The Ban

I am Leo, and by nature I am extravagant and my middle name is luxury. So I'm about to talk about something that I absolutely despise. A budget. In fact, it has gotten even more extreme than that. I am talking about a BAN.
I know, it depresses me as well. I'm going to go on a month long shopping ban in order to bring up the savings account, as well as pay for a leather jacket and a pair of work slacks (can you believe I don't own those either?? I know, its crazy.) Thankfully I found a cheaper version of my piperlime jacket by Kenneth Cole, which is only $300 instead of $400, and guess who gets a student discount at J.Crew? ME! For work pants, which isn't nearly as exciting.

The only exception is going to be September 10th, which is Fashion's Night Out. I'm sorry darlings, I know many of you will consider it cheating on a ban to have an exception night, but I promise I will not be gluttonous. I feel like it is a day that comes only once a year, and this event is a singular one.

So the ban starts today, September 5th and will only end October 5th, this includes any and all clothing, makeup, and accessories. The only exception, as I mentioned above, is Fashion's Night out and my spending will be limited to $100.

*sigh* this is going to be a tough one, but I suppose this blog will hold me accountable of my finances and I do try to be a conscientious shopper, even if it is against my nature. :) Visualize... Visualize...

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