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I can't believe the school year is almost starting again, as I'm constantly reminded by the barrage of emails from my school (yes, Fordham, I DO intend to keep my scholarship. DUH).
I know that I'm way past the age of running to staples with mom and buying a new backpack and school supplies, but I still feel like the school year is my personal new year.
So a few things to start in the interest of the new year. We're starting small people.

I'm going vegetarian
It's not too much of a stretch considering I eat meat maybe every two weeks anyway. It's just too damn expensive. My friends and I joke that we aren't vegetarians, we're just cheap-etarians : )
So why not make it official? I've seen my sister do it, and she's barraged me with the usual "END ANIMAL SUFFERING!" paperwork, so I figure why not?
If you're interested too, one of my favorite blogs Zen Habits has a great post on it here.

I'm picking up a few languages
French, Spanish and Mandarin to be exact.
Why? Because I'm sick and tired of not being able to communicate with half the people in this city.
I literally got in a screaming match with another lady when I was grocery shopping yesterday, although my half of the match was "WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME WOMAN???!!!" because unfortunately, she didn't speak a word of English and apparently I did something that pissed her off.
The plan is to buy some of those Rosetta Stone software second-hand and see how this goes. Even if I can get a basic grasp on the language I feel like it would make my life that much easier.

Photo thanks to Avolore

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