Dirty Water

It's been really great, getting a chance to be home in Boston for a few weeks.
Let me re-phrase that. Two weeks seemed like an ideal time when I started out. Now I'm realizing a week would've been better.
Boston, I love you, but I feel like I have to much energy for your history and tradition.

Went to Phoenix Landing last night for techno-night. An Irish pub that turns into a techno-club after-hours. Only in Boston.
A bar who has a last call time of 1 am? Also only in Boston. Shame on you, last call in NYC is at 4 am.

Probably heading out to Rise to celebrate (a club recommended by my friend who is fresh back from living in Brazil)

So what am I wearing? 

new year

I'm not much of a sparkle girl so I'm keeping things festive with some serious bed-head and burgundy lipstick. Maybe I'll get real crazy and put some sequins on my nails. :)

1000 Awesome Things

Just a little appreciation to start the year off right.

Check out this website devoted to a list of 1000 Awesome Things.


New Year's Resolutions

Happy holidays everyone!

I'm sure you're just as swamped with the holidays as I am, thank goodness for a bit of R&R!
But after we've unwrapped all of those presents, it's time to ring in the New Year, and I'm sure most of you also write up a few resolutions as well.

Looking back on last year's resolutions, I found that I did pretty well, although things like "wear more color" I've abandoned entirely :)

My Resolutions for the New Year

Only buy things that I really, truly love. Never settle for "it's okay"

On that note, continue "capsule-sizing" my wardrobe and other stuff. While I'll never be one of those "everything I own can be fit into a backpack" minimalists, I would like to make sure that everything in my life has a purpose.

Hone my personal style. Take more risks.

Continue with my "eat less meat" or as my vegetarian sister fondly calls it "cheapatarian" routine. Attempt to go fully vegetarian (and possibly vegan? Better take this one step at a time).

Go to yoga more often. These legs are getting stiff from too much running.

Learn java and python :)

Finally set up my website. Seems like everything breaks the moment I turn my back on it.

Learn Spanish. I'm already half-way there with just my daily exposure. And hopefully become fluent in French.

Plan a trip for this year. Perhaps Montreal for spring break? I have a few friends that I need to visit up there, and it is such a fun city.

I always do enjoy planning for the new year and seeing how far I've come in the old.
It's time to celebrate a few accomplishments and learn from a few mistakes.

What are your New Year's resolutions?

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New Stuff

*Warning. Massive photo-dump of me mooning at the camera*

We're taking a peek inside my closet today, and meeting and greeting the new arrivals.

I don't know if this is true for anyone else, but I find that when I shop for other people, I take on a "one for them, one for me, one for them, two for me..." mentality.

We'll call it holiday collateral damage.

Cape from Modcloth.
Awesome. It's like wearing a blanket.

Gap city flats. Again, the cushiness is beyond compare. We'll have to see how they hold up to the abuse, and I recommend sizing up because of the elastic, but so far A+.

La Mer watch. My old watch finally kicked the bucket after three years or so of faithful service. I think this guy is a pretty sexy replacement.

Vintage faux-fur jacket. I feel like a movie star.
And what are we learning from these pictures kids? Anything looks good with jeans, ballet flats and a tee. ANYTHING.

J. Crew patent-leather belt, they have an awesome 30% off of sale going on right now. At $15 who can refuse?
And these guys aren't so much new arrivals, but my Tahari dress pants picked up at a sample sale a while ago. So glad these came into my life.

Check out the sexy pants!

Love of my life. I was walking down fifth avenue and saw this on a mannequin in the window at Zara. For the price, the craftsmanship is exquisite. I literally took it off the mannequin in the window (it was the last one in my size). I can see this dress quickly becoming a reliable go-to.



Great news guys, for the spring I will not only be blogging for TFAS (which has been great fun. Thanks for the total creative control Jai) but I will also be working with the digital department for Elle.
Yes. The Elle magazine.
As in, the 43rd floor of the Time & Life building in Rockefeller center.
I'm dying a little bit too. I'm excited and nervous and... WTF am I going to WEAR???

Anyway, needed a chance to share the good news with you all. I'm off to go tear through my closet.


Wish List

It's almost Christmas and I finally got a chance to head down into the village for some Christmas shopping.

Visited a few boutiques in St. Marks, stopped by the Strand, perused Max Brenner's Chocolate by the Bald Man, and checked out the Union Square market.
Also dropped some stuff off at a new tailor, I still love Laura & Melinda with all my heart, but he's gotten so busy (word about a good tailor travels fast) and he hasn't had a chance to hire help yet. We will see how the new guy does.

I also get so excited around this time of year, seeing all of the other blogger's wish-lists. It's a daily dose of eye-candy.

As for my Christmas wish list?

If I get any of these goodies under the tree, I will be very happy.

Clockwise from top left:

ASOS wool peg pant, Land's End sailor tee, Lord and Taylor pyramid studs, Shiseido lash enamel mascara, LAMB leather mix pant, ASOS pussybow blouse, J. Crew Paulina ballet flats


Clarisonic Mia skincare brush

So tell me, what's on your wish-list this Christmahannukwanza?



It's Friday my ladies!
I just got paid, everything's wrapped up, I'm turning out, and I'll probably see you as I'm prowling the town tonight ; )

So to get the party started, here's the newest artist on my radar (after I saw her ft. with the Far East Movement of course)

Bass Down Low by Dev

Does this song remind you of "Like a G6" too?
I think they have the exact same bass line... Although, if it ain't broke don't fix it right?


Adventure Time

On a completely random note, because my brain is functioning on pretty much -1% capacity this week, and all I really want is a box of cupcakes from Crumbs and to sit down and watch a marathon of "Adventure Time with Finn and Jake".

Finn and Jake

Btw, I'm secretly five too.
I don't know what it is about this show that I find so entertaining, even though it's marketed towards kids (kinda like how GQ is definitely marketed towards guys and I just ordered a subscription. There ya go) I've gotten my whole room hooked on it.
For a clip head over here.
Trust me, one show is never enough.

And in other news, finally got my hands on 3oh!3's second album, Streets of Gold. 
This is five months after I got it as a birthday present for my best friend. Perhaps I just should've pre-ordered two? Or is that too logical?

Deja Vu by 3oh!3

Yeah, they're the musical equivalent of cotton candy, all fun and no substance.
But I still love them  : )


Why We Want More

Just read a great article yesterday, "Enough is Enough: learn to want less" from The Times & The Sunday Times, it's a bit old (from 2008) but I think that it's definitely still relevant.
They're a bit heavy-handed with the psychology and neuro-chemicals, but I think you guys can handle it : )

And I'm off to study Moliere and Maryse Conde. Blergh.


Favorite Gift Guide

My favorite retail gift guide so far?

"The Awkward Holiday Gift Guide" from Need Supply Co.

I so could've used "the Secret Santa gift for you office holiday party- when it's your first week of work".


I'm currently going through my twice annual "purge".
This year wasn't too bad, only two shopping bags of stuff to sell/give away.

Photo Credit

You should have seen it when I was leaving for college, which I consider the real turning point for me, fashion and life style-wise.
It's when I decided that I wanted to be fashionable. Not just eccentric, but also stylish.
A year or so later, after having to move through three apartments in one year (not fun) I decided I wanted to try to be a minimalist as well.
As always, these are more about the process rather than the end result. I'm not sure if there really is an end for either of them.

But my goal has always been to simplify. I love stuff, but I want it to work for me, not the other way around.

So how to start? The Everyday Minimalist has a great checklist for what to toss. A good clean-out makes everyone feel lighter.

After you've gotten rid of everything that is obviously not working out, how do you simplify your closet?
Try putting a few restrictions on what you own and buy.
Too many options is not a luxury, it's just overwhelming.


Keep a simple palette.
Find some flattering neutrals, and pick two or three colors you know and love. My color palette is limited to black, grey, navy, white (sort of. I'm such a grubby-bear) and a very, very light tan/camel.
My two colors are blue and blush pink.
It keeps shopping simple, I merely skim the racks for my colors.
Also getting dressed in the morning is a breeze. Everything matches, so I can basically close my eyes, grab a top and a bottom and I'm good to go.


Know what suits you.
I can't do wrap dresses or deep v-necks. I simply don't have the cleavage for it. Big billowy clothes swallow my frame and hang off my broader shoulders (I have a slightly unusual upside-down triangle shape. I'm vaguely shaped like a teenage boy).
However, full pleated skirts, pencil skirts, a-line dresses, and shift dresses loooovveee my shape. Men's button down shirts, turtlenecks, and bateau necklines are positively saucy on me.
Anything high-waisted and either ridiculously wide-legged or ridiculously skinny makes me feel like a complete diva.
So why mess with what works? Know the shapes that love your body and love them back.
Because trends come and go, but no matter how hard I pray, a low slung mini-skirt is not doing my derriere any favors.


I'm a student. And I walk every-where. I work in retail where I'm on my feet for seven hours straight. But I enjoy going out to the museums, theatres, night-clubs and going to see an opera every once in a while.
So do I really need six pairs of stilettos? (um.... I'd love to own them, but no.) Two will do just fine.
Mid-height or kitten heels, however, are a much better option.
Again, simplifying. Know what you need, not what you want.
Flats are necessity in my life, another pair of drop-dead sexy heels on sale for 80% off? Not so much.


Do you really need five black cardigans? Will two do just fine?
I find myself falling into this trap because there are certain basics that I stock up on: cardigans. black dresses. ballet flats and kitten heels.
But those better have a distinct difference between them. I own a business-ready sheath dress and a jersey t-shirt dress, both black. Different.
I also own three grey cardigans.... two of those are going to be sold on Ebay this week.
If my one grey cardigan busts a hole, I figure I will just have to run out and buy a new one. No sense in keeping back-ups.

Make a List

This is my favorite thing to do. I use Evernote (if anyone's interested) to keep track of what I'm looking forward to adding to my wardrobe, as well as keep inspiring photos or want/lust/need items.
That way, I can make decisions before I'm knee-deep in pretty things and my card is burning a hole in my pocket.
This helps focus my shopping, though if you ask my girlfriends they'll tell you I'm just as a susceptible to a want-attack as anyone else. However, it's easier if I can say "It's not on the list, I don't need it".

Those are just a few of the things that I use to keep things simple and tone down the wants, especially as we go into the holiday season and the after Christmas sales (boo yeah!)

Of course, after I step down off my soap box for today and finish with finals next week, I'll be sure to post my Christmas wish list for this year ; )


Book Worm

I think this is just perfect, as I'm always seen carrying either a paper-back novel or a textbook (ah, the glamorous life of a student).
Now I can carry my usual accessory on a night out with the girls too.

However, no one will believe that I'm willingly reading The Great Gatsby,  so can I get that in The Passage or perhaps Perfume?

Currently I'm reading Invisible Monsters, recommended by a friend as "an awesome female version of Fight Club". As you can tell, I try to save my literary tastes for my class work : )


What's Your Sign?

Love this editorial "Star Signs" from Vogue UK.
I think the astrological signs are a great idea for a photo-shoot, and I love the dreamy, playful feel to these.
And of course, as a Leo, I like my picture the best :)
So, what's your sign?

Siri Tollerod by Tim Gutt "Star Signs" Vogue UK December 2010
Photos thanks to Fashion Gone Rogue


Making it Work

Confession time: since I was a very little tot, I've wanted to be Jessica Rabbit.

While other little girls wanted to be Belle or Ariel, I wanted to be a sexy, man-eating, noir film-esque, screen siren cartoon character. Or Miss Piggy.
That might just say something about me as a person.
I try not to think about it too much.

The problem is, while I don't want to look like a pink muppet pig anymore, I would still would kill to look like this:

However, I'm shaped (and probably act, but that's up for discussion) much more like the lovely Olive Oyl.

My favorite comment so far? My manager at work told me that if they ever make a live-action film of Popeye, she would nominate me to play Olive.
Thanks. I think.
But hey, there are worse things in life than being very tall, lanky, and slightly awkward.
And that all of my best boys have been much shorter than me and on the stocky side. Yay Popeyes.

So what's a girl to do when she wants to be a screen siren bombshell but is shaped like a string bean?
Or is a big curvy girl, but wants to emulate the whippet thin rock-chicks?
Or is definitely petite, but wants to be a tall, regal gypsy/boho free-spirit?

You make it work, because the silliest thing I've ever heard is that "I'm too _______ to look like that."

Let's take my dilemma for example, and ways that I make it happen sans plastic surgery.

Nice thing about faces, they all pretty much come with standard gear. So why not copy the beauty look of the style you want?
I can dye my hair red and can pretty closely copy her Victoria Lake hairstyle with a few bobby pins and a good hair dryer. I wear falsies for going out or rely on Fiberwig mascara during the day. Plus, I've mentioned my passion for a great red lipstick.

Iconic Items
These would be the items that "make" a look. Rockers have their leather jackets, hippies their peasant skirts, and for mine?
Since I can't wear a sparkly formal gown to class, I'd say fishnets, vintage fur, trench coat, great pair of heels, red formal wear, and a focus on body-conscious tailoring and minimalism (her only two accessories are a pair of long gloves and gold studs). All of these are things that are in the style of the 1940's/50's, and that I can do without having Jessica's curves.

Get in the Spirit
There are still certain things that get in the way of adopting a style. Like rules for social conduct. Or my lack of DD boobs. And that's okay. These are images we're talking about. We just want the essence of their style, not to copy their wardrobe.

So if I had to describe the essence of Jessica's style it would be sultry, dangerous, slinky, and sex-appeal.

sultry= a dosage of black eyelashes and red lipstick goes a long way.
dangerous= my beloved thigh-high boots and collection of leather jackets, corset belts, and second-skin pencil skirts.
slinky= I try and keep things tailored, body-conscious, and tactile. Silks, chiffons, lace, leather, cashmere... anything I want to rub my hands all over is a go.
sex-appeal= I don't have the cleavage to bare, but damn if I don't have a close match to her legs and tiny waist. Thank you mini-skirts, platform stilettos, and high-waists.

And of course, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for making some believable curves with belts, high-waisted skirts/pants and high necklines.
I still refuse to wear those push-up bras or ridiculous padded underwear though. :)

And one thing that has nothing to do with the genetic lottery? Attitude.
And that's something that everyone should have a heaping dose of.

And just for more Jessica Rabbit fun, her rendition of "Why Don't You Do Right?"
Originally sung by Peggy Lane in 1942.


Man Repeller

I just had to share this blog.

Found on a random meander through the internet while procrastinating on my French thesis paper (please don't ask), it made me laugh so hard that I almost stopped breathing and then had to share it with all of my roommates and the girls across the hall.

So if you're in the mood for a laugh of the "that's SOO TRUE!" variety/ procrastinating on work, head over to The Man Repeller.

The Man Repeller herself
It's worth it. I promise.


Guilt Trip

I know myself and I know what happens when I get in one of these moods. I'm stressed, I'm bored, and I just feel "bleh".

So of course I did a bit of a rampage on the ol' debit card and picked up a few goodies that have been sitting on my "lust, want, need" list:

Just how beautiful is this cape? It's perfect, simply perfect. It's still got that cape feel, but hopefully won't make me look like a velociraptor since it still has "sleeves" of a sort. We'll see when it arrives in a week.

La Mer Watch

I've wanted a La Mer watch, since, forever. And I don't feel at all bad about this purchase since my watch I have now (a little brass Timex) is starting to run down and all of the shiny is starting to come off after four years of daily use. I tend to be very hard on my clothing unfortunately.
So I picked up this guy on Ideeli for $49 (!) and I couldn't resist. The sale is still going on for the rest of today, and they still have plenty of great watches left.

And of course I'm being practical and got a new pair of leggings (my last pair ripped in the knee. Fence climbing is not good for leggings :( ) , a new digital camera, and I have a few things I'm bidding for on Ebay, one of which is a BEAUTIFUL little vintage cropped faux fur jacket and also a pair Michael Kors suede cut-out oxfords.

I might be indulgent, and I might be paying this off for the next three months, but no one can argue I have excellent taste, no?


For the next few months I'll be posting under my own little "Trend Report" section at The Fat and Skinny blog (thanks again Jai for giving me my own little corner).

I don't cover trends that often, or that officially, on this blog.
So for a weekly double dose of the biggest trends this season head on over on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Or, you know, just follow TFAS.

To see the posts that I've already written, check me out here.