit's strap just broke this year :( I think that means it's time for a new one.

9. BlackBerry (essential for girls on the go)
no. I'm a technophobe. I'll take my carrier pigeon and abacus any day.

10. Black Opaque Tights (go as matte as possible)
necessity! Mine also wore out from last year, and my sheer tights just aren't cutting it.

11. Blazer (wear it with anything)
I'm still figuring out how to wear these, but when I do I like the look.

12. Boyfriend Cardigan (big and slouchy sweater)
still looking for one that doesn't swallow me whole

13. Brooch (use them on hats, clothing or in hair)
eh... I'm going to pass on this one. Reminds me too much of my grandma

14. Cable-Knit Sweater (wear slim pants to balance the proportions)
I have some thin gauge ones that I wear to death in the winter.

15. Caftan (dress it up or wear it over a bikini)

16. Camel Coat (a golden tan-coloured coat to give your black winter coat a break)
I have a long grey peacoat that I feel works nicely as a substitute for this.

17. Cape (keep everything underneath tailored)
really? No.

18. Cashmere Sweater (invest in good quality)
a definite. I have one that I got handed down. I don't know what I'm going to do when it wears out. Maybe I should invest in another?

19. Charm Bracelet (document your life's milestones)
again, I hate the clinking. I'm skipping this one.

20. Clutch (perfect purse for a night out)
just got a cheapie day one and I don't know how I lived without it. Definitely buying a night one.

21. Cocktail Ring (the louder, the better)
I do like the way these look, but I have such a problem with banging up rings. Perhaps a special occasion one is the loophole?

22. Converse (classic cool sneakers)
yes. Definitely in classic white, and great for casual days.

23. Cosmetics Bag (keeps everything organized)
is this really fashion? But it is a must.

24. Cowboy Boots (always wear jeans over the boots)
I have an old pair I got from the window of my cobbler, I haven't worn them since last fall.

25. Cuff (a hefty bracelet)
Yes, I like the sleek sophisticated ones in silver or gold. I lost mine on a night out, and am on the look out for another.

26. Denim Jacket (go super dark or super faded)
I have a super faded one, but I'm thinking about selling it for a dark wash one that goes more with my style.

27. Diamond Studs (fake or real, doesn't matter)
I have diamond hoops that I got as a birthday present.

28. Driving Shoe (a loafer with rubber grips on the soles)
I don't know where I'd wear these

29. Espadrilles (stacked shoes with twisted cord soles)
I think they're a weird blend between too casual looking and too high maintenance. I prefer just leather flat sandals.

30. Evening Gown (dark and neutral colours will never go out of style)
I have a red cocktail dress, but I'm keeping my eyes open for a little black one to complete my dress wear.

31. Exotic Skin Bag (crocodile, snakeskin and ostrich are the staples)
I'd love to have my evening clutch in snakeskin.

32. Fishnets (the smaller the mesh, the better)
not sure how I feel about these, or how I'd wear them. I would wear a pair of backseam hose though...

33. Frye Harness Boot (a classic boot from a solid company)
I prefer my sleeker riding boots as an alternative.

34. Fur (real or fake will do)
I would love a faux fur chubby cropped jacket ala Kate Spade.

35. Gentleman's Hat (try a fedora)
I prefer my madeline hat and am looking for a cloche. Men's hats are a little too severe for my face.

36. Gloves (leather driving gloves are edgy)
Some long bright purple gloves are on my list for the winter.

37. Havaianas (flip flops from Brazil)
unless you're wearing them around the house... no.

38. Hobo Bag (a slouchy, hold-everything bag)
I prefer for my bags to be a little more structured, but my red bag I suppose could count as my version of a hobo.

39. Hoop Earrings (the bigger the hoop, the thinner it should be)
true. I lost one (its always just one earring isn't it?) and need to replace them.

40. Investment Bag (very pricey bags, ie. The Birkin)
not exactly in the budget at the moment. I do have a classic vintage dooney and bourke bag though, does that count?

41. iPod (fill it with fashion tunes, ie. "Sunglasses at Night" by Corey Hart)
I guess... again, not fashion.

42. Jeans (stretch is key)
Yes. these are a staple in any woman's modern day wardrobe.

43. Jewelry Pouches (essential for the traveller)
again, I don't quite understand why she keeps including things that aren't really fashion. Perhaps she was running out of ideas and needed to make 100?

44. Khakis (dress these pants up or down)
Yes, I've just gotten mine to cross over into casual as opposed to just work.

45. Knee Boots (should hit just below the knee)
My lovely riding boots.

46. Leather Pants (buy tight -- they'll stretch)
thought about it for about a minute... and then said no.

47. Lingerie (a silk slip is essential)
That would probably solve a lot of my wardrobe dilemmas with sheer dresses and skirts better than just avoiding being backlit wouldn't it?

48. Little Black Dress (accessorize to mix it up)
So cliche, but so true.

49. Little White Dress (spice it up with bold jewelry)
I have one, but I'm such a slob I barely wear it. I'm too worried about staining it!

50. L.L. Bean Tote (sturdy bags to tote anything)

no. I am not a soccer mom.

51. Luggage (have it monogrammed)
I'm looking for a carry on, because I think it's time to ditch the l.l.bean backpack.

52. Mad Money (an emergency $50 stashed deep in your purse)
do I have to budget this too? and why is it on a fashion list?

53. Man's White Shirt (must be a crisp button-down)
yes, but see white dress above. There's a reason why my wardrobe is all black and grey you know.

54. Mary Janes (a pointy toe and high heel add glamour)
I prefer the ankle strap look, but yes, I am looking for these.

55. Minnetonka Moccasin (both ankle and boot versions work)
not my style

56. Missoni Knit (invest in a wild knit dress from this designer)
Not really in the budget right now.

57. Monogrammed Stationery (denotes style and effort)
Perhaps. I don't know who I'd write too though.

58. Motorcycle Jacket (this beat-up staple is always in style)
YES. see earlier posts.

59. Nail Polish (go to extremes -- no midway colours)
I had a friend who insisted it was gross not to have your toes painted. I guess I can see her point.

60. Old Concert T-Shirt (authentic is best)
not really my style.

61. One-Piece Swimsuit (all-black is flattering)
These are impossible to fit on my body. I have a long torso so one pieces mean major wedgie. Not attractive.

62. Pyjamas (no old college T-shirts allowed)
I like my t-shirts and boxers for bed though. Maybe at a later date I'll invest in some.

63. Peacoat (buy authentic Army-Navy)
I would like a little navy pea coat to switch up with my long grey one.

64. Pearl Necklace (be creative and mix with other necklaces)
I would love to own a strand, however I'm not sure how I'd wear it so I don't look like my grandma.

65. Pencil Skirt (wear it snug but not too tight)
Definite, I have a stretchy one that I wear to work, it's probably my most comfortable work clothes ever.

66. Perfume (find your signature scent)
I think this is a necessary one, I'm still looking though.

67. Plain White Tee (Hanes is the author's pick)
See white shirt and white dress issues

68. Polo Shirt (layer them for a different look)
not my style

69. Pucci (evoke the '60s with a bright print)
again, not really in the budget.

70. Push-Up Bra (wear with caution)
there's nothing to push up on me! Besides, I tend to cover up more on top and show off my legs... and what's the point of a push up bra if no one sees the effects?

71. Quality Champagne (always have a bottle in waiting)
not 21 yet, and again, why is this on a fashion list?

72. Red Lipstick (keep other makeup minimal)
love, love red lipstick. I always feel like I have my lady face on when I wear mine.

73. Robe (loungewear for the stylish)
do boxers and hanes tees count as loungewear?

74. Safari Jacket (don't buy authentic -- look for fashion-savvy takes)
not my style

75. Sandals (flats for day and night)
a definite yes.

76. Sarong (great bikini cover-ups)
I can see how this would be useful, still looking around for a tasteful one though.

77. Signet Ring (an inscribed ring for any finger)
eh... I like rings. not sure about a signet one though.

78. Silk Scarf (wear it however you please)
I'm more of a pashmina girl, but I would love to have a few for spring and summer.

79. Slippers (pamper your feet)
I have socks, that's like the same thing right?

80. Spanx (a genius brand of figure-forming panty hose)
don't need it

81. Statement Necklace (wear with a plain top)
Definite yes, I always look for these when I'm in thrift stores

82. Stilettos (invest in Manolos, Jimmy Choos or Christian Louboutins if you can)
I have one pair from Guess. Really need to work on that.

83. Striped Sailor Shirt (a chic, horizontally striped homage to the French)
I love this look, and I'm still looking for a cute one that's affordable.

84. Suit (wear the pieces separately)
I feel like this is something I'll invest in on a later date.

85. Sunhat (find this floppy hat at roadside stands)
my madeline hat!

86. Trench (khaki is classic)
I finally got one, and now I see what all the fuss is about. So easy, so chic.

87. Turquoise and Coral Jewelry (wear them year-round)
not a big fan, I prefer my gold, silver and diamonds

88. Tuxedo Jacket (have it tailored for the perfect fit)
where would I wear this?

89. Umbrella (will keep you pretty in the rain)
If I remember to bring it with me...

90. Underwear (just because it's under doesn't mean it's not important)
I DEFINITELY need to get in on this one. Problem is, since no one sees it I'm not feeling pressured to get on it.

91. Valid Passport (just in case)
Nina Garcia, you really were having trouble reaching 100 weren't you?

92. Vans (sneaker chic from California)
I'm more east coast, I love my converse.

93. Vintage (vintage anything in mint condition adds personal style)
Definite yes.

94. Watch (no longer required, it should be a statement piece)
it also helps in classes when they don't have a clock in the room. Checking your watch is much more subtle than checking your cellphone.

95. Wayfarers (in black, these Ray-Bans are always cool)
No. I like aviators or the oversized black square frames better.

96. Wellington Boot (rubber boots)
yeah... I need some rain wear that I will actually wear.

97. Wide-Leg Trousers (go fitted on top)
I love the ones I got on ebay, if I get the chance I would definitely get another pair.

98. Wrap Dress (forget plain and go for a print)
very flattering, I have a few wrap tops and a dress.

99. Yoga Gear (to be worn in the gym only)
true, and for lounging...

100. Zippered Hoodie (fitted cashmere is the best)
too casual for me.

My score was: 35/62

I'm not counting the full 100 because... for god sakes, what am I going to do with a cape? Or when am I going to be able to afford pucci? So tailoring this list to my own needs, I feel like 62 of these essentials work for me, and I have 35 of them. Not bad, a little more than half. Nina Garcia's list is a pretty good jumping off point for seeing what you already have and what is that something that you're missing in you closet and just didn't realize it.

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