I just realized an awful issue with blogging.
It's connected to my issue with shopping.
Some people eat, smoke, drink, or sleep their way through a bad mood. I head to the gym, and on my way out I pick up my credit card and head to the nearest retail store and/or spa.

Great if you just broke up with someone.
Not good if you're trying to save money.

Especially since I'm trying very, very hard to have a good financial cushion before I head out on this trip. We're shooting for $1,500 after I get rent and utilities and everything all settled for the rest of the summer. (I know that's nothing to most people, but please keep in mind that I'm a college kid working a minimum wage job)
And since I'm surrounded every day with my internship and my blog and my blogroll by all these beautiful, gorgeous things, the minute I get stressed or depressed it's very easy for me to fall back on bad habits.

So I'm opening the forum. Anyone have suggestions or tricks to curb a shopping habit for a few months?

I think keeping my financial situation open will also help, that way I feel responsible for my actions to a group of people (even if I don't see you guys, trust me, my catholic guilt kicks in and fills in the faces).

So we're starting it off, I'll report back every two weeks with the status.

$275 in the travel savings
$1,225 to go

Image thanks to Alan Cleaver

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