The Tuxedo

Okay, so as soon as I remarked about the tuxedo jacket in the 100 list I've been thinking about it. Now, I finally realized exactly how I would wear a tuxedo jacket.

tuxedo by erind90 featuring Balmain

I would wear it sleek, sexy, androgynous with just a peek of red lacy bra and a man's watch (and a clutch. I need someplace to put my red lipstick and mirror for touch-ups) and of course a pair of classic louboutins, the shoes that basically ooze sex appeal.
(by the way, if I ever have enough spare cash lying around to get a pair of crazy shoes, those are exactly the ones I'm getting. Classic, timeless, and professionally sexy.)
So now I know how I would wear a tuxedo jacket, and the real question becomes "where would I wear this?". I think I might have to make up an occasion now...

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