Okay, I'll admit it. When I'm shopping I tend to be a bit of a price snob, even for things that people promise me "just get a cheap one, no one will know the difference." yeah, but I know the difference. I realize that those cute ten dollar flats are killing my feet, that the forever 21 ring is turning my finger green, and that those cheap sunglasses from the street vendor won't stay on my face.
HOWEVER, a girl has to listen to reason right? My budget doesn't exactly include Hermes, Coach, and Gucci. Champagne tastes, beer budget. I usually get by with eBay, Giltfuse, Marshall's and thrifting, but now I have another secret weapon in my arsenal. the fifteen dollar store.
I went to check out this website not expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised, and can check a few things off my wish list because of it.
Scala hat: $15
does this hat look familiar?

Yeah, I thought so too.
American apparel: $40

I'm not sure what I make of the (as described on the website) "brown jewel" in the middle of this purse, but I do think that this would make a lovely evening clutch.

Chinese laundry: $15

Overall I didn't think the website was bad. You definitely have to comb through some junk for the gems, but when it comes down to it, finding a faux american apparel hat and cute clutch for $30 total? Priceless.

check it out at http://www.15dollarstore.com

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♥ Marta ♥ said...

I am the same as you totally champagne taste for beer budget :P That's an awesome site thanks for mentioning!