Inspired by Adam

Love, love this outfit from Adam rtw 2010. I'm working on a new article of fall trend predictions and it really has me in the mood for autumn. I'm just never satisfied aren't I?

If I was going to recreate this look as an "inspired by" it would be this:


and we're adding in a bunch of chunky gold rings, because I'm a little obsessed with rings at the moment.



I just realized an awful issue with blogging.
It's connected to my issue with shopping.
Some people eat, smoke, drink, or sleep their way through a bad mood. I head to the gym, and on my way out I pick up my credit card and head to the nearest retail store and/or spa.

Great if you just broke up with someone.
Not good if you're trying to save money.

Especially since I'm trying very, very hard to have a good financial cushion before I head out on this trip. We're shooting for $1,500 after I get rent and utilities and everything all settled for the rest of the summer. (I know that's nothing to most people, but please keep in mind that I'm a college kid working a minimum wage job)
And since I'm surrounded every day with my internship and my blog and my blogroll by all these beautiful, gorgeous things, the minute I get stressed or depressed it's very easy for me to fall back on bad habits.

So I'm opening the forum. Anyone have suggestions or tricks to curb a shopping habit for a few months?

I think keeping my financial situation open will also help, that way I feel responsible for my actions to a group of people (even if I don't see you guys, trust me, my catholic guilt kicks in and fills in the faces).

So we're starting it off, I'll report back every two weeks with the status.

$275 in the travel savings
$1,225 to go

Image thanks to Alan Cleaver

A Tune-up

A few weeks ago I needed a serious tune-up, because I felt akin to the swamp thing. So I went and booked my twice annual clean up.
I seem to go through this process twice a year, where I need a mani/pedi, facial and a haircut.
Who am I kidding, I need the pedi once a month. But everything else is only bi-annually.

Perhaps you guys remember my fastest-hair-cut-ever experience?
Well, finally I found a place that does hair cuts right (or at least to my satisfaction)
Dramatics NYC, which is often compared to Supercuts, did a fabulous job.
Polite, clean, knowledgeable. I got a little neck rub with my shampoo, my stylist (Spirit at the 57th street salon if you want to know) was super-gorgeous and actually took time to explain how to manage my mane and gave me a killer hair cut.
I give extra points that she knew what I wanted somehow with my awkward phrases and charades. She must be psychic.
Plus it was only about $40, which was expected. It is NYC after all.
So BIG thumbs up to Dramatics.

I also went to Escape Skin Care in Rockefeller center for their mani/pedi facial package deal.
BIG thumbs down.
Sure, they were competent enough, I can't complain, especially for the price. $99 for all three? Sweet.
However, they rushed me through everything. They did my manicure and pedicure at the same time which had me contorting in strange twister ways, and when they did my facial they actually just left me in the room. I thought they'd forgotten me.
I get that you're busy.
I understand that I'm not the only client there.
But can we get a little service? I feel like with salons that half of what you pay for is the experience.
So, maybe not a big thumbs down. More just an ehhh..... I'll be looking for someplace better next time.

Image thanks to Andreaschmoke



So I just booked my tickets today for my little vacation down south. Soooo excited.
While I'm no rookie to travel (having family in 25 states will do that to you) I'm going to attempt to do the impossible and not have to check any baggage for a five day trip.
I figure that it'll be easier because
a) shorts roll up a whole hell of a lot smaller than a winter coat.
b) I'll be in my VS bikini and a sarong most of the time anyway.

But for those few times that I will peel myself off the beach and the pool (did I mention the house has a pool? YES) I'm going to have to look presentable for everything from going out to dinner to boat rides to biking.
I'm thinking about just packing this little set, and I feel like I'll have just about everything covered.

vacationFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Now I have to get back to work to fix my bank account that Airtran airways just ransacked :( *sigh* so it goes.


I decided to do a test-drive of the alchemy feature on Etsy, because I had something in mind that I haven't been able to buy.
I'm kind of particular about accessories, since I wear very few (I'm a minimalist like that) and why I love buying my accessories from Etsy is that I can ask an etsy seller to tweak their product a little to customize it for me.
Designing from the ground up though? Well, that was new.
So I was looking for a connected earring cuff. Something simple and chic that didn't scream "I PLAY DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS AND I WISH I WAS A FAIRY PRINCESS FROM GONTHOLZOR"

or something like that.

So I posted my idea with a quick sketch I had done (albeit a very blurry one) on the Alchemy board. 

I wanted a stud and drop pearl earrings connected by a thin gold and silver chain. I got a few offers, some were good, some ridiculous.
I decided on Veraida Gifts after reviewing her work, and she seemed like just a generally nice person. We emailed back and forth for a while, she was very understanding and professional, and made sure that we clearly understood each other.

The final product came and I might have squealed, just a little. It was absolutely crazy to be able to hold an object that a few weeks ago was just an idea in my head.

I can see that this alchemy process is going to become addicting (especially for someone as nit-picky as myself). I already have a few other ideas that I want to see if the wonderful artisans of Etsy can make into reality.


Math's Not My Strong Subject, But....

So here's the problem.

I want to go here with my girlfriends for a week and lounge about on Orange Beach:

plus I need to have time off for a week or so for family things (reunions, weddings... they all seem to be scheduled for July and are all across the continent)

And this is my boss.:

And this is my wallet:

So I'll be working on this square peg/ round hole problem, because obviously if it won't fit the first time, you're not using a big enough hammer.

Photos thanks to google, cartoon stock, and nohodamon




My fat cats would absolutely kill me if I made them wear this.... but I'm really tempted to anyway.

Oh and remember this scarf? Yeah I definitely just bought it.



An ode to one of my favorite shopping destinations... pretty much ever. On par with Ebay even.
Side note: I've actually opened up an alchemy, so we'll see what the results look like when the package gets here. Sooooo excited.
But anyway, here's another post in my series of Vegan-friendly Fashion: Etsy.

Art and Stuff

As promised, here's my final project for art. It looks so deep and well thought out doesn't it? Trust me, it's very symbolic of my inner soul : P

 Or it basically screams, COMIC GEEK! So yeah, it definitely is a self-portrait, and when I was presenting it to my class my teacher asked,
"So who were you influenced by?"
"Um, the Sin City graphic novels, and Zak Smith."
"The porn star?"
"No... well yes. But he's also an artist."
"Hmmm... I see."
But it's okay, because I just found out this morning I got an A for the class, even with my porn star influences :)

And here's a little charcoal doodle I've been working on instead of studying for my last final. I'm such an awful procrastinator, but I'm loving the way this is turning out.
I'm at the stage now where I'm deciding whether enough is enough and I should leave it as is, or touch it up more and go more detailed. I kind of like it a little blurry though.


Let's Talk

I'd like to open something up for discussion or at least rant about it for a little while. You know, whatever.

Let's talk about internships.

Better yet, let's talk about unpaid internships. Basically the bane of every college student's experience.

I'm just starting to think about this recently because it's that time of year again, and I need to find another internship when my summer one will be over. (yeah, I plan ahead. It's pretty much in my DNA).

I have now done two unpaid internships, and one is about to begin. One that-shall-remain-nameless was a waste of my time, my internship at College Fashion was kinda awesome (not to mention a good compromise since it was all online), and my internship with Malia Mills as advertising, media and design... well, we'll see how it goes (I'm super-stoked. Fingers crossed!)
So they are great experiences and resume padders. But when is enough enough?
When do I finally start getting paid for my work and my time? 
I have started asking around, and every time I express my intention to at least get paid *gasp* minimum wage for my job I get either a "Yeah right, like that's going to happen" or just a lot of laughter.
This is ridiculous.
I understand it's a function of the free market. Therefore, a demand for internships is high, supply is low (because the risk to the corporations for taking on an intern are high) so the aggregate demand curve price intersection has settled on... free.
Btw, it looks like I did learn something in my macroeconomics class.

However, I work for my money. I do not get an allowance every week from my parents. If I want to eat, I've got to work. I've had great oppurtunities come my way and I can't accept them because I need to get paid.
I've actually had one interviewer (the magazine will remain nameless. you know who you are) where the conversation went a little like this:
"Look, I'd love to take the job, in fact I would kill to take this job. But I can't work here five days a week if you won't pay me at least a little something."
"Honey, I have seven more interviews lined up this week, and all of those girls are just as pretty, smart, talented and experienced as you, and they are willing to work for free."
Enough said, I didn't get that internship.

I value my work. I feel I now have the experience to justify being paid for the value I will add to a company. Unfortunately, it seems whatever the job, someone is willing to do it for free.
Damn capitalism.
Some states are considering outlawing unpaid internships because they are "slave labor". While I wouldn't go so far as to call it slave labor, I do think that companies need to start paying interns who have a some experience and are able to do the work, and stop taking advantage of us.

What do you think? Is it all part of the learning and experience gaining process that you just have to suck it up and work for free for a while? Or are students being taken advantage of?

photo thanks to Yuan2003


By Rote

There are a few phrases that I find myself saying over and over again while I'm at work.
It seems there are a few style and/or shopping rules that women still don't understand, so just for fun and giggles me and my fellow sales girls have compiled a few of our favorites:

"Do you want to look good or do you want to look skinny? No, they are not the same thing"

"Don't look at the size tag. DON'T LOOK AT THE SIZE!"

"Yes, brown is a neutral. So is black and navy. Yup, white too. Yes you can mix them all together. Yes, even black and brown."

"IT DOES NOT HAVE TO MATCH. No, not even your eyeshadow to your top. None of it has to match, I promise."

"No, you cannot wear a white bra with a white (semi-sheer) t-shirt. Your underwear does not have to match your clothing either. Can I introduce you to a thong and a nude bra?"

"Gold and silver jewelry goes with everything in this store. Yes, I promise, everything. And once again, it does not have to match."

"No, you do not need to buy a complete outfit every time you shop. Can you pair this item with three things in your closet? You don't know what's in your closet? Honey, you really shouldn't be shopping then."

"What do you wear this with? Um... anything you'd like."

"Ma'am, wearing two sizes larger than you should will not disguise the fact that your overweight. Yes, in fact it makes you look bigger. Why don't we get something that fits?"

"That being said, we do not do sausage casings either. Why don't we try something that fits?"

"It's not going to be flattering, it's going to be artsy."

"Yes, you really do have to try it ALL on before you buy it."

"No I do not know when this will go on sale. No I cannot hold it for you until it does. You do realize there is a possibility that it will not be here in your size when it does go on sale and I will not be the one who will call up every store in the area to hunt it down for you? Okay, lets make this real easy. How much do you actually want this?"

"Ma'am, can I get you a size before you tear through my nicely folded pile of t-shirts in search of an x-large (which will be at the bottom, I can assure you. I just folded them)? No really. Let me get you the size."

"Yes, dresses are in style. So are pants. Jackets? Yup. Still in fashion. They've kind of been a big deal since we stopped wearing dead animal pelts."

"No, you DO NOT need to wear a matching suit to your interview. In fact you can wear a dress. Yes, really, you can wear a dress."

"No you are not to old/young/fat/thin/curvy for a dress. Wanna know why? Because dresses are made for women. We've kind of been wearing them exclusively for the past 3,000 years."



The mantra of all college students during the month of May

2 tests down, 2 to go.



You know what's awesome? Procrastination.
Only made better by procrastinating by doing online shopping on the internet.
Wanna know what I've been buying lately?
Besides my numerous ebay conquests (or more like trading. I sell stuff I don't like, then turn around and use the money to buy stuff I do. Win win) I just bought:

A bikini.
 Victoria's Secret Twist Bandeau bikini to be more exact and their low rise bottoms.
Great thing about Victoria's swimsuits (Besides the price. A whole bikini for $37? Natch) is that you pick the tops and bottoms seperately which is great because
A) most women are a different size on top than they are on bottom
B) I hate matchy matchy

A Feed Tote from Lord and Taylor's
Honestly for some reason my red patent leather bag just seems out of place during the summer, and I don't want to trust white or pale leather to things like hot cars, sand, ice-cream.... However I don't really do bags that are made of dried grass (Straw. Whatever) or those L.L. bean totes (My mom has three. Enough said)
So to find a cute, affordable, ethnic tote that also feeds children? Awesome.

Okay, back to studying. 

Easy, Breezy Summer Style

 Summer vacation is almost here (finally!), and for at least a few short months we can forget about waking up early for class and instead focus on putting in quality time with a lounge chair by the pool.

So if you’re looking for an effortlessly fabulous summer, here are a few essentials you’ll need.

A Flattering Swimsuit

Swimsuits are not exactly a girl’s best friend. Granted, it can be difficult to feel self-confident when dressed in approximately four square inches of spandex. So give your body some love by putting it in the right bathing suit, and you’ll be surprised to find a more sassy and confident you.

If you are heavier on the bottom:
Avoid skimpy bottoms, boy shorts, or any bottoms with details. Instead try a patterned top and a plain bottom to attract attention upwards

If you are heavy around the middle:
Avoid bikinis and short or loose tankinis at all costs, and make sure to stay away from those metallic fabrics. Instead try a draped or ruched one piece, and add some flair with a fun pattern which will also camouflage any lumps and bumps.

If you are heavier on top:
Make sure to avoid strapless styles, as they can cause unsightly bulges and some seriously unwanted attention if they lose the fight with gravity. Instead try a bikini top with underwire support or try a double lined halter tops with a band support

That being said…
Do try some juicy colors for your swimsuit; the beach is no place for black.
Try this season’s fun cut out swimsuits or monokinis, but be serious about the sunscreen because they can leave some seriously kooky tan lines.

Serious Sun Protection

Sun protection is a necessity during the summer. Skin cancer, wrinkles, and sunspots… it’s been said again and again but let’s say it one more time. Make sure to protect your skin from the sun. It will thank you later.

Sun Hat

In addition to being a great accessory and a tangled hair concealer, a sunhat is also great sun protection for your face.
If you’re tall, try a big glamorous sun hat. Don’t worry, you have the stature to pull it off.
If you’re on the shorter side, try a jaunty fedora.
If you’ve got a round face a hat with a taller crown is the right pick for you.
If you’ve got a long rectangular face, try a hat with a deeper crown so you won’t add any more length to your face.


Don’t forget the sunscreen! 30 SPF or higher is preferred, and remember to reapply every couple of hours.
If you simply must have a tan, skip the tanning bed (of course) and try Hawaiian Tropic Island Glow Daily moisturizer, Jergens Daily Glow Moisturizer, St. Tropez Self-Tan Bronze Mousse, or Sun Laboratories Dark Sunsation Self Tanning Lotion. They’ll give you that sun-kissed glow without the sun damage.


The trick to picking the most flattering sunglasses for you is to pick a pair that are opposite in proportion to your face shape in order to create balance.

Is your face square? Check out the trendy round frames à la Proenza Schouler
Have a round face? A pair of classic square tortoise shell sunglasses are retro-cute.
Heart-shaped? Try a pair of flat topped ray bans or a rimless style.

Aviators are a classic and suitable for just about everyone, or try the new edgy cat eye sunglasses à la Alexander Wang which will highlight (or create) model worthy cheekbones.

Cute Cover-ups

You have to get off that beach chair sometime, so pack some cute sandals and a versatile sarong for easy breezy attire and head over to the nearest ice cream parlor looking summer chic.


The huarache or the classic gladiator are perfect options for the city. They stay strapped to your feet and are comfortable to wear, as thongs on the subway are just plain unsanitary.
Of course, you can go with the ever classic Havaiana’s. They are not only waterproof and coming in a zillion different colors, but they’re cheap so you won’t be disappointed if you lose them.


Sarongs are available for cheap at most department stores. You can even make your own by using a large cheap scarf. But if you’re looking for something special check out Etsy.com for some fabulously dyed sarongs made of luxurious fabrics.

How do you wear a sarong?
It can be a shirt, a skirt, a bag, a head scarf, or even a blanket… just use your imagination.

Photo thanks to Linus_Lohoff


Black Velvet

Recently Rebecca of The Clothes Horse blog (loves) had a blog post heading "red velvet if you please".
This of course had me digging through all my old cds (yeah, I know I need to put them on my computer eventually. After finals. I promise.) and I found my old Alannah Myles cds and fell in love all over again.

Black Velvet by Alannah Myles

I also love her clothing. I think I need to buy a pair of leather chaps ;)
Okay, fine, I'll make do with my leather leggings.


It's the End of the World!

Sorry guys, we're taking a short hiatus due to finals.
I'll be back in a week or so.

Photo thanks to JB Photography203