The Pack

Heading back to Boston with my hetero-life mate (aka my bffl for all of you old school folks) to go to an old girlfriend's 21st birthday party this weekend. Holla!
Watch out all of you guys at MIT, you have no idea how New York chicks party ; )

But guys, it's Friday so here's a little music to get your weekend started:

Wolfpack Party by The Pack


Whole Health and Wellness Medspa

I found a ridiculous discount for a reflexology and neck massage on Lifebooker* at the Whole Health and Wellness Medspa a couple days ago, and considering  the fact that my shoulders are now officially at ear level, I figured it was time to get a massage.

I thoroughly enjoyed my massage here. It was quiet (I went on a Friday afternoon. Unheard of.) and the staff was very attentive and prompt. They didn't pressure any additional services, although my masseuse did mention that my knots were so bad that he wouldn't be able to get all of them out with just a neck rub and suggested I come back for a more intense massage. Fair enough.

My masseuse's name was Kevin. Lovely man, I highly recommend asking for him. I know when I get something done I'm polite, but I don't particularly like to chat or have someone drone on at me. He merely asked if this or that was comfortable and then left me alone to relax.
Thank you Kevin, I highly appreciate it.

*Lifebooker is a website that offers insane discounts (up to 95% off) on facials, massages, manicures, haircuts ect. To join click here.


How to De-stink Shoes

It's one of those awkward things you just have to talk about. If you have a favorite pair of shoes, no matter if you always wear socks with them and let them air out, eventually, they will smell.

Thankfully, I lived in hockey country, and you have not encountered a reeking smell until you have a pile of goalie equipment in the corner of the living room.
So a little trick from me to you? Wrap those heels up in a plastic bag, and stick them in the freezer for a day.

No, seriously.

It works. I promise. The cold kills off those bacteria that are causing the smell, and voila! Fresh shoes.

My roommate opened up the freezer today and saw two of my heels chilling in the icebox.
Looked at me, looked at my shoes.....
Shut the door.
"I don't even want to know."

But hey, it works.


Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour Color

I'm always lured in by pretty packaging and grandiose claims. Usually, I come to my senses and check Make-up Alley to see if the claims are true, but they weren't with me when I went to Target last week.

Due to this lack of judgement, I picked up a Maybelline Superstay lipgloss/lipstick thing, excited about the prospect of un-moveable color and perfectly glossed lips without effort (yeah right).

So.... the color stays, but only around the edges of my lips and in the cracks. Not cute. The rest rubbed off in a few minutes and dried out my lips a ridiculous amount = more cracks. I looked like I had the mouth of a 90 year old chain smoker. I was applying cocoa-butter to my lips like a fiend for the next couple days trying to keep them from peeling on me. Ew.

And just for clarification I'm talking about the one with a white cap-end  with balm and the color on the other end, I think it's the latest version. I haven't had a chance to try the one with a clear end with gloss in it, perhaps it's better?

But to all of you girls out there thinking about purchasing this... stay away from this product! Stay far away!

Vintage Nails

I really liked this little mini-trend that's been popping up, but unfortunately my lady at Bijoux Nails had no idea* what I was talking about when I asked for half-moon nails like Dita Von Teese.
What I'm talking about are these, as seen at the Ruffian show:

Hot right?

I'm more of a classic girl, so in my DIY mine came out like this:

(I apparently have very, very shaky hands first thing in the morning. That explains a lot)

In case anyone is interested, I used Essie Mademoiselle for a base coat (middle), then Opi Thrill of Brazil for the top coat (right). The color on the left is just Essie Berry Hard, and what you have before you is my entire nail polish collection.
Yeah, I'm kind of a classic girl.

If you'd like to give it a shot, I promise it's not very hard. My usual modus operandi for giving myself a manicure is dipping my entire finger in nail polish and letting the excess fall off in the shower. So if I can do it, you can too.

Here's the Youtube tutorial I used:

*It's okay, I still love you guys anyway



This look is sex on legs and the answer to every going-out outfit crisis I've ever had. Ever.

Want. Lust. Need.

Maybe I'll just take my maxi skirt to a tailor and have them slit up the leg to crotch level.
Perfect plan.



This is an old song, I know, but it's going on my mix for going out tonight so you're welcome : )

I was surprised that this album didn't get more press coverage when it came out. But then again, I suppose it's a very different sound than people are used to from Christina Aguilera. I like the development, although I don't think it really showcases her voice to it's full potential.
Eh, you win some you lose some.

Bionic by Christina Aguilera

Something Personal

Apparently I've managed to pick up a gentleman caller in the past month, from now on he will be known as the lawyer (just to keep things simple, you see).

So why the personal note? Because I notice that every time I go out on something even close to date territory, I realize that I only have three types of items in my closet.

Fashiony, man-repelling clothes that I enjoy immensely. Usually menswear, librarian, or office inspired. These are the clothes I'm in 90% of the time and therefore make up 90% of my closet.

Slightly trashy, I'm out clubbing with my girls clothes. You know you own them too.

Clothes that don't leave the house. Yoga pants, little boys boxers, and that college tee.

So now that I'm going on my fourth (!?)* date I'm afraid I'm panicking slightly.
What do I wear that looks half-way respectable, sexy, and cute? Something soft, touchable, that shows a little more skin than my usual. You know, that I just naturally roll out of bed looking this awesome, I'm sexy without even trying look.

And did I mention that the state of my underwear drawer is revolting? Yeah, it's pretty much all gym undies in there ladies.

But let's look on the positive side: so far the lawyer's sweet, charming, and tall**.   And we both have the same dry sense of humor which always helps ; ) So here's hoping that this one works out.

But here's a few things that I want to add to my closet for future dates:


* Yeah, I haven't had to deal with third or fourth date drama for about seven months now. Just recycle those two same outfits for dates over and over and over and over...
** You don't understand how hard it is to find a guy that is taller than me when I'm 5' 9" and I want to wear my 3" heels when we go out, and of course my petite girlfriends are like "What? What's the problem?" with their 6'10" bfs. Gah.


Welcome to My Corner of NYC

Sorry for the long absence, but programming will now resume as usual.

One big change though, I have a schmancy new camera! (Correction, my school has lent me a schmancy new camera. But nonetheless....)
I finally feel like I have the technology to actually let you guys take a little peek into my world, so you'll probably see a lot more photographs around here! Not of me per say, since I don't trust myself enough with a tripod and borrowed property, but of the city anyway.

So here's my first batch from tromping around this week:

Welcome to my neighborhood guys!


Big Things

Been a bit up to the gills in work lately, but the good news is that fashion week started today!

Also that I will be meeting up with the lovely Jai of The Fat and Skinny tomorrow and going to see her school's runway show.

So please pardon the absence, but as always I've been posting plenty over on The Fat and Skinny and on Elle Girl, you know, in case you need your daily dose of my dulcet tones ; )


The High-waisted Pants Conundrum

Ever fall completely in love with an item, then have no idea how to wear it?
As I said, I love these pants. Deeply.
High-waisted, pleated, cropped, unflattering in all of the right ways.
Now I'm just stuck with how to wear them, since I've already gotten bored of the kitten heels and tee outfit.
Now what?

I've played around in polyvore for a little while and came up with a few outfits with things I have already in my closet (or close enough. How different are two pairs of black ballet flats really?)


Untitled by erind90 featuring ballerina flats

Unfortunately, I don't have a going out outfit. I think my roommates would probably kill me if I wore them out at night, as they've already nick-named my pants, "pa-pa pants"* and offered to help burn them.
Well, there's no accounting for personal taste right?

And just to remind myself that spring will eventually arrive...


Untitled by erind90 featuring diamond jewelry

*Obviously to match my granny panties :)


T by Alexander Wang

Who else is glad that fashion is actually having some fun?
YAY for awkward dancing!

Doesn't this just remind you of getting ready to go out on a Friday night, with lots of goofy dancing to your favorite songs?*

Mr. Wang, you're my favorite.

* Or that time when we took over that dive bar at about 5 am down on 10th ave and the bartender was kind enough to let six girls take over his ipod and dance like crazy people.
Kind of like that.


Gap is Going Minimal

Gap, I'm very impressed.

You had a moment there where you had me worried.
I mean, you're basically my childhood store, you're where I used to go school shopping every September with my mom. I still own a pair of jeans from you circa 2002 (and hell yes I still wear them).

Then you tried to be J. Crew or something. But let's get real here Gap, not everything needs to be covered in sequins, ruffles, and random bits of tulle. Bad design can't hide behind flash and knick knacks.

So to say that I'm relieved that you're embracing minimalism is an understatement. I'm closer to ecstatic. While the whole new design collection hasn't dropped yet, there are a few promising jewels in the rough this season.

That racerback tank and ponte knit dress? Be still my heart.


S&M Rihanna

For that mid-week hump....

S&M by Rihanna

I know some people love her, some people hate her (I happen to love her), but this new music video is worth a watch.
I love how she absolutely rips into the press and exposes the ridiculous hypocrisy we have towards our celebrities. Whoever came up with this video certainly has a wicked sense of humor.

Plus, that ass Perez Hilton in a ball gag? What more do you want?