Whole Health and Wellness Medspa

I found a ridiculous discount for a reflexology and neck massage on Lifebooker* at the Whole Health and Wellness Medspa a couple days ago, and considering  the fact that my shoulders are now officially at ear level, I figured it was time to get a massage.

I thoroughly enjoyed my massage here. It was quiet (I went on a Friday afternoon. Unheard of.) and the staff was very attentive and prompt. They didn't pressure any additional services, although my masseuse did mention that my knots were so bad that he wouldn't be able to get all of them out with just a neck rub and suggested I come back for a more intense massage. Fair enough.

My masseuse's name was Kevin. Lovely man, I highly recommend asking for him. I know when I get something done I'm polite, but I don't particularly like to chat or have someone drone on at me. He merely asked if this or that was comfortable and then left me alone to relax.
Thank you Kevin, I highly appreciate it.

*Lifebooker is a website that offers insane discounts (up to 95% off) on facials, massages, manicures, haircuts ect. To join click here.

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