Cat Eye Makeup

Halloween is in just a few days! SOOOOO stoked. I have a masquerade party on Saturday, a few parties lined up for Sunday and of course I'm going to the village parade on Halloween.
My costume's all set thanks to a quick trip to Ricky's, but now comes the makeup part.

My girlfriend always bases her costume on her makeup, while I do the opposite. Probably because I'm not a beauty junkie like her (I'm a shopoholic :) ) and when it comes to make up I can do a red lip, a kohl liner and a no-makeup face. Anything else and I'm dead in the water.

So for a really dramatic cat eye like I was imagining to go with my Cat Woman costume, I turned to the internet, as usual.

There are a bunch of great youtube make up artists out there, and I found a great tutorial for a really fun, dramatic cat eye that looks so simple even I could manage to draw it on.

Amuro Cat Eye by cl2425

The music isn't bad either...

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