Acne.org Update

Sorry guys for the long wait between my first post and the update. But here's the good news: THIS REGIMEN WORKS. IT ACTUALLY WORKS.

I really don't think I can say that loud enough. Here's the proof, one month later:

NOTHING. Except for a little old mascara smudge that I didn't see when I took the picture right after I woke up. Sorry, usually only my family and room mates have to deal with seeing this... but its really the only time I'm not wearing makeup, and I wanted to give you the full effect.

Okay, here's the lowdown. Over the month it survived my period (only one small zit) and stress of moving in, plus my bad eating habits that come with college. That's impressive. Over the month I've had two zits. Count 'em. Two. And one was when I first started, (during my period, those hormones get you every time) and later when I forgot to do the regimen one day.

But even then, the zits were gone within a day, and left behind only a small red mark that was gone in a week. This regimen has shrunk my canyon sized pores, reduced my blackheads, and my favorite, has made my skin really, really soft. I thought it was soft before but now its REALLY soft. Not to mention that this regimen is affordable, and there's no way for my skin to get used to it and for it to stop working. Nice.

You knew it was coming, the cons of this regimen: it really dries out your face. A LOT. So moisturizing every time you put on the Benzol Peroxide is a must, and I use moisturizer before I do it too, otherwise my eyes get all dried out and wrinkly. You have to do it twice a day, EVERY day. There will be no skipping of the regimen, or else you will pay with a return of zits. Yes, even if you skip it only once. Also follow the videos that are posted on Acne.org. I can see how it would be a little difficult to imagine that you are literally supposed to coat your face in Benzol Peroxide, but that's what you have to do. So watch the videos if you go on the regimen, and copy him.

Of course, I'm willing to put up with all of this just for the fact that I finally have clear skin. Its incredible. I was hesitant to post, and was waiting for something to go wrong with the regimen, but it really is all its cracked up to be. Apparently you are not supposed to see full effects for three months, so if my face starts bleeding or something in the next couple months I'll let you guys know.

So if any of you have acne, GET THEE TO ACNE.ORG. What are you waiting for? Honestly?

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