The High-waisted Pants Conundrum

Ever fall completely in love with an item, then have no idea how to wear it?
As I said, I love these pants. Deeply.
High-waisted, pleated, cropped, unflattering in all of the right ways.
Now I'm just stuck with how to wear them, since I've already gotten bored of the kitten heels and tee outfit.
Now what?

I've played around in polyvore for a little while and came up with a few outfits with things I have already in my closet (or close enough. How different are two pairs of black ballet flats really?)


Untitled by erind90 featuring ballerina flats

Unfortunately, I don't have a going out outfit. I think my roommates would probably kill me if I wore them out at night, as they've already nick-named my pants, "pa-pa pants"* and offered to help burn them.
Well, there's no accounting for personal taste right?

And just to remind myself that spring will eventually arrive...


Untitled by erind90 featuring diamond jewelry

*Obviously to match my granny panties :)

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