Crop Tops and Short Shorts

I received a comment a few days ago about whether it was possible to wear a crop top with hipster shorts without looking scandalous, and I thought it was a valid question that merited a few outfit examples.

Besides, my forte is basically taking questionable garments and making them appropriate :) I'm assuming by the word hipster shorts she meant short-shorts, and by the term "slutty"* she meant appropriate to wear outside and to create a fashionable outfit.

While on my previous post I mentioned that the easiest way to wear a crop top is to keep the rest of the outfit conservative, but with short shorts that takes away the option of covering up your legs. By nature, this outfit is going to be a bit more risqué, making it really only appropriate for a night out with the girls or during the summer months when everyone's flashing skin anyway.

But honey, if you have the cajones and confidence, I'd say go for it.

So here's my few recommendations, which of course you can take them or leave them as you will:

Keep your shoes flat.
Keep the top loose.
Keep your shorts high-waisted, pleated, or with a bit of volume.
Keep your arms covered.

All of these things serve to tone down the inherent sexiness and provide a little more coverage so you're not walking around in a glorified bikini.

* God I hate that word. Girls tend to throw it around with reckless abandon for anyone who they perceive as a threat or who doesn't fit the norm. So we're banishing that word from this blog m'kay?

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