I decided to do a test-drive of the alchemy feature on Etsy, because I had something in mind that I haven't been able to buy.
I'm kind of particular about accessories, since I wear very few (I'm a minimalist like that) and why I love buying my accessories from Etsy is that I can ask an etsy seller to tweak their product a little to customize it for me.
Designing from the ground up though? Well, that was new.
So I was looking for a connected earring cuff. Something simple and chic that didn't scream "I PLAY DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS AND I WISH I WAS A FAIRY PRINCESS FROM GONTHOLZOR"

or something like that.

So I posted my idea with a quick sketch I had done (albeit a very blurry one) on the Alchemy board. 

I wanted a stud and drop pearl earrings connected by a thin gold and silver chain. I got a few offers, some were good, some ridiculous.
I decided on Veraida Gifts after reviewing her work, and she seemed like just a generally nice person. We emailed back and forth for a while, she was very understanding and professional, and made sure that we clearly understood each other.

The final product came and I might have squealed, just a little. It was absolutely crazy to be able to hold an object that a few weeks ago was just an idea in my head.

I can see that this alchemy process is going to become addicting (especially for someone as nit-picky as myself). I already have a few other ideas that I want to see if the wonderful artisans of Etsy can make into reality.

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