Thanksgiving: The Game

Ah, the Thanksgiving Football Game. An American tradition. However, when you come from a town just outside of Boston (population: 20,000) the football game becomes fondly known as "The Reunion".
While I'm not the most rah-rah person out there, I do enjoy catching up with old friends and seeing the game. Unfortunately I'm also absolutely guaranteed to see every single person I went to high school with and their parents while standing for three hours in a icy mud covered field, and yes, the temperature will be in the high teens.
How do you deal with this in style? It's simple darlings.

thanksgiving 2
thanksgiving 2 by erind90 featuring Dorothy Perkins shoes

Because of living in New England every year I invest in a statement coat. For the past couple years the favorite has been a lovely long grey double-breasted pea coat from the Gap's European Collection (although my Calvin Klein classic navy pea coat is also a contender).

When you are outdoors, no one can see what you are wearing underneath, so the important parts are your coat and accessories.

-Gorgeous coat. For feeling fabulous in.

- Boots. For mucking around in mud and ice, and keeping those feet toasty.

-Leggings/under outfit. I prefer leggings and a dress, but skinny jeans would do just as well.

- Cozy black scarf

- Trendy clutch. My recent favorite is a black and white clutch from Calvin Klein that I thrifted.

- Leather and cashmere gloves. I'll be wearing my ruffled ones from Etienne Aigner.

- Earmuffs. I simply have been unable to find a cloche hat that I like and that fits my budget. However I snagged these gorgeous fuzzy black earmuffs from Dillards a few weeks ago.

Other essentials:


- Money for hot chocolate and other small emergencies

- Cell phone, for finding everyone in the crowd.

- Lots and lots of layers underneath your clothes. Long johns may or may not be included.

So while a great looking outfit might not help me out with all the social problems and whims of weather of my small town, feeling confident and gorgeous while enjoying the company of my best friends certainly can.

Next up: Thanksgiving Dinner! What to wear for feasting, partying and seeing the boyfriend's parents.

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