Classic is Not a Trend

I think it's an absolute riot some of the things that are announced as "trends" every single season.
For example, here is four fall "trends":


Since when have these not been in style?
Especially pants.

 I love it when pants are "in" this season, skirts are "in" the season after.
What's next? Shoes are "in"?
Since when is an entire category of clothing not "in"? Trust me, it's not like I'm walking around barefoot because no one has told me shoes are "in" this season.

And the strange part is that people seem to be very perplexed about this. I've had women come up to me at work and ask if dresses were still in fashion.
Um. Yeah. See above argument.
Or if black was still in style.
Trust me. Black is always the new black.
Forever and ever, amen.

So here's to a few things that I believe are classic (btw, classic can't be a trend either. that's pretty much an oxymoron) and will never go out of style.

Camel coats



Knee high boots


Ballet flats

50's style dresses

Leather jackets

Pencil skirts


Straight leg jeans

Button down shirts

Men's watches

Diamonds and pearls

Red lipstick

Leopard print

Sheath dress

As much as the fashion industry likes to declare something trendy, sometimes you just have to realize it was popular before, it's popular now, and it will be popular later.

Also, dressing like a lady is always in, whether it's my mom's definition or my definition (I'm much too young be wearing lady-like clothes without a wink and a smirk).

My theory is that a woman say or do anything she damn well pleases, as long as she looks like a lady.

So what are your classic items? Did I miss any on my list?

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the chirpy bird said...

OMG i 100% agree - Pants are 'in style'? ahahha! Hilarious! I agree with you with your timeless picks too... always a great way to invest your $!
xo tash

Lacey Greenwich said...

I agree with your classics. Awesome list.