Sample Sale

I'm so sorry dolls, but for once my word of mouth system has failed.
It seems that Elie Tahari, one of my favorite brands to shop personally, is having a major sample sale down by Bryant Park as we speak.
I can't believe that I'm the last one to know!

I just popped by after work today thanks to a girl friend's tip off and scored my PERFECT PANTS. The ones I've been searching for, forever. Black, slim leg, 35" inseam, tropical wool, slash pockets, low rise.
$59 with a retail price of $250.

Can I get a high-five?

I had to pull from my savings (pay day is tomorrow) but I think for a deal like that on something as classic and basic as black dress pants that it's worth it.

I promise, pictures later, but I'm off to see a screening of Dangerous Liaisons which is a favorite movie of mine.

But don't worry, the sale is going on until Saturday.
Here's the info:

October 19-23rd
510 5th ave (on 43rd street)
Friday 8:30-7:30
Saturday 10-5

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