Dirty Water

It's been really great, getting a chance to be home in Boston for a few weeks.
Let me re-phrase that. Two weeks seemed like an ideal time when I started out. Now I'm realizing a week would've been better.
Boston, I love you, but I feel like I have to much energy for your history and tradition.

Went to Phoenix Landing last night for techno-night. An Irish pub that turns into a techno-club after-hours. Only in Boston.
A bar who has a last call time of 1 am? Also only in Boston. Shame on you, last call in NYC is at 4 am.

Probably heading out to Rise to celebrate (a club recommended by my friend who is fresh back from living in Brazil)

So what am I wearing? 

new year

I'm not much of a sparkle girl so I'm keeping things festive with some serious bed-head and burgundy lipstick. Maybe I'll get real crazy and put some sequins on my nails. :)

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