Cat Eye Makeup

Halloween is in just a few days! SOOOOO stoked. I have a masquerade party on Saturday, a few parties lined up for Sunday and of course I'm going to the village parade on Halloween.
My costume's all set thanks to a quick trip to Ricky's, but now comes the makeup part.

My girlfriend always bases her costume on her makeup, while I do the opposite. Probably because I'm not a beauty junkie like her (I'm a shopoholic :) ) and when it comes to make up I can do a red lip, a kohl liner and a no-makeup face. Anything else and I'm dead in the water.

So for a really dramatic cat eye like I was imagining to go with my Cat Woman costume, I turned to the internet, as usual.

There are a bunch of great youtube make up artists out there, and I found a great tutorial for a really fun, dramatic cat eye that looks so simple even I could manage to draw it on.

Amuro Cat Eye by cl2425

The music isn't bad either...


Mmm... Shoes

Here's what's currently on my feet:

 mmm... check out the toe cleavage.

But check out the patent leather and leopard print (done in oh so classy pony hair I might add). LOVE.

And guess where they're from?
I know, go figure right? Almost as weird as L.L. Bean.

Here's the long and short story.

Our manager (a dude. Of COURSE) reprimanded my friend, another sales girl, at work today for wearing flat shoes. We're technically not supposed to, but she was on an 8 + hour shift, and it's hard to work that long in heels.
Of course we were a bit miffed that he'd say anything. I mean, I suffer for fashion sometimes, but a girl's got to draw the line somewhere.
Then one of the older employees mentioned to us that for comfort, you need to go to Aerosoles down the street.
"They ain't cheap honey, but your feet will thank you".

So we head over after work, her for some new shoes, me to give emotional support (and because I had time to kill).
She left with four pairs of shoes, I left with these cuties for $50. Expensive? To some maybe, but the two things I cannot skimp on are jeans and shoes. It always comes back to haunt me. So $50 for retail price is chicken feed.

Basically, my opinion is that Aerosoles still carries some of the orthopedic granny shoes you know and love,  but they've definitely revamped their image and they have some seriously cute kitten heels and flats. For anyone in the retail/restaurant/standing for hours on end business, these are an investment in sanity.

As for comfort? My feet are cushioned on angels wings and unicorn fluff.
Enough said.



I took another browse at the S/S 2011 runways and the one trend that definitely caught my eye was monochrome ensembles.

Again, I'm not sure if you can even call this a trend, since it's just a color choice, but it does play nicely with the whole "minimalism" trend that is resurfacing with the 90's.

I've already complained before about people who matchy-matchy match, such as one person who told me "I have a pair of gold earrings and I need to find a gold top to match".
Or my clients who still insist that you cannot pair a pink blouse with a pair of brown pants. No, they insist, the blouse, the cardigan, the shoes and the pants must all match in the exact same shade of brown.


So how do you pull off a monochrome ensemble and avoid looking like a color-coordinated soccer mom?

Texture, proportions, and knowing when to call it quits.

As I mentioned in my post on how to pull off minimalism, since you no longer have color to add interest to an outfit, texture and proportions become your new best friends.

Mix leather with jersey, silk with boucle, wool with linen.


texture by erind90 featuring a fur vest

Or, play with proportion. A maxi skirt with a shrunken jacket, or a long boyfriend jacket with a micro mini. Wide leg pants and a cropped top. Asymmetrical hems and architectural details are always a plus.


Of course, another way to do monochrome is to pick a color and stay within that color family. For example, this would still be considered a monochrome outfit, but the different shades make it interesting.


Or mix in a big piece of gold or silver jewelery, just to break it up a little bit.
Or be a little loose with the idea of monochrome and add one pop of color, a look that is a personal favorite of mine.


color by erind90 featuring slim pants

Photos thanks to Style.com. From left to right: Acne, Calvin Klein, Bottega Veneta, Helmut Lang



Oops, sorry for any confusion! I don't have a personal website at the moment, it's still in the sketching stage. : )  But I promise that as soon as anything interesting happens I'll let you guys know and hook it all up.


Construction Ahead

At some urging from two of my favorite professors (both comp sci doctorates, both slightly socially awkward, both call me "the princess". I love these dudes :) ) I'm tampering with my blog and hopefully in the near future will be hooking it up to a personal website.
So please disregard any format changes around here, it's just me tinkering.


Sample Sale

I'm so sorry dolls, but for once my word of mouth system has failed.
It seems that Elie Tahari, one of my favorite brands to shop personally, is having a major sample sale down by Bryant Park as we speak.
I can't believe that I'm the last one to know!

I just popped by after work today thanks to a girl friend's tip off and scored my PERFECT PANTS. The ones I've been searching for, forever. Black, slim leg, 35" inseam, tropical wool, slash pockets, low rise.
$59 with a retail price of $250.

Can I get a high-five?

I had to pull from my savings (pay day is tomorrow) but I think for a deal like that on something as classic and basic as black dress pants that it's worth it.

I promise, pictures later, but I'm off to see a screening of Dangerous Liaisons which is a favorite movie of mine.

But don't worry, the sale is going on until Saturday.
Here's the info:

October 19-23rd
510 5th ave (on 43rd street)
Friday 8:30-7:30
Saturday 10-5



Let's talk about pants.

They're good for you, good for society, and generally, people with pants are taken more seriously than those without.

The only reason why I bring up the subject now is because we haven't had to think about pant length for a long time, due to the skinny/straight leg epidemic.

All you needed to know for fit was that they needed to brush the ground when wearing flats (except for a certain generation which insisted on a fingers space) and when wearing heels, well, same thing. There really wasn't an issue with length because they scrunched up on top of your foot whether you were wearing heels or not.
As long as you had a bit of scrunch you were fine.
For more about pants (and other clothing) fit, check out my previous post here.

Now enter the trouser jeans/wide leg/trousers/grown-up pants.

My body tends to do well with extreme styles. Those jeans better be painted on, or high-waisted and wide leg.

Go figure.

So of course I jumped on the super wide leg, high waisted trend.
The only problem is that I like to wear flats, kitten heels, and towering heels, but I don't want to invest in three different pair of jeans (who does??).

So while these look sexy in my platforms, with my usual kitten heels (I'm still not sure about wide legs with flats) they make me sad.
This is not a good look. It's schlumpy and will destroy your hems. BAD.

However, I decided to give this product N*Jeanious a whirl. It's a denim adhesive tape meant for creating a temporary hem.

So you just fold your pant leg inside out.

  Apply the tape.

Peel off the backing.

Give it a firm rub and pat.

And you're good to go.

Check out those sexy hems. Just a hairs-breadth from the floor (again, older generations probably prefer an inch or so, but as for me I like my hems to brush) and when I change my shoes I can just pull off the tape and start again.


*Just a few notes about this tape after I've worn it around for a while.

I had to try a few times to get the length even. I realized after that using a tape measure and measuring the amount you're hemming could have been really useful. Duh.
For a really wide hem (as pictured) you might need to use three instead of just two for each hem. The side started to come down a little bit because it wasn't taped.
Other than that, I've been very pleased.


Quotes from the Art Department

"It's like looking into your empty refrigerator at three in the morning and staring into the existential abyss of your life"

Straight from the mouth of my Photography professor. I'm going to be up thinking about that one.

Photo from one of my new favorite artists:
Ground #38 by Uta Barth


L.L. Bean Just Got Cool

Shoes: Franco Sarto
Jeans: Seven for All Mankind
Shirt: L.L. Bean Signature (What?!)
Lips: Bourjois  "Lovely Rouge"

So... yea. I'm just as confused as you probably are. Remember L.L. Bean backpacks, the one's with your initials when you were like, 5?
They've definitely stepped it up a notch. I'd been eyeing this button down for a while, it's soft and slightly sheer and a perfect slouchy fit.

Except that, you know, it's from L.L. Bean for god sakes!

But I think I should just learn that fashion is fashion no matter if it comes from the attic, the thrift store, Chanel , or L.L. Bean.

From my experience with this shirt: it's a great fit, washes and wears well (so far), great quality especially for the price, and they had fast shipping and great customer service.

A+ L.L. Bean, I will definitely be back for that toggle driving coat I saw.

The lesson? Don't be a label snob. It's bad for your health.

If you're interested as well, you can check them out at their new line: L.L. Bean Signature.


Just a quick note before the weekend, for all you New Yorkers dealing with food budgets.

Personally, (when allowed free reign in the supermarket) I spent about $20 a week on food back home in MA, but here in New York it usually gets up to around $50 or more.
Screw that.
Part of the problem is that I refuse to eat things like Cheetos and a coke for breakfast.
I know, how unreasonable that I would like something like fruit and vegetables on a college budget.

Thankfully, I found a little gem on the West Side this week. It's called Stile's Farmer's market, it's between 9th and 8th ave on 52nd street, right next to the post office.
It's a little hard to find, I actually only found it by stumbling on it, it's that little plastic sheet covered hole in the fence, wedged between the post office and the parking garage.

But long story short, and ignoring the sketchy surroundings, I came home with a bundle of food for $10. Almost everything is under a dollar a pound. And I got a box of strawberries for $2 (! It's October. WTF) and a carton of apple cider for $2.50.

I'd say it's worth the trip to me. : )



Being an awful, procrastinating person yesterday, I decided to take up a friend on the offer of free concert tickets instead of doing my mountain of homework.

(I had a great time, if anyone asks if it was worth it ; ) )

Honestly, I'm just looking at what I need to get done and just freezing up.
I'm sure you guys know the feeling.
You just look at it all and you don't even know where to begin, and the fact that you haven't begun yet is freaking you out, so you don't know where to begin even more, but with panic this time.

Anyway. Guess there's nowhere else to start but at the beginning.

Here's a new artist that I've been listening to in the meantime.

Lalala by Auburn


The Search for Black Pants

AHHHG! Don't tease me like this!
I have been looking for a pair of black, straight leg, slim cut pants FOREVER.
It's kind of on par with my search for a white summer dress. Or a black sheath dress. Or jeans that are long enough.
It's epic.

I finally think I found them at the Gap, but they are out of 00 long. I might be able to swing a 0 long, but they don't have those either.
Gap! What's wrong with you and every other retailer out there?
It's not like I'm an anorexic twig, I'm about the same size as a lot of girls out there. So can you stock more than two in our size?
'K, thanks.

*Sigh* back to the drawing board.

One More Time

If you've been reading this blog for a while you've heard about my tragic incident where I tried to take outfit photos and it fell to an untimely demise.

Fortunately, I just found out that my new apartment has a window sill at just the right height for shooting outfit photos. So you'll probably be seeing a few more around here, especially when I don't have more interesting topics to post about.

So here's today's outfit, for writing more french paper and walking the dogs (I just picked up a second job walking two adorable little shitzus, Zu and Moshi).

Top: Loft
Belt: thrifted
Skirt: Express
Shoes: DKNY, sample sale

I just realized how serious I look. Grrrr....


Halloween Costume!

I'm not going to lie, Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday.
It used to be for the candy, now it's for the chance to dress up and be terrified/terrifying for a night. I love the idea of dressing up to become someone else.

So I've been thinking about what I'm going to be this year for my annual Halloween party. I'm thinking Cat Woman, just because I think she's completely bad-ass.

I know I'm wearing long gloves, my over the knee boots and my leather jacket (it's going to be cold while we're watching the village parade). But what to wear underneath? Maybe my liquid leggings and bustier?
Or keep it traditional and wear a full body cat suit?


I feel like the former would give me a little more support and self confidence, personally. And additionally I wouldn't have to buy anything new (except for a whip of course, that's something I don't exactly have on hand ;) ).
Also the mask.
Should I go half mask, an actual over the head cat-woman mask, or just cat ears?
Decisions, decisions....


My Favorite Show So Far

Perhaps I need to go a bit more in depth for spring, but my favorite show was Yves Saint Laurent this year.
And well, every year. But so far it's the only one that I want every piece in my closet. Now.

I'll use the rest of the designers for inspiration, but Monsieur Laurent? Je t'aime.

Itty Bitty Piggy

Ms. Minaj is definitely one of those people you either love or hate. *

Personally, I love her.
Interestingly, so does my uber-feminist roommate.

Side note: I love my roommate, but as a woman studies major she can be a bit in your face about "Erin, stop upholding the gender normative!"
If anyone can explain to me what the gender normative is, and how I am apparently upholding that and the patriarchy, that would be great.

So while we might have different reasons about why we like her, my reason is that that girl can spit.

Most female "rappers" are actually more pop singers to me. If you are singing it, you aren't rapping.
Niki Minaj however sounds harsh, she raps smart, and big ego aside she can hold her own amongst the guys.
What more do you want from an entertainer?
She's really come into her own over the past couple months. Here's to seeing more attitude and great rhymes in the future.

Itty Bitty Piggy by Nicki Minaj

* Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the girl has crazy-eyes?


Buffalo Trip

I've been procrastinating on writing this French paper on Moliere, so of course I did a closet purge and hauled it down to Buffalo Exchange.
I traded it in, did a bit of shopping, and 52 cents later (yeah, you heard that right. It was a pretty even trade.) I have three new pieces to add to my closet.

Soft, jersey, asymmetrical, cowl neck, ruched, baby blue, top (?). If you can add any more adjectives onto that I'm impressed. Also I think I'm in love with it, especially since it's from some french brand (I think) called Avec. See? I am learning french.
Also check out the jeans. As always, a little too short, but they fit like a dream. Again, by another brand, Deloc & B, I'd never heard of.

But while I was perusing the racks I did spy a pair of Alexander Wang shorts from last season for $34. If you're a size 6 I'd haul ass down there.

Ah, fixed those jeans. Now I have a new pair of pedal pushers for the spring! My last ones unfortunately met a tragic death involving bicycle gears and a tree.
Also I got a sheer, uber soft tank top by Twenty (there's a brand I do know!). I'm totally going to skank it up next weekend with a black bandeau bra, as pictured.

Anyway, once again it was a successful trip down to Buffalo Exchange. 
Love that store.


Mistakes in Wendy McNaughton's Studio

This photo made me smile.

Photo thanks to Juxtapoz

Not Your Grandma's Pearls

I'm not sure how I feel about these. One half of my really likes the idea of concrete "pearl" studs, a perfect way to spin a classic but young/tough look.
The other half says "WHAT??! Concrete jewelery?"
But then again that's what makes it so cool right?

Thanks to Not Couture for finding these gems.


Classic is Not a Trend

I think it's an absolute riot some of the things that are announced as "trends" every single season.
For example, here is four fall "trends":


Since when have these not been in style?
Especially pants.

 I love it when pants are "in" this season, skirts are "in" the season after.
What's next? Shoes are "in"?
Since when is an entire category of clothing not "in"? Trust me, it's not like I'm walking around barefoot because no one has told me shoes are "in" this season.

And the strange part is that people seem to be very perplexed about this. I've had women come up to me at work and ask if dresses were still in fashion.
Um. Yeah. See above argument.
Or if black was still in style.
Trust me. Black is always the new black.
Forever and ever, amen.

So here's to a few things that I believe are classic (btw, classic can't be a trend either. that's pretty much an oxymoron) and will never go out of style.

Camel coats



Knee high boots


Ballet flats

50's style dresses

Leather jackets

Pencil skirts


Straight leg jeans

Button down shirts

Men's watches

Diamonds and pearls

Red lipstick

Leopard print

Sheath dress

As much as the fashion industry likes to declare something trendy, sometimes you just have to realize it was popular before, it's popular now, and it will be popular later.

Also, dressing like a lady is always in, whether it's my mom's definition or my definition (I'm much too young be wearing lady-like clothes without a wink and a smirk).

My theory is that a woman say or do anything she damn well pleases, as long as she looks like a lady.

So what are your classic items? Did I miss any on my list?

Photo thanks


A Girl's Best Friend

I know that most girls swoon over diamonds, but honestly, I'd say that my two favorite gemstones are opals and their less expensive cousin, opalite. A close runner up would be my pearls (what do you call pearls? Precious minerals?).
Just like diamonds they match everything. Not because they are colorless, but because their rainbow bits pick up whatever color you happen to be wearing.
Either way, skip the expensive stuff and check out this gorgeous opalite necklace from Etsy seller All Made With Love.

My favorite part about these stones is how they seem to cast a warm glow from the inside. So flattering and ethereal.