Buffalo Trip

I've been procrastinating on writing this French paper on Moliere, so of course I did a closet purge and hauled it down to Buffalo Exchange.
I traded it in, did a bit of shopping, and 52 cents later (yeah, you heard that right. It was a pretty even trade.) I have three new pieces to add to my closet.

Soft, jersey, asymmetrical, cowl neck, ruched, baby blue, top (?). If you can add any more adjectives onto that I'm impressed. Also I think I'm in love with it, especially since it's from some french brand (I think) called Avec. See? I am learning french.
Also check out the jeans. As always, a little too short, but they fit like a dream. Again, by another brand, Deloc & B, I'd never heard of.

But while I was perusing the racks I did spy a pair of Alexander Wang shorts from last season for $34. If you're a size 6 I'd haul ass down there.

Ah, fixed those jeans. Now I have a new pair of pedal pushers for the spring! My last ones unfortunately met a tragic death involving bicycle gears and a tree.
Also I got a sheer, uber soft tank top by Twenty (there's a brand I do know!). I'm totally going to skank it up next weekend with a black bandeau bra, as pictured.

Anyway, once again it was a successful trip down to Buffalo Exchange. 
Love that store.

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Lacey Greenwich said...

Pedal pushers are always so fucking cuuuute!