Graphic Eyes and Slicked Hair

I'm not much of a beauty aficionado. The Hispanic ladies at my work regularly ask me if I just don't have enough time to put on makeup in the morning. Truthfully, I have about seven layers on, I've just perfected the art of makeup that doesn't look like makeup, and same goes for my hair. We'll call it artfully mussed.

However these two trends I could really get behind:

Slicked Back Hair

I love this look from YSL, very clean, a little severe, it vaguely reminds me of Clara Bow for some reason. I think that it would work equally well smoothing it just straight back as well, especially with my short hair.
A straightener and some hair gel would make this a five minute hair style at most.

Graphic Eyeliner

This one I'm definitely trying out this weekend when I go out. I love the graphic liner at the Y-3 show and it seems like it would be very simple to create as well. I just need to get my hands on some primer, as if this started to smear it would definitely get ugly. Also how pretty would this look in a purple or teal?

Photos courtesy of Elle.com and Style.com

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