I Wrote the Book

I Wrote the Book by Beth Ditto

I have a serious girl crush on Beth, but I've never actually sat down and listened to her songs. I've had this stuck in my head all week.

Body Chain

I finally had the chance to wear my body chain out (and had time to take some pictures, that was key). So here's a peek of how I decided to wear it. Originally I had wanted to throw a jacket or blazer over this whole ensemble, but it was much too hot.

If you're interested, the designer is Linquist Jewelery at Etsy. The chain is quality stuff, very light, easy and well-made. I honestly kept forgetting I was wearing it until someone would invariably comment on it.



Here's what's on my mood board at the moment:

Photos courtesy of: Kingdom of Style, Delightfully Tacky,Coinonia, Miss at la Playa, Luphia Loves, Knight Cat


The Dating Game

 I think it's funny how my girlfriends and I all approach dating differently. We all rate people based on three pretty simple factors: intelligence, looks, personality, and I like to add "charisma".

However, I'm queen of first dates. I tend to rely heavily on "charisma" or chemistry for lack of a better word, and if I don't feel that butterflies/fuzzy feeling/dizziness/stomach drop within the first ten or fifteen minutes this is probably not going to work between us.

As for the other three, my usual m. o. is that:
1. he must have all three.
2. the combined sum of all three must be at a certain level (ex. 7+7+7= 21, and so do 7+9+5=21)
3. none of these factors can drop beneath a certain level.

I am such a math geek, but I still think it's a sound system.

This is a long and drawn out post to say that I'm dating again and I happen to have two guys that have made it   to second dates and will possibly have thirds.

One is tall, drool-worthy and blonde, very smart and is quick in conversation, but is lacking in the personality department.
One is smart as hell, makes me laugh until I almost choke on my food, but he's short and while he's in good shape, his face isn't anything to write home about.

So my system has failed. They both pass it and we both have chemistry, so now what?


MM Gal

It seems that I'm going to be at Malia Mills again this summer, but instead of working in the studio with their buyer, I'm working as a sales girl.
I'm not going to lie, I'm super stoked for the summer. This is probably one of the cushiest summer jobs I've had in a long time. It's a product I can get excited about, a company I love, and the whole atmosphere is very chill.
So this is my third week working for them, and I thought I'd snap a quick photo of my work outfit when I got home last night. The only uniform requirement is it's all black, and trust me, in my closet that's not a problem.

*Mental note, taking photos with flash at night does very strange things to my eyes and skin. Do not repeat. And more than four hours of sleep a night wouldn't be a bad thing...


From Russia With Love

Looovveee this dress, so sexy!
Come to my closet pretty...



Loving Lady Gaga's new single Judas, check it out:

Judas by Lady Gaga


Light Up Shoes

OMG, why has no one thought of this before? They're like the grown-up version of those light up sketchers sneakers that I had as a kid (in neon pink, if you must know).

While the shoe itself is pretty fugly, the concept is completely blowing my mind. Could I please have these made with a slick, frosted lucite heel and platform and a plain patent-leather black upper?
'k, thanks.


Red Pants

I don't know what's wrong with me, wanting all of this color. But hey, it must be spring fever or something.
The latest on my red/orange color wish list is a pair of red skinny jeans. How hot would these look with a sheer white button down and some cute sling back sandals?

Because, if I buy these I'm certain that I'll look as awesome as this girl:


Baby Eagles!

On a random side-note, check out this live streaming video from Iowa of a bald eagle's nest with baby chicks! I've been watching absolutely mesmerized, they're so adorable...

Check it out here.


Perfect Persimmon Tote

I think I have found my absolutely perfect summer bag. Canvas, decent size, punchy color, lady-like shape, and best of all? Since it's from Land's End it's super cheap.


Rumor Has It

I love the pipes on this girl, what a drop dead sexy voice and kick ass attitude. Loves.

Rumor Has It by Adele



This definitely made me smile today. What? I have the sense of humor of a fifteen year old boy, and I've come to love and accept that.

Besides, these two stores are a match made in strip mall heaven.

Photo courtesy of Refinery29


Graphic Eyes and Slicked Hair

I'm not much of a beauty aficionado. The Hispanic ladies at my work regularly ask me if I just don't have enough time to put on makeup in the morning. Truthfully, I have about seven layers on, I've just perfected the art of makeup that doesn't look like makeup, and same goes for my hair. We'll call it artfully mussed.

However these two trends I could really get behind:

Slicked Back Hair

I love this look from YSL, very clean, a little severe, it vaguely reminds me of Clara Bow for some reason. I think that it would work equally well smoothing it just straight back as well, especially with my short hair.
A straightener and some hair gel would make this a five minute hair style at most.

Graphic Eyeliner

This one I'm definitely trying out this weekend when I go out. I love the graphic liner at the Y-3 show and it seems like it would be very simple to create as well. I just need to get my hands on some primer, as if this started to smear it would definitely get ugly. Also how pretty would this look in a purple or teal?

Photos courtesy of Elle.com and Style.com


Ungaro Fall 2011

I love, love this look from Ungaro for the Fall. What I really need to find is a crayola colored coat that is also a reasonable price. Hopefully high street will start making some when fall gets closer, because I need a bubblegum pink coat in my life.

Here's my version:



Katy Perry I can take or leave usually, but I thought this video was stunning, and my inner sci-fi geek is very pleased.
Of course, you'll get the reference to Lady Gaga's Born This Way video. I prefer to think that it's more likely just a trend in today's artists and musicians. Have you noticed the rush of the supernatural, sci-fi and dystopian  themes?
My thinking is that people are looking for an escape, considering all of the crazy that's going on in the world right now. No one wants to believe that this is it, suck it up and deal with it, so culture-wise we prefer to retreat into elaborate fantasies.
Nothing wrong with it, just an observation on my part. Of course, enough philosophizing, check the video out:

E.T. by Katy Perry


M Studio

Just wanted to give a shout out to M Studio where I got the best $35 hair cut of my life. Ever.* I had Leah as my stylist and she made sure she understood exactly what I wanted and she's an absolute sweetheart. She was very skilled and very attentive, spending an hour and a half on my hair. It looked so good when I left that I literally haven't washed my hair in four days to try and keep it looking that good, because there's no way I'm going to be able to get it so glass shiny smooth at home.

It also didn't hurt that she played my therapist while she cut my hair, so thank you Leah, I will definitely be back.

* Although with my coupon it was only $17 :) At least when I spend emotionally I also am a responsible emotional wreck.


Shopping Spree

Don't worry, everything's back to normal in Erin world at the moment. A little battered but as mum always says "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". I'm considering getting that tattooed in Latin script on my ribcage, what do you think? Perhaps a graduation present for myself?
Anyway, as you all know I'm an emotional shopper. It's amazing what a new pair of shoes, a hair cut, mani-pedi, and a cute shirt can solve. Much cheaper than a therapist.

So here's what I wound up picking up this past week:



I just found out I won a ticket to the Outnet's birthday sale, where everything is $2!
Sooo excited : )

If you want to get in on the action too, there's still time. They're picking winners until Thursday April 14th. To enter, click here

Crop Tops and Short Shorts

I received a comment a few days ago about whether it was possible to wear a crop top with hipster shorts without looking scandalous, and I thought it was a valid question that merited a few outfit examples.

Besides, my forte is basically taking questionable garments and making them appropriate :) I'm assuming by the word hipster shorts she meant short-shorts, and by the term "slutty"* she meant appropriate to wear outside and to create a fashionable outfit.

While on my previous post I mentioned that the easiest way to wear a crop top is to keep the rest of the outfit conservative, but with short shorts that takes away the option of covering up your legs. By nature, this outfit is going to be a bit more risqué, making it really only appropriate for a night out with the girls or during the summer months when everyone's flashing skin anyway.

But honey, if you have the cajones and confidence, I'd say go for it.

So here's my few recommendations, which of course you can take them or leave them as you will:

Keep your shoes flat.
Keep the top loose.
Keep your shorts high-waisted, pleated, or with a bit of volume.
Keep your arms covered.

All of these things serve to tone down the inherent sexiness and provide a little more coverage so you're not walking around in a glorified bikini.

* God I hate that word. Girls tend to throw it around with reckless abandon for anyone who they perceive as a threat or who doesn't fit the norm. So we're banishing that word from this blog m'kay?