A Tune-up

A few weeks ago I needed a serious tune-up, because I felt akin to the swamp thing. So I went and booked my twice annual clean up.
I seem to go through this process twice a year, where I need a mani/pedi, facial and a haircut.
Who am I kidding, I need the pedi once a month. But everything else is only bi-annually.

Perhaps you guys remember my fastest-hair-cut-ever experience?
Well, finally I found a place that does hair cuts right (or at least to my satisfaction)
Dramatics NYC, which is often compared to Supercuts, did a fabulous job.
Polite, clean, knowledgeable. I got a little neck rub with my shampoo, my stylist (Spirit at the 57th street salon if you want to know) was super-gorgeous and actually took time to explain how to manage my mane and gave me a killer hair cut.
I give extra points that she knew what I wanted somehow with my awkward phrases and charades. She must be psychic.
Plus it was only about $40, which was expected. It is NYC after all.
So BIG thumbs up to Dramatics.

I also went to Escape Skin Care in Rockefeller center for their mani/pedi facial package deal.
BIG thumbs down.
Sure, they were competent enough, I can't complain, especially for the price. $99 for all three? Sweet.
However, they rushed me through everything. They did my manicure and pedicure at the same time which had me contorting in strange twister ways, and when they did my facial they actually just left me in the room. I thought they'd forgotten me.
I get that you're busy.
I understand that I'm not the only client there.
But can we get a little service? I feel like with salons that half of what you pay for is the experience.
So, maybe not a big thumbs down. More just an ehhh..... I'll be looking for someplace better next time.

Image thanks to Andreaschmoke

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