The Dating Game

 I think it's funny how my girlfriends and I all approach dating differently. We all rate people based on three pretty simple factors: intelligence, looks, personality, and I like to add "charisma".

However, I'm queen of first dates. I tend to rely heavily on "charisma" or chemistry for lack of a better word, and if I don't feel that butterflies/fuzzy feeling/dizziness/stomach drop within the first ten or fifteen minutes this is probably not going to work between us.

As for the other three, my usual m. o. is that:
1. he must have all three.
2. the combined sum of all three must be at a certain level (ex. 7+7+7= 21, and so do 7+9+5=21)
3. none of these factors can drop beneath a certain level.

I am such a math geek, but I still think it's a sound system.

This is a long and drawn out post to say that I'm dating again and I happen to have two guys that have made it   to second dates and will possibly have thirds.

One is tall, drool-worthy and blonde, very smart and is quick in conversation, but is lacking in the personality department.
One is smart as hell, makes me laugh until I almost choke on my food, but he's short and while he's in good shape, his face isn't anything to write home about.

So my system has failed. They both pass it and we both have chemistry, so now what?

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