Just a quick note before the weekend, for all you New Yorkers dealing with food budgets.

Personally, (when allowed free reign in the supermarket) I spent about $20 a week on food back home in MA, but here in New York it usually gets up to around $50 or more.
Screw that.
Part of the problem is that I refuse to eat things like Cheetos and a coke for breakfast.
I know, how unreasonable that I would like something like fruit and vegetables on a college budget.

Thankfully, I found a little gem on the West Side this week. It's called Stile's Farmer's market, it's between 9th and 8th ave on 52nd street, right next to the post office.
It's a little hard to find, I actually only found it by stumbling on it, it's that little plastic sheet covered hole in the fence, wedged between the post office and the parking garage.

But long story short, and ignoring the sketchy surroundings, I came home with a bundle of food for $10. Almost everything is under a dollar a pound. And I got a box of strawberries for $2 (! It's October. WTF) and a carton of apple cider for $2.50.

I'd say it's worth the trip to me. : )

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