The Experiment Part II

In our last experiment we didn't listen to the directions on clothing cleaning tags. This time, we are hemming a leather skirt ourselves even though probably, if we had better judgement, we would go to a tailor. Unfortunately the only tailor nearby offered to hem it for me for $30. Um... NO.
So here's what we're going to do.

You'll need:
your too long leather skirt
Krazy glue
and to get really crazy professional, an iron. Or a can of peas or other vegetable.

1. Cut it to the desired length + an inch (that extra inch is really important. Don't forget it!)

2. Fold a half of an inch of the leather into a hem, then fold it again. This is called a french seam where no loose edges are shown. Or you can be like me and just roll it until its short enough.

3. Krazy glue that hem like crazy!

4. Unstick fingers

5. Then, to give it a professional look, you can either quickly iron the hem to get a nice crease, or roll a can of peas over the hem while its laying on a hard surface in order to crease it. If you use the can method make sure its not a cheap can from China town that dents the minute you put pressure on it, and then the top pops off spraying peas all over your floor (yeah... maybe I'll stop grocery shopping at China town for a little while).

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