The Tragedy

I really only have three pairs of shoes that are deemed my "party shoes". A pair of red pumps, my Tahari heels, and my freak-em heels.

Of course, none of these are under four inches.

If a guy can't handle a girl being 6' and change tall, he obviously can't handle me. ; )

My red pumps are a rare occurrence, my Tahari ones are really only for when I'll be sitting down a lot, and my Calvin Klein patent-leather platforms are really my go-to shoe for dancing and generally going out. They were probably my favorites

Anyway, so I went out for a girl friend's birthday up in the Bronx, and for those of you who know Grand Concourse up there, you also know that that hill is KILLER
As I was walking up that hill, I could feel the heel of my favorite patent-leather shoes just starting to bend a little more with each step, basically folding in on itself, until by the time I had gotten all the way to the subway, one leg was about two inches shorter than the other and I was effectively without a leg to stand on. Ahem.

Therefore I completely can justify this purchase. It was an emergency. And thankfully one of the stores was selling these Jessica Simpson shoes, which were a dead ringer for my old Calvin Klein patent leather platforms.
I took the last pair out of the window and wore them out.

So can we welcome my new party shoes to the closet?

To my Calvin's, thank you for three years of faithful service, for supporting me through endless parties, dancing, and general merriment. You will be missed.

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