Laura & Melinda's

I took a stack of clothes to Laura and Melinda's, on 137 Rivington street down on the VERY lower east side, to be altered today. I had been searching for a good, cheap tailor that I could trust in New York, after I left my favorite tailor, Tad, behind in my hometown. (It's kind of emotional leaving behind a tailor, hairdresser, or cobbler okay?)
I had heard good things about this tailor so I decided to give him a chance. He was very professional, efficient, and seemed like just an all-around good guy. Also I found out his shop is named after his two daughters who are 7 and 9 years old. (isn't that cute?)
He was also pretty cheap (definitely cheaper than Manhattan tailors) and explained why he was charging what he was and how he was going to alter each piece.

Problem is as soon as I got home I realized that I forgot to have one of the skirts hemmed up, and another one I had asked to have hemmed up and I realized I probably should have asked for him to chop off another four inches or so. (I get flustered going to tailors/cobblers/hairdressers that I don't know)
Is it impolite to ask for him to keep those two skirts and hem them up when I go to pick up the stack? Of course I'll pay him again for whatever hemming costs, but I'm deciding if its impolite to ask for him to do something else on a piece after he's already tailored it.

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♥ Marta from With Love... said...

I think that it is perfectly fine, it's is alright to change your mind...if you're polite then it is perfectly fine :)

Personally, I am so terrified of tailors...because last time I asked for an inch of my dress, they turned it into a shirt... :( not pleasant! Congrats on finding a wonderful tailor :)