Guilt Trip

I know myself and I know what happens when I get in one of these moods. I'm stressed, I'm bored, and I just feel "bleh".

So of course I did a bit of a rampage on the ol' debit card and picked up a few goodies that have been sitting on my "lust, want, need" list:

Just how beautiful is this cape? It's perfect, simply perfect. It's still got that cape feel, but hopefully won't make me look like a velociraptor since it still has "sleeves" of a sort. We'll see when it arrives in a week.

La Mer Watch

I've wanted a La Mer watch, since, forever. And I don't feel at all bad about this purchase since my watch I have now (a little brass Timex) is starting to run down and all of the shiny is starting to come off after four years of daily use. I tend to be very hard on my clothing unfortunately.
So I picked up this guy on Ideeli for $49 (!) and I couldn't resist. The sale is still going on for the rest of today, and they still have plenty of great watches left.

And of course I'm being practical and got a new pair of leggings (my last pair ripped in the knee. Fence climbing is not good for leggings :( ) , a new digital camera, and I have a few things I'm bidding for on Ebay, one of which is a BEAUTIFUL little vintage cropped faux fur jacket and also a pair Michael Kors suede cut-out oxfords.

I might be indulgent, and I might be paying this off for the next three months, but no one can argue I have excellent taste, no?

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