Mmm... Shoes

Here's what's currently on my feet:

 mmm... check out the toe cleavage.

But check out the patent leather and leopard print (done in oh so classy pony hair I might add). LOVE.

And guess where they're from?
I know, go figure right? Almost as weird as L.L. Bean.

Here's the long and short story.

Our manager (a dude. Of COURSE) reprimanded my friend, another sales girl, at work today for wearing flat shoes. We're technically not supposed to, but she was on an 8 + hour shift, and it's hard to work that long in heels.
Of course we were a bit miffed that he'd say anything. I mean, I suffer for fashion sometimes, but a girl's got to draw the line somewhere.
Then one of the older employees mentioned to us that for comfort, you need to go to Aerosoles down the street.
"They ain't cheap honey, but your feet will thank you".

So we head over after work, her for some new shoes, me to give emotional support (and because I had time to kill).
She left with four pairs of shoes, I left with these cuties for $50. Expensive? To some maybe, but the two things I cannot skimp on are jeans and shoes. It always comes back to haunt me. So $50 for retail price is chicken feed.

Basically, my opinion is that Aerosoles still carries some of the orthopedic granny shoes you know and love,  but they've definitely revamped their image and they have some seriously cute kitten heels and flats. For anyone in the retail/restaurant/standing for hours on end business, these are an investment in sanity.

As for comfort? My feet are cushioned on angels wings and unicorn fluff.
Enough said.

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