New Year's Resolutions

Happy holidays everyone!

I'm sure you're just as swamped with the holidays as I am, thank goodness for a bit of R&R!
But after we've unwrapped all of those presents, it's time to ring in the New Year, and I'm sure most of you also write up a few resolutions as well.

Looking back on last year's resolutions, I found that I did pretty well, although things like "wear more color" I've abandoned entirely :)

My Resolutions for the New Year

Only buy things that I really, truly love. Never settle for "it's okay"

On that note, continue "capsule-sizing" my wardrobe and other stuff. While I'll never be one of those "everything I own can be fit into a backpack" minimalists, I would like to make sure that everything in my life has a purpose.

Hone my personal style. Take more risks.

Continue with my "eat less meat" or as my vegetarian sister fondly calls it "cheapatarian" routine. Attempt to go fully vegetarian (and possibly vegan? Better take this one step at a time).

Go to yoga more often. These legs are getting stiff from too much running.

Learn java and python :)

Finally set up my website. Seems like everything breaks the moment I turn my back on it.

Learn Spanish. I'm already half-way there with just my daily exposure. And hopefully become fluent in French.

Plan a trip for this year. Perhaps Montreal for spring break? I have a few friends that I need to visit up there, and it is such a fun city.

I always do enjoy planning for the new year and seeing how far I've come in the old.
It's time to celebrate a few accomplishments and learn from a few mistakes.

What are your New Year's resolutions?

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