It's All in the Bag

Everyone knows there is nothing quite like the relationship between a woman and her bag. Boys know never to touch a woman's purse, children know that they are pretty much bottomless and hold all sorts of goodies, and other women will remark on how tasteful/stunning/lack-luster another woman's bag is.
Luxist.com would also say that what kind of bag you carry says a lot about your own personality.
If for nothing more than entertainment I thought this was a pretty interesting (but then again, I'm the girl who always takes the "Is he really that into you?" quizzes in the back of teen magazines. That probably says a lot about me doesn't it?).

What does your handbag say about you? According to Luxist:

Shoulder Bag Shoulder bags denote a thoughtful, practical nature and careful decision-making.

Designer Label Women that carry expensive, designer handbags enjoy the finer things in life (and want others to know it).

Knock-Off Carrying a knock-off bag can say that you're putting a fake front to the world and not always being true to yourself. But at least you have good taste.

Clutch Those who carry a clutch or very small handbag on a daily basis don't need to have their entire life with them at all times and give off an "I am a jet-setter" vibe.

Over-sized Large hobos and tote bags say that you don't want to ever have to go without. They say "I am prepared" and "I can take care of myself."

Flashy Bright, bejeweled, sequined, or otherwise very flashy bags denote confidence and a desire to be noticed.

Neutral Soothing, comfortable, neutral bags often belong to women with open, personable, friendly demeanors.

I personally carry a clutch everywhere just because I'm a klutz and anything larger than an envelope under my arm will cause destruction to delicate or unstable things nearby.

While "jet-setter" isn't the first thing that springs to mind when I describe myself, I do enjoy a gorgeous clutch to add a pop to my ensemble. Nice thing about clutches is that they're small enough that you can get a little wacky with the embellishments or color and it doesn't seem over the top, and they're usually relatively inexpensive so you can keep a couple in rotation.
I would love to add these little beauties to my closet (and btw all of them are under $50. WOOO!).

My Christmas Wishlist

Every year my family complains that I'm "SOOOOO picky" and it's "SOOO HARD to shop for you". So every year I wind up making a idiot-proof wishlist at the beginning of December for them. It usually consists of those things that I really, desperately need or just can't justify buying for myself.
So Santa, since I've been such a good, good girl this year....

Wanted Pops black ballet flats
I wore a hole in the heel of my BCBG black flats and am in desperate need of another pair. I honestly have never heard of anyone wearing through a pair of shoes before... I must walk really hard or something.

Candle Bay Lavender and Gardenia reed diffusers
Mmmmmm.... gardenia.

Tretorn Skerry Vinter boots
Rain and snow boots. If you haven't heard yet about why I hate buying practical shoes, please check out this.

Stars for Sydell double finger ring
Okay, so this doesn't qualify as a "need" really, but I do really, really want it.

Winona Dimeo Ediger's book: Closet Confidential
I love this blogger, if you haven't heard of her go check her out right this second. I'm also endlessly impressed by anyone who can write a book and according to the reviews it's just as hilarious as her blog.

Passes to my Bikram yoga studio
Because although $20 a class can eat up a wad of cash, sometimes you just need some help to get your zen on.

Gift certificate to my favorite spa back home
Sometimes during the winter I like to play the game that "if I can't see my disgusting, calloused, hang-nailed feet, they don't exist". Unfortunately that doesn't work too well.
So if you live anywhere on the North Shore of MA, check out Nails & Spa Co. They are super cheap and do an awesome mani, pedi and facial.

photos thanks to Princess Cy and Eric Lon


Rub A Dub Dub

Someone's got bubbles on the brain...

Michael Kors RTW 2010

Bubble Necklace

Return to the City

Thanksgiving as always was lovely, but as my lovely friend Anya (who now lives in New York as well) says "I have had enough of the village. It is time to return to society."
Please just imagine that in the thickest, haughtiest Russian accent you will probably ever hear.
*sigh* I wish I had an awesome accent.

Also for the first time in forever I've found that I'm ahead of the game. The homework is done, the apartment is clean (at least for the next 2.5 seconds until my roommates show up. God, they're slobs) and the Christmas shopping is done.
I'm not really a big advocate for those things that go "What to get your mom, sister, half brother and dog for Christmas!" because I feel that Christmas presents are personal and really depend on the person you're giving them to.
That said, perhaps something on my list might fit someone you know, and I actually just want to show the goodies I found (I'm quite proud. Early AND on budget. WOOO!)

The movie Slap Shot (featuring Paul Newman) for my dad. This is for the man who has watched Miracle 17 times. That is not an exaggeration.

I figure that this would be a pretty good present considering the guys in the sports section of the school newspaper spent the entire last meeting debating the "Best Sports Movies EVAH!!!" for the entire hour, and this was repeatedly brought up against Friday Night Lights.

If you also have a jock on your hands (or in my dad's case) someone who wishes they were a jock, pick up the movie here.

A Worry Woolie journal for my sister. I figure she has a small collection of ugly dolls, loves to write, and come on, how cute is this bugger?
What are Ugly Dolls?
These guys. I think my sister might have all of them.
If you want to pick up a Worry Woolie for an aspiring writer or ugly-things lover, pop over to Spiderbite's Etsy shop.
A mini collection of Versace nail polishes for my other sister. She'll probably beat the pulp out of you rather than admit it, but my youngest sister is kind of a girly-girl at heart. I think that the red one will go particularly well with her goalie uniform.
To pick up a set (at a ridiculously reduced price I might add) head over to The Beauty Ticket.

John Varvatos, one of my favorite guy scents for Blondie. I figure this will give him a nudge in the right direction and wean him off of drug store scents. As much as I loved Axe on a guy (when I was, ahem, 13) having a cologne is so much more sophisticated and appropriate for someone who is in their twenties. Now if I could only get him to ditch those ratty jeans...
It's definitely a woody, spicy scent (Yum). If there's a guy in your life that could use a little help in the scent department, head over to Sephora.

Of course, you might be wondering, what about good old mum?
I'm making her a few coupons for cooking dinner for the family (my mom would rather spork herself to death than cook) and treating her to a manicure and pedicure. I figure that's a pretty good present for a woman who is the human equivalent of the energizer bunny.

Anyway, hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving Break

I'm heading back to Boston for way too much food and some good old fashion R&R. Hope you all are doing the same, and if you are traveling have a safe trip! I'll be taking a break over the Thanksgiving weekend and will be back on Monday.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo thanks to Marianne


Photo Friendly

I've had these lurking in my favorites folder.
Seemed a nice way to start off the week, a little fashion, a little sweet, and a little funny.

Photos thanks to vi.sualize and weheartit


Over the weekend I visited the Chelsea art galleries with a few friends. My favorite, well one of them, was the David Zwirner gallery which was presenting Dan Flavin: Series and Progressions.
Honestly, if you get the chance, do visit the show (it runs until December 23rd), because since he works with light it's one of those pieces that you really need to see in person to get the full effect. The work is as much about the sculpture as it is about how the light just transforms the entire room.

"One might not think of light as a matter of fact, but I do. And it is, as I said, as plain and open and direct an art as you will ever find. "
—Dan Flavin, 1987

Also at first glance his work really reminded me of all the neon lights in Times Square. Except a little less frenetic.

And if you want more Dan Flavin awesomeness check out his website.


Black Friday

Your Friendly Black Friday Survival Guide

Ah, Black Friday. Can’t you just hear your blood pressure rising? Some people love it, some people hate it, but this holiday created to put merchants “back in the black” is a great way to score Christmas presents on the cheap (and maybe a little something for yourself). If you are planning on braving the crowds on Friday, here are some tips to make the most of Black Friday and help you keep your cool in the craziness.

Do Your Homework

Research: Before you head into the fray, it’s best to be prepared. The week before Thanksgiving make sure to check out sites like Black Friday ads (http://bfads.net) that gather together and preview the advertisements for Black Friday specials. Especially note if a deal is time-sensitive. Oftentimes stores have time sensitive or limited-quantity sales earlier in the morning.

Some websites to check out:
Price Grabber (http://www.pricegrabber.com/) for comparing prices on an item
Retail Me Not (http://www.retailmenot.com/) for store coupons and discounts
Gift Card Rescue (http://www.giftcardrescue.com/) for discount gift cards.

Make A List

After you’ve checked out your options make a list of what you want or need. Although you might think those fluorescent orange camper shoes are a great deal at the time, by Saturday common sense will kick in and you might change your mind. The way to avoid buyer’s remorse is to have a list and stick to it, and remember that it’s not actually a deal if you don’t need it.

Of course, sometimes mistakes do happen, so be sure to know the store’s return policy and to get a receipt with your purchase to make those impulse-buys easier to return Monday morning.

After you’ve done all your homework, you’re ready to hit the sales. Here’s some do’s and don’t to remember while you’re out.

Do: Bring any ads, coupons or deals that you intend to use.
Don’t: Forget your shopping list. You might think you have it all in your head, but in the frenzy you just might “forget” and buy something unnecessary. To stay on budget, on task, and sane, if you can’t check it off your list don’t buy it.
Do: wear layers, with a base layer of a tank top and leggings. Are you really going to wait in line for that dressing room? Have no shame, save time by stripping down and trying it on in the aisle.
Don’t: Wear accessories. Necklaces, hats, headbands, heels, tote purses that can hold a small pony, anything with laces, ties, or zippers. If you do, you’re going to hate yourself after you have to re-dress for the umpteenth time.
Do: Bring water and snacks. If you intend to do a shopping marathon or are going to be waiting in line for the store to open, bring a snack. Shopping while hungry and dehydrated is never a good idea.
Don’t: Bring a bad shopping companion. This includes boyfriends and small children. Bring someone who can keep you company in line and appreciates scouring the Black Friday deals as much as you do.

Skip the Lines, Shop Online

There’s no rule that says you have to brave the crowds on Black Friday, oftentimes stores will have discounts and reduced shipping online (welcome to the 21st century). So if you choose to stay in:
- Look for “night owl” discounts. Stores will often mark down their wares late Thanksgiving evening.
- Have a shopping list and use it. Do we have to go over buyer’s remorse again? It’s much easier to make rash purchases when you can add a sofa to you cart with the click of a button.
- Know your measurements and sizes in the stores you are planning to shop. The sizing varies (sometimes dramatically) from store to store, and returns are a hassle.
- Wear your bathrobe, pjs and bring a cup of coffee. You might as well revel in the fact that you are not standing in line, freezing outside of Best Buy at 5 a.m.
- Check for additional online discount codes, oftentimes you can get free shipping, or some sites, like Nordstrom, offers in-store pick-up.

Celebrate Buy-Nothing Day Instead

You can skip the Black Friday madness, and instead choose to sleep off all that turkey you just ate and participate in Buy Nothing Day.
Remember, Black Friday is when stores initially drop their prices but merchants have to turn over their stock in January/February to make room for incoming spring and summer merchandise, and that’s when you can be certain you’re getting the best deal. So if you sit this one out, you’ll get another chance in a couple of months.

So whether you decide to brave the crowds (god bless you), to stay online in your bunny slippers, or to just keep hitting that snooze alarm until two in the afternoon, good luck and have a Happy Thanksgiving.
photo thanks to Croixboy



I just had to share this ring from Delfina Delettrez. Absolutely stunning. So unusual, such a twist, yet very simple and beautiful craftsmanship... I think I need this.

Unfortunately I can't seem to find a price on it or where this is even being sold (if you must know, I got the tip off from notcouture, but they didn't have the price either).

But don't worry, that's what the Internet is for right?

The hunt begins!


Jesus, sometimes I think the weekend is never going to get here.
Anyway, let's all kick back with some music or a good book and just enjoy the R&R.
Here's one of my favorite artists, Gary Allen and one of my favorite songs from him, "Watching Airplanes" (yes, I know, I also like country. But I promise this is a good one)



So ages ago when I told you guys about my shopping trip with my friend Erin (It's like Erin squared! HILARIOUS... really)
Anyway, I mentioned stumbling on this mini store with mini delicious cupcakes and that I might have eaten about twenty bazillion of them, as a rough estimate.
Well fun fact of the day is that the same store, Baked by Melissa, will be catering for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show after-party, according to The Daily Obsession who has the inside scoop.
If you happened to be overlooked for an invitation and don't live in New York, apparently you can also order the cupcakes online here at Melissa's website. Although I'm not sure how I'd feel about mail order cupcakes...


Lips Don't Lie

Red lipstick is such a sexy classic, and I hate to tamper with it, but I think it's time for a change. As much as I love my Revlon "in the red" (the perfect pin up girl red for my "tawny" complexion) there's a new lipstick that has taken over the makeup drawer.

I'm absolutely loving Revlon's "Strawberry Suede" it feels a little girlier and lighter to me than my red lipstick, and I've been wearing it all week.

Although, let's be honest, I will always be wearing red lipstick on Friday and Saturday nights. Nothing has quite that same retro sizzle as bright red lips.

And for anyone who is still hesitant about lipstick ( I know most girls stick with the black eyeliner and gloss routine) check out Revlon's lipsticks, especially the Matte collection which is my favorite. They've been around since the 1930's and have sold lipstick since 1940. They know their stuff.

Their lipstick comes in a bazillion colors, goes on creamy, stays FOREVER, fades evenly and all of this for only about $7.

So feel free to dabble and experiment, that's what life's all about right?

photo thanks to SarizZzZzle.

note: the lipstick pictured isn't "strawberry suede" but the color is very similar.


There is simply nothing like a fantastic pair of shoes to finish off a classic outfit.

Like just about every girl out there, I love shoes and I really can't think of anything that I would rather shop for. Perhaps it's because while we gain and lose weight, age and stretch and just generally re-shape ourselves, our feet stay pretty much consistent. Maybe that's the allure of a great pair of shoes and a handbag: they'll never make you feel fat or ugly and will still be fabulous even on your less than fabulous days.

Anyway, enough of my accessories philosophy.
At the moment I'm merely window shopping and these are a few beauties that I would love to find in my closet.

These galoshes by Vivienne Westwood for Melissa I might actually consider wearing... even when it's not raining outside.

Both of these are from Omelle. Just check out the curved metal and wood heel, it looks like a tusk. Awesome.

Pour La Victoire, how I love thee... too bad you're shoes are completely impractical for a college student to own. So while I'm budgeting for fur chubbies and flats, I'll just keep drooling over your designs. I love the ruffle (but I love ruffles on everything) and that jade green color? Yum.


Thanksgiving: The Feast

I don't know about you guys but I always need to lie down after a Thanksgiving dinner. Perhaps it might have to do with eating the entire pecan pie by myself?
Don't be ridiculous. It couldn't be.
So I need an outfit that I can eat, socialize, nap and possibly dance in (you never know. it happens). Also it needs to be fun, festive, cold weather and parent appropriate.

- Leggings. I love leggings, they're pretty much my go to item. Can you tell?

- Black a-line skirt and black long sleeve shirt. While I could have easily worn a dress, this solves my dilemma for the other two days of my vacation. Break it apart and I have the shirt for one day and the skirt for the next.

- Black pumps. They're really my only heels of reasonable height, as some of the people I have Thanksgiving with are slightly on the conservative side.

- Gold necklace. For some festive bling!

- Boyfriend blazer. A little trendier and dressier than a cardigan, but still good for the cold weather.

- Red clutch, red lipstick. Add a shot of color for a little fun.

And there you have it, my most important parts of the weekend all wardrobized.

The best part? Just add in jeans, a t-shirt and some flats, mix and match a bit, and I have the rest of my wardrobe for the weekend! And while I haven't checked yet, I can almost guarantee all of that will fit into my rather large back pack, or at least a small duffel.

Thanksgiving: The Game

Ah, the Thanksgiving Football Game. An American tradition. However, when you come from a town just outside of Boston (population: 20,000) the football game becomes fondly known as "The Reunion".
While I'm not the most rah-rah person out there, I do enjoy catching up with old friends and seeing the game. Unfortunately I'm also absolutely guaranteed to see every single person I went to high school with and their parents while standing for three hours in a icy mud covered field, and yes, the temperature will be in the high teens.
How do you deal with this in style? It's simple darlings.

thanksgiving 2
thanksgiving 2 by erind90 featuring Dorothy Perkins shoes

Because of living in New England every year I invest in a statement coat. For the past couple years the favorite has been a lovely long grey double-breasted pea coat from the Gap's European Collection (although my Calvin Klein classic navy pea coat is also a contender).

When you are outdoors, no one can see what you are wearing underneath, so the important parts are your coat and accessories.

-Gorgeous coat. For feeling fabulous in.

- Boots. For mucking around in mud and ice, and keeping those feet toasty.

-Leggings/under outfit. I prefer leggings and a dress, but skinny jeans would do just as well.

- Cozy black scarf

- Trendy clutch. My recent favorite is a black and white clutch from Calvin Klein that I thrifted.

- Leather and cashmere gloves. I'll be wearing my ruffled ones from Etienne Aigner.

- Earmuffs. I simply have been unable to find a cloche hat that I like and that fits my budget. However I snagged these gorgeous fuzzy black earmuffs from Dillards a few weeks ago.

Other essentials:


- Money for hot chocolate and other small emergencies

- Cell phone, for finding everyone in the crowd.

- Lots and lots of layers underneath your clothes. Long johns may or may not be included.

So while a great looking outfit might not help me out with all the social problems and whims of weather of my small town, feeling confident and gorgeous while enjoying the company of my best friends certainly can.

Next up: Thanksgiving Dinner! What to wear for feasting, partying and seeing the boyfriend's parents.

Thanksgiving: The Road

I know the holiday is a little ways a way, but I can't wait to head back to Boston. As much as I love the city, I miss seeing my friends and Blondie (and my family too of course. Hi Mom and Dad!)
So of course the occasion is going to call for some planning in the wardrobe department because there are certain things to take into consideration.

1. I'd love to just pack a backpack for the bus (it's only a four day vacation)
2. it's going to be colder than all get out up north
3. I need to dress for the festivities
4. and of course, I need to dress for the definite possibility of running into any frenemies and ex-boyfriends from high school.
(Me? Shallow? Of course not)

So I figure I'll do this in a couple parts. First off is what does a girl wear for a seven hour bus ride, usually sitting squashed between two people, so that I get off the bus sane and chic?

My advice from doing this trip (and 8 hour flights to visit family in Washington) several times is that for long trips leggings are your best friend ever.
But of course one cannot dress simply in spandex, as tempting as it might be. So here's my bus-ride from hell outfit.

travel 1
travel 1 by erind90 featuring Dorothy Perkins shoes

As you can see I have
- leggings
- sweater dress or tunic because I feel it's less confining and honestly, I could wear this outfit to bed, it's that comfortable.
- a pashmina for any chill
- cardigan. Same reasons as a pashmina, and balled up together they work well as a pillow.
- boots. They are the bulkiest things I'm packing so by wearing them I might actually be able to fit everything in a backpack.
-sunglasses. There is no way I'm wearing makeup so it's good to go incognito for the day.

also essential (but not clothes related)
-socks. There's no way I'm wearing my boots all bus ride. As soon as I sit down they are coming off.
-water, peanut butter sandwiches, and apples. For obvious reasons.
-reading material
- dry shampoo. I'll spray some on my hair in the bus terminal bathroom, give it a few shakes and voila! instant sexy bed head instead of greasy bus ride hair in a headband.
- sanitizer. You don't want to see what the South Station terminal bathrooms look like.
- moisturizer for face (and possibly hands). there is no reason why a bus should be so drying, but it is. I don't know why.
- toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant. Because the rest of the human population would rather not smell me.
- E.L.F. shine erasers. For all that oil puddling on my face after 7 hours.
- Carmex chap stick. Man, am I a glamorous chick or what? But it works, and I love the tingly feeling.

This is pretty much my emergency kit for surviving bus/plane trips with some of my humanity still intact.
Next up: what do you wear to a football game (fondly termed "The Reunion")?


Shoes in the Wild

I saw them! My dream United Nude shoes! I was walking down Broadway and this girl came towards me, looking cute as could be. So of course I was admiring her outfit. Then she turned to go into the movie theatre, and I saw THE SHOES! I might have done a double take. One of these days someone's going to call me out for checking out girls feet.
But the point is that this girl was wearing my dream shoes and she looked divine in them.
I mean really, how cute is this outfit? I'm promptly going to copy everything about it (except of course, the shoes. :( someday, perhaps Christmas?)

the shoes
the shoes by erind90 featuring United Nude shoes


The Fuzz

I know that this is one of those gimmicky tools that are always on those ten hour long infomercials. You know, the ones on at 3 am that are strangely mesmerizing after WAY too many cups of coffee. But trust me on this. If you live anywhere that requires any sort of woven clothing (aka anywhere that's not on the equator) you need this in your life.

I just pulled out four of my favorite sweaters out of storage a month ago and *sigh* they were covered in those obnoxious little fuzz balls. The kind of fuzz that you pick at and it just seems to grow more obnoxious and screams "I'm a slob!", or maybe that's just my OCD self talking.
Anyway, a couple swipes with this gadget and they looked good as new, or at least only a couple weeks old.
Although warning, be careful not to press down to hard on the seams. It nicked open the armpit of one of my sweaters when I first tried it, but I was able to sew it right up. I'd recommend practicing for a minute or two on something you don't care about before moving onto any cashmere.

So by my math:
4 sweaters X $60 each = $240
Fuzz Wizard Fabric Shaver from Amazon= $9.95

Being able to wear my favorite sweaters again this winter without picking at fuzz on my sleeves every couple of seconds? Definitely worth a lot more than $9.95.


As I said, I'm in a bit of a transitional period at the moment. Some what-not has been happening at work that has given me that "it's time" feeling to find something else.

However, I believe that everything happens for a reason and this might be a swift kick in the rear for me to go find something more pertinent.

I figure in the next couple months I'll take a look around, drop off some resumes. Something in fashion or design, perhaps website maintenance, something in magazines, something with a design firm like I did before. Maybe a store buyer?

Obviously these are more internship ideas, and obviously (as usual) I don't even have a clue what I'm doing :) Just keeping my eyes open and a resume in my bag. That's my usual game plan that's worked pretty well so far.

But if anyone has any tips or suggestions for how to start in fashion, since I've really only worked with branding and graphic design firms, they're welcome.

Or you know, life advice. That's always helpful too.