The Tragedy

I really only have three pairs of shoes that are deemed my "party shoes". A pair of red pumps, my Tahari heels, and my freak-em heels.

Of course, none of these are under four inches.

If a guy can't handle a girl being 6' and change tall, he obviously can't handle me. ; )

My red pumps are a rare occurrence, my Tahari ones are really only for when I'll be sitting down a lot, and my Calvin Klein patent-leather platforms are really my go-to shoe for dancing and generally going out. They were probably my favorites

Anyway, so I went out for a girl friend's birthday up in the Bronx, and for those of you who know Grand Concourse up there, you also know that that hill is KILLER
As I was walking up that hill, I could feel the heel of my favorite patent-leather shoes just starting to bend a little more with each step, basically folding in on itself, until by the time I had gotten all the way to the subway, one leg was about two inches shorter than the other and I was effectively without a leg to stand on. Ahem.

Therefore I completely can justify this purchase. It was an emergency. And thankfully one of the stores was selling these Jessica Simpson shoes, which were a dead ringer for my old Calvin Klein patent leather platforms.
I took the last pair out of the window and wore them out.

So can we welcome my new party shoes to the closet?

To my Calvin's, thank you for three years of faithful service, for supporting me through endless parties, dancing, and general merriment. You will be missed.


Just got a new credit card (Intended for buying textbooks. I'm serious.)
However, you know how life is.
Got the textbooks
Went out Friday night and my heel broke on my favorite patent-leather freak-um shoes. Needed emergency shoe shopping to replace. They're super hot though. ; )
Roomies decided a microwave was DEFINITELY necessary for room. Stopped by BBB.
Ran out of Korres foundation. Emergency stop over at Sephora.
And just checked my balance and I made this face.
I now understand why people get into trouble with these things. It's going to be taking a little break, tucked away in my sock drawer for a while.

Anyway, here's a peek in my inspiration folder in the mean time. School's starting in just a few days for me, I can't believe it!

back to school

Thinking about wearing this outfit for my first days of classes.
Hey, it's important to make a good first impression!

I have to say that I always laugh a little seeing all the freshman move in, the dorm was an absolute zoo. SOOO many helicopter moms.
When I moved in it took maybe two trips.
An extra one because I'm storing some stuff for a girlfriend from Japan.

These kids, they look like they're moving in for a family of five!
Although I shouldn't talk, I moved in my girlfriend last wednesday, and we were moving stuff from noon to 8:30 at night.
So. Much. Stuff.

I believe the photo is from the Sartorialist. If it is yours please just let me know and I will credit it.



If I had to pick a pattern that I just can't seem to get enough of, it would have to be stripes.
Maybe even over my love of leopard print.
The thing is, big cat spots definitely add a bit of sass to my closet. There's nothing that makes me purr quite like a pair of gorgeous leopard print heels or ballet flats.

However, stripes loooovveee my figure. Put horizontal stripes on me and suddenly I've got curves like Bridgette Bardot (that's what I like to think anyway ;) ) I know from dressing clients that most women shy away from horizontal stripes, because they have curves to spare and don't need to accentuate them any more.
Me and stripes however? They love me. And I love them. And they love me for lovin' them and I love them for lovin' me. And we love each other. And that's cause none of us got enough love in our childhoods.
And that's show biz kid. *

So today, let's take a moment and appreciate stripes.


* Thankyou Roxie Hart


New Music

People have often mentioned that I'm too white to own my ipod.
I can't help it, hip hop, rap, and pop are like the life pulse of nyc. It just kind of gets under your skin.

Anyway, so my new favorite band is Far East Movement.
Most of the songs on their album are serious booty-shaking songs (vaguely reminiscent of The Black Eyed Peas).
Rumor has it that they're going to be performing at Webster Hall this Saturday...

Like a G6 by Far East Movement

Malia Mills Sample Sale

Exciting news everyone!
The company that I interned with over the summer, Malia Mills, is hosting a sample sale August 25-27, so if you're in the new york area definitely head over for a peek.

I'm not just saying this because I worked with them for four months, but not only are these a lovely group of ladies, but these are also some seriousily fabulous swim suits.

I had to pick up at least one suit while working for them (and several dresses, their sports wear designer Erin makes some to die for pieces) and so I got the Siren swimsuit pictured below.

It's comfortable, adjustable, wears very well (no issues with bagging or stretching or pulling yet!) plus I don't think I've ever gotten so many cries of "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SUIT??!".
Plus if it ever does break, I can send it back to Malia Mills for free repairs. Sweet.

So anyway, here's the info below. I'm definitely planning on stopping by, if only to chat with the ladies.

See you there!
Malia Mills is hosting the ultimate swimwear celebration! For three days, find favorite styles from seasons past for $50-$100 bucks a piece at our annual Summer Sample Sale. Choose from fun colors like Movie Star, Romeo, Sage and more in Malia Mills fabulous-fitting signature styles! (Keep your eyes peeled for our bargain bin as low as $5)

We will also have some special deals on ready-to-wear and accessories!

Check out our website... http://www.maliamills.com/

When? Wednesday through Friday, August 25th through 27th from 10 am to 6 pm

Where? Malia Mills, 263 West 38th St, Floor 16, between 7th and 8th Avenues.

We Accept- Cash, Visa, Mastercard and AMEX


Red Alert

What is it with the color red?

I had a woman in the fitting room say to me "Is this dress appropriate for work?"
I answered yes, because it was this dress, and while I don't particularly like the cut (repeat after me: there's no accounting for personal taste) the color is a beautiful lipstick red in 100% silk:

But I added, if you work in a very conservative environment I'd wear a cardigan or blazer over it also just so you don't show your shoulders.
Her response blew my mind.

"But what about the color? Do you think it's office appropriate?"

"What do you mean?"
Honestly, the only time I've heard of a color not being "appropriate" is white to someone else's wedding, but that's self explanatory.

"I just don't want people in my office to think I'm a slut for wearing red."



She took my shock as confusion and added "Because everyone else wears like grey and black, so I'll stand out."



Since when did standing out = slut?
And since when did red = slut? It's just a poor innocent color people!
I understand the color association, but my mom also told me in the fifth grade that good girls only wear white underwear.
Guess what? I wear black and red and pink and basically whatever tickles my fancy and is covered in lace (it's my underwear, I can do what I want) and last time I checked I'm not spending my nights on a corner in the red light district.

I know I've had other woman say the same thing, maybe not as forcefully, of how they don't like bright colors because it attracts attention, or they think that red and pink are better left to younger girls (fun story on that one later).
People, people, people.

I hate color, but I loooovvee red.
For god sakes, my hair is as close to the color of a crayola box crayon without being unnatural.
I love rocking some red lipstick.
My nail color of choice? Always red for winter, hot pink for summer.
My handbags or clutches are usually red (or some other obnoxious color).
My evening wear or special occasion clothing and heels? Always, always red.

Why? Because standing out is a good thing. When was the last time someone got an award for being "most unnoticeable and generally pleasant human being?"
Yeah, that's what I thought.

So let's have a big hurrah for red, especially lipstick, fire engine, red light red that looks good on EVERYONE.
red 1

red 2

red 3


Good News All Around

Good news #1: It's my birthday! YAY!
Yes, I'm basically four and still get excited about my birthday.
And yes, being apathetically cool is way over-rated (Hey, hipsters. You reading this?)

Good news #2: I just found this blog thanks to Already Pretty and I might have laughed so hard I snorted tea out of my nose. It's that good.
Besides, it's basically my life in cartoon form.


New Things

I can't believe the school year is almost starting again, as I'm constantly reminded by the barrage of emails from my school (yes, Fordham, I DO intend to keep my scholarship. DUH).
I know that I'm way past the age of running to staples with mom and buying a new backpack and school supplies, but I still feel like the school year is my personal new year.
So a few things to start in the interest of the new year. We're starting small people.

I'm going vegetarian
It's not too much of a stretch considering I eat meat maybe every two weeks anyway. It's just too damn expensive. My friends and I joke that we aren't vegetarians, we're just cheap-etarians : )
So why not make it official? I've seen my sister do it, and she's barraged me with the usual "END ANIMAL SUFFERING!" paperwork, so I figure why not?
If you're interested too, one of my favorite blogs Zen Habits has a great post on it here.

I'm picking up a few languages
French, Spanish and Mandarin to be exact.
Why? Because I'm sick and tired of not being able to communicate with half the people in this city.
I literally got in a screaming match with another lady when I was grocery shopping yesterday, although my half of the match was "WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME WOMAN???!!!" because unfortunately, she didn't speak a word of English and apparently I did something that pissed her off.
The plan is to buy some of those Rosetta Stone software second-hand and see how this goes. Even if I can get a basic grasp on the language I feel like it would make my life that much easier.

Photo thanks to Avolore



Some new shoes came from DSW! WOO!

Crazy thing is that I didn't realize if you sign up for their membership, you keep getting these coupons.
I always assumed that the coupons had a time limit, but when I logged on to browse it had some left in my account from a year ago!
So, two pairs of shoes, free shipping, and $35 worth of coupons later I'm a very happy to welcome these cuties into my closet.

Note: it seems I still have a leopard problem. I'm just going to go ahead and embrace it.


Yesterday as I was packing up my things to move into my new apartment, I saw this idling outside my window.

I'm going to miss you too old apartment...

However, in my new apartment, I get my own little bedroom!
I can't believe I'm 20 years old and I squealed when I realized I wouldn't have to be sharing my bedroom (or bed) with three other girls, or rotating to sleep on the couch every few weeks. New York, you are a harsh city.
I can almost touch both walls at the same time if I stand in the middle, my door opens right next to the tv, and I'm still figuring out where the air-conditioning is (answer, there is none).
 BUT it's my own space, one wall is completely windows (HELLO NEIGHBORS!) and I could spit on the Met Opera House if I wanted to.


Quality Control

After working in retail for a while (seven months now? Jesus christ), doing quality control for my internship with Malia Mills on a regular basis, and just generally having champagne tastes on a beer budget, I've picked up a few tips and tricks to make sure a piece of clothing is high quality.

Caveat: high quality does NOT mean high price. This is important to know.
I've seen great quality pieces at Target and H&M, and some truly shoddy pieces at higher end department stores.

I consider a steal to be high quality for a relatively low price. This means you're definitely getting your money's worth.

So how do you know if a piece of clothing you're eyeing is high quality? Here's a few tips and tricks:

The Label
For sure this isn't a tried and true method, but most high quality pieces are made of natural fibers: linen, silk, cotton, wool, cashmere, leather ect. They tend to wear better as well as keep you warmer during the winter and breath better during the summer.
Polyester, acetate, spandex (aka anything made of plastic) TEND to make up the cheaper stuff. Workout clothes and shapers as exceptions, of course.

The Seams
Look at the stitching. It should be even and straight with no loose threads. the hems should be finished (meaning no loose, raw, or fraying edges). An inch or more of hem, especially a french seam hem, is a good sign because it allows for alterations if you grow or shrink. The stitching should blend into the fabric (Generally contrasting stitching makes clothing or shoes look cheap. But of course, this is personal taste)
 Gently pull on the seams or any loose threads. The seam will not unravel or pull apart to show the stitching on a quality garment.

The Pattern
Any patterns should match up at the seams to be visually pleasing, which shows that the pattern was well thought out.
Also any trim, buttons, or extras should match the style and quality of the clothing. Plastic buttons always warrant a closer look.

The Extras
Button holes should be serged or stitched, and buttons should fit through them easily. Zippers should glide, not hitch. Give a little tug to any embellishments or doodads on the clothing, they shouldn't start to pull away from the garment.

The Fabric
Take a handful of fabric and squeeze it in a tight fist for a few seconds, then let go. If it wrinkles, you know that at the end of the day you are going to be a wrinkled mess.
Take two pieces of the fabric and rub them together briskly. If it starts to pill, realize that after a few trips around the washing machine rubbing up against other clothes, you better invest in a de-fuzzer.
Quality garments are also usually cut on the grain of the fabric and have lining so that the fabric glides smoothly over the body.

Of course, the best quality garment in the world still looks cheap if it doesn't fit well. That's why a great tailor is completely indispensable because a little nip or tuck can make all the difference.
But there's only so much a tailor can do, so next I'll give a few tips on how to tell if the fit is right for you.

Photo thanks to Becaberry


Follow Me

What I have stuck in my head at the moment:

Follow Me Down by 3OH!3 (ft. Neon Hitch)

Of course, I'm the last person on earth who hasn't seen Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.
So when I'm telling my friends about this song, they kindly informed me that it was from the Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack, and therefore is a Disney song.
Guess I can't tease them anymore about listening to I'll Make a Man Out of You from the Mulan soundtrack huh?

My Dream Tote

For any of you who have not heard my of my obsession with these London Fog Audrey totes, now you know.
I'm slightly obsessed, ever since I stopped some girl because I needed to know what bag she was carrying.
Yes, it was a necessity.

I'm in the market for a  new tote for the school year, and so while trolling on ebay I saw this little beauty.

However, I just found this same bag in black patent (which I'm now bidding on) so I thought I'd share the deal.

Reserve price is $47
Bidding is at $47 with 1 day and 10 hours left.



So I finally got up my courage and went outside my apartment with my crop top.

I did the most demure outfit, just some flats with a high waisted skirt and linen cardigan since my girlfriends and I were just out for dinner and drinks.
I have never gotten so many men into fashion, except maybe when I wear my over the knee boots.

"I love your outfit"
"Cute top"
Or being refferred to as "the girl with the belly"

So we know that the outfit is guy approved anyway.

I'm not sure how I feel about the attention to be honest. I'll have to think about it.


Achy Breaky

For some reason all my sandals and two of my heels decided to go kaput on me in the past week.
Thankfully, $15 (total. boo-yeah) has got them back on their feet.
Have I mentioned recently how much I love my cobbler?
But as always my shoe-guy leaves me with the advice of "Your shoes wouldn't break so often if you found a nice young man to carry you around!"
I'll get right on that shoe-guy.
On another note, got a new pair of black flats with a snakeskin texture to them (hard to see in the pictures, I know). These are the fourth pair of snakeskin shoes to live in my closet.
 I think I might have an animal problem.

Because this little guy will be arriving in my mailbox soon also!
Leopard and snakeskin play well with each other right?