Achy Breaky

For some reason all my sandals and two of my heels decided to go kaput on me in the past week.
Thankfully, $15 (total. boo-yeah) has got them back on their feet.
Have I mentioned recently how much I love my cobbler?
But as always my shoe-guy leaves me with the advice of "Your shoes wouldn't break so often if you found a nice young man to carry you around!"
I'll get right on that shoe-guy.
On another note, got a new pair of black flats with a snakeskin texture to them (hard to see in the pictures, I know). These are the fourth pair of snakeskin shoes to live in my closet.
 I think I might have an animal problem.

Because this little guy will be arriving in my mailbox soon also!
Leopard and snakeskin play well with each other right?

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jordanaa said...

cute i love the shoes, ballet flats are a must!!