Adventure Time

On a completely random note, because my brain is functioning on pretty much -1% capacity this week, and all I really want is a box of cupcakes from Crumbs and to sit down and watch a marathon of "Adventure Time with Finn and Jake".

Finn and Jake

Btw, I'm secretly five too.
I don't know what it is about this show that I find so entertaining, even though it's marketed towards kids (kinda like how GQ is definitely marketed towards guys and I just ordered a subscription. There ya go) I've gotten my whole room hooked on it.
For a clip head over here.
Trust me, one show is never enough.

And in other news, finally got my hands on 3oh!3's second album, Streets of Gold. 
This is five months after I got it as a birthday present for my best friend. Perhaps I just should've pre-ordered two? Or is that too logical?

Deja Vu by 3oh!3

Yeah, they're the musical equivalent of cotton candy, all fun and no substance.
But I still love them  : )


Damsels said...

lol . i feel the same about esquire. i lvoe that magazine .its my favorite

annierama said...

I really like your blog! check out mine ;)

Kimberlee said...

Love me some Crumbs!